Notebook vs Laptop – What is the Difference?

What is the difference between a laptop and a notebook? Want an answer to this question. This simple guide will help you to make a decision about Notebook vs Laptop. Some companies may define a device as a laptop, while other companies may call the same device as a notebook. It is a must understand, what is a notebook and what is a laptop before buying.

Usually, there is a slight difference between a laptop and a Notebook. A notebook has everything that a laptop has, but in lesser size than a laptop. So the notebook is expensive. Nowadays some companies dropping the term laptop. They are calling even laptops as a notebook.

What is a Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer that sits on your lap. The laptop provides complete desktop functionality with the addition of portability. Laptops were mainly designed for business tasks like presentations and to run office software. Larger screen size, bigger hard drives, and built-in DVD drives increases laptop size and weight which makes them less portable than a notebook. But a laptop is an excellent choice for your everyday work as well as for high-end business applications. See more details from Wikipedia.

What is a Notebook?

A notebook is also a portable computer in notebook size. So that it could easily fit in a briefcase for transporting. Notebook provides laptop functionality with the lightweight. Notebooks were mainly designed for personal tasks like email, file management, and entertainment. The small and lightweight design of the notebook makes a great choice when traveling, but they are not intended for media-rich and streaming applications. Notebooks are best to replace your PC for day-to-day work.

Notebook vs Laptop

Laptop and notebook differ mainly in three aspects i.e., weight and battery life, and usage. The remaining specifications are almost the same for both devices. Read the Laptop buying guide to know complete details about specifications.

Heavy. Laptop is heavier than the notebook.Lighter. A notebook is slimmer, thinner, and lighter than a laptop.

Battery Life
Less. Laptop has decent battery life but less than the notebook. High. The notebook has a better battery life compared to laptop. Usually, notebook battery life is from 5 to 14 hours.
Usage You can do everything.It is for day-to-day simple work. It is less powerful. So you can not run media-rich applications.

In addition to the above three differences, there are some more differences you need to know.

DVD Drives

  • Laptop: It has inbuilt DVD drives.
  • Notebook: does not contain DVD drives. But You can connect external DVD drives to it.

Cooling System

  • Laptop: has a fan, same as in desktop to the cool system.
  • Notebook: Will does not have fans or any other cooling equipment. Because it needs less processing power than a laptop.

Extra Ports

  • Laptop: has more number of USB ports to connect external devices.
  • Notebook: has a few USB ports compared to the laptop. Of course, it may vary depends on the manufacturer and notebook model.


When you want to use the complete functionality of a desktop, you need to buy a laptop. If you are a traveler and want to do simple tasks, you need to buy a Notebook.

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