5 Best Free VPN for Mac

Want to use a Free VPN on your Mac? Here is the list of Best Free VPN for Mac to protect your online activity.

We don’t want people or Internet service providers to view our browsing history. Using incognito mode doesn’t help you hide the activities from your ISP’s.

WiFi is freely available these days i.e in the malls we visit, During our train journeys and all. Free WiFi at all these places might create panic for some. Although it is true. It is not so good to use Public WiFi for financial activities. VPN is the only solution to hide your silly searches at the Internet provider level.

Here in this guide, we will be listing the best free VPN for mac.

What is a VPN?

VPN Stands for Virtual private network. It is used for establishing a connection which adds a security layer to private and public networks out there. Initially, these were used by companies to protect sensitive data during communications. But now, people who are worried about their own privacy on the internet are opting VPNs without a doubt.

In simple words, It replaces the IP Address of the network with Virtual Private Gateway IP which we buy from the VPN Companies. For example, People in India can buy USA based VPNs too.

Hint: Always free products have some limitations and they don’t provide you proper support. When you don’t mind spending a little amount for the best features, security, and support, you need to go with premium VPN services. We suggest you NordVPN(68% Discounted Link). Because it gives you the best security at an affordable price.

Why should we use VPN?

It’s optional to use. But if you are the one who concerns about privacy then it’s a must. Here are some things which can only be done by VPN.

  • Faking Locations or Masking your actual locations while using the internet.
  • Any website on the internet can be accessed. Some websites which are blocked in specific countries can be accessed.
  • Your IP address will be hidden.
  • Data transferred will be encrypted ensuring more security.

5 Best Free VPN for Mac

Truth is, A good VPN can cost you anywhere between 10-25$ based upon your requirements. But there is no issue in starting with the below free VPN for Mac. Yes, some other VPNs might slow down the speed of the internet. The following is the refined list of Best Free VPN for Mac.

Universal truth is free VPN do have limitations. Do remember that.



TunnelBear is the First to go to VPN Service for all your mac needs. It is available from 23 more countries. Some of the top features of this service are

  • Currently, 21 million people are using it around the world.
  • Uses ASE-256 bit encryption.
  • Switch unlimited servers by checking the servers online.
  • Choose a location from 20+ countries
  • It doesn’t enter invalid traffic even thought WiFi or service is disconnected at times.
  • TunnelBear offers services to 500mb for free in a month. Use as per your requirements. However, the paid version is available for big-time users.

If you want to buy TunnelBear premium, check our TunnelBear discount coupon page for the latest offers.



VyprVPN is the second service in our list which is supported by many of the users. It is easy to connect and use desired applications and here are some noteworthy features of the service.

  • Will Serve from 700 servers.
  • You will be allotted a new IP address every time you use it. So your IP cannot be blacklisted.
  • No third parties are involved with VyprVPN services in any way.
  • chameleon – A own developed technology to fight back against censorship.
  • Offered with DNS protection which avoids middle man attacks.
  • Killswitch – A feature which is auto-enabled when you disable VPN. This is to block all your internet at once after disabling.

If you want to buy VyprVPN premium, check our VyprVPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.


hide.me -best free vpn for mac

Hide.me is a german based VPN during its initial days. However, it now supports the English language and is available all over the world. It is currently having 5 million users. Have a look at its features.

  • It had 1560 servers located in 60 countries.
  • No data transfer logs i.e zero activity logs.
  • Multiple protocols i.e IKEv2, OpenVPN, SoftEther & SSTP
  • 99.99% uptime guranteed.
  • Had both free and affordable premium plans with unlimited.



Hotspot shield is a popular mobile VPN application which is now available for most of the operating systems and devices. It is mostly useful for minimal users. Have a look at the features out there.

  • It offers 3200+ servers in 80+ countries.
  • Free version with Miltary grade encryption
  • Included with a Location Privacy feature.
  • Patented Hydra protocol- Termed as one of the fastest for streaming.
  • Can link a single account to five devices.



PrivateTunnel is the last best free VPN for Mac from our list. To be frank, the private tunnel is new in this industry which became quite popular in no time. It is developed by OpenVPN Technologies whose track record is somewhat notable in this industry. The features of the service are listed below.

  • Keep your own IP anonymous.
  • Protects the Hot Spot connections as well.
  • Offers up to 2gb data in its free version which is notable.
  • Spoofing and DDoS attacks can be protected.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Free VPN for Mac

As Said above really good VPN services cost you 10-25$ per month. The free ones are good as well but are helpful only for the minimal users as most of them come with limitations. If you need a VPN to browse some blocked websites it’s fine. But for regular streaming and all Paid versions of any services are suggested. TunnelBear Free and NordVPN premium(70% Discounted Link) works well for us as we are using them.

Share if you are using any other free services and we will add them to the list.

I hope this tutorial helped you to take find the Best free VPN for Mac. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Best Free VPN for Mac – FAQs

Are there free VPN for Mac?

Yes there are . But most of them comes with limitations which irks regular users. One can try the trails periods of premium VPN Services too such as NordVPN Etc.

Are VPN safe?

The Purpose of VPN’s is to keep you safe. But some free VPN’s keep a log of your data i.e free things are not safe as they claim. There will be no security issues with premium one’s.But its suggested to check all the security related details before opting a plan.

Are VPN’s worth the price?

Yes VPN’s are completely worth for what they provide. In the end it completely depends upon the service you choose.

Can Police track VPN?

short answer is yes. They can see you connecting to VPN. They simply approach the VPN Company and asks them to keep an eye. They had right to give your log data and all as per the law.

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