5 Best VPN Service For Torrenting That Support P2P Traffic

Want to surf the internet privately? Want to know the best VPN service that supports P2P Traffic. Here is the list of Best VPN service for torrenting. Torrent websites host a lot of pirated content. This is the reason why many Governments ban torrent sites.

When you need to browse the torrent site and want to download content from torrent sites, you must use a VPN service to hide your IP so that you can avoid huge penalties from your country. You can read What is VPN? Why Everyone should use it for more details.

Torrent files don’t need centrally located servers. You actually download small pieces of files from multiple locations. Every location (Peer) can see your IP. If you want to be safe, you need to hide your IP and you should encrypt your data.

Normal VPN Vs Torrent VPN services

Many VPN services hide your IP and encrypt your data. But only a few VPN services give you a no-logging policy which is a must for browsing torrent sites. A VPN service provider that supports a no-logging policy will not store your online activity and erase your browsing data immediately.

So even if the government asks your VPN service provider about your online activity history, they cannot give the information. Because they don’t have information. You must choose a VPN service that supports no-logging policy.

You must also consider the kill switch feature which shuts down your internet connection when VPN not working. It is well and good If your VPN service gives the below features along with no logging feature.

  • It should bypass geo-restrictions to unblock torrent websites which are blocked in your country.
  • Needs to hide your IP. Of course, every VPN service hides your IP.
  • It should encrypt your data.
  • It should support a no-logging policy which does not store your online activity history.
  • It should prevent ISP tracking.
  • It should support P2P traffic. Some VPN services restrict P2P traffic.
  • Fast downloading. VPN service makes your internet slow. Only top VPN services maintain good speed.

You must consider the above-mentioned features before buying a VPN service for torrenting.

Best VPN service for torrenting

As I said, VPN service for torrenting must support no-logging policy and kill switch features. Below VPN services support them. You can use any one of the below services without worry.

1. NordVPN: Best torrent VPN

nordvpn torrent vpn

NordVPN (68% Discounted Link) is always been my top preference. It is the industry leader in providing top security with 2048 bit and double data encryption. It is one of the fastest VPN services in the world. You can also read my Complete review of NordVPN.


  • No Log policy.
  • Double data encryption and 2048 bit encryption.
  • CyberSec feature will protect your PC from malicious and harmful websites. It will also block pop-up and auto-playing ads.
  • Very simple interface.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee.
  • Over 3200 servers in 60 Countries.
  • Supports 6 Simultaneous connections.
  • Lowest price: $11.95/Month.

The other best reason why I am featuring it as number one on my list is its price. It gives you a special 68% discount on their three years plan. You will get it through this 68% discounted link.

2. ExpressVPN: Fastest VPN for torrenting

Best VPN service for torrenting

ExpressVPN is the top and fastest VPN service in the world. It is the Best VPN service for torrenting. It is a little bit of expensive service. That is the only reason to put it as the second on my list. It has a simple and efficient interface. Even after using it for more than six months, I never had a single issue with this service. You can also read my ExpressVPN review for complete details.


  • No Log policy.
  • Killswitch.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee.
  • More than 1500+ servers in 145 locations in 94 Countries.
  • 5 Simultaneous connections.
  • 256-bit encryption.
  • Lowest price: $6.67/Month.

Its monthly price is too high. If you take the annual plan, you will get a 49% discount.

Our readers get a special 49% discount on the annual plan through This discounted Link.

3. Private Internet Access

privateinternetaccess torrentvpn

PrivateInternetAccess(78% Discounted Link) is the cheap and best VPN service. It is cheap but it does not compromise with quality. You will get top class features, performance, and support. You can also read our complete review of Private Internet Access.


  • No log policy.
  • Killswitch.
  • P2P support.
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee.
  • Supports 10 Simultaneous devices.
  • More than 3292+ servers in 46 Countries.
  • Lowest price: INR 202.58/Month.

Our readers get a special 78% discount on the annual plan through this discounted link.

4. Trust Zone: Best P2P VPN

trust zone torrent vpn

Trust Zone is a specially designed service for Torrent downloading. It supports every feature which needs for torrenting. Of course, it has less number of servers compared to above top VPN services.


  • No log policy.
  • No restriction on P2P traffic.
  • More than 125 servers in 30 countries.

WhatVwant readers get the special discount through this discounted page.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish is another Best VPN service for torrenting. It is one of the top VPN services in the world. You can also read my complete review about IPVanish.


  • Unlimited Simultaneous connections.
  • No log policy.
  • Killswitch.
  • Unlimited P2P traffic support.
  • More than 850 servers in 60+ countries.
  • 7-Days money-back guarantees.

IPvanish will give you a 76% discount on the annual plan through this discounted link. You can also check the WhatVwants IPVanish discount coupon page for the latest offers.


We suggest you go with NordVPN(68% Special Discounted Link) because of it’s best features at an affordable price.

I hope this article helped you with choosing the Best VPN service for torrenting. If yes, please share it with your friends. For more tips, Please follow whatvwant on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to whatVwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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