Best spying apps for iPhone

want to spy someone mobile and track their all activities? Everyone wishes to spy their special ones mobile and want to know their activities. But you need different spying apps for that purpose. Here are the best spying apps for iPhone that works well. Use this for educational purpose only.

Technology has been a factor in our lives from past years and it’s no denying the fact. With the increase in mobile users increased the number of digital crimes committed. Everyone has their own perspective. One wants to track his/her kid and want to know what he/she uses on mobile. Some want to monitor their employees and etc Situations that need spying are many and here comes the need for spying apps. Here we will be talking about the best spying apps for iPhone.

Every listed app had a bunch of features and most of them are cloud bases. In the end, it’s you who had to decide as per your own requirements.

What is the need for spying apps for iPhone?

Important: This entire article is completely for educational purpose. One must have good knowledge over the iPhone to do these works. Don’t misuse it.

  • Used for tracking Kids usage i.e parental control purposes.
  • Spying on others and tracking people.
  • Finally, you can track live location of the victim as well.

Best Spying apps for iPhone

There are a bunch of apps in the App store and all are not that efficient. Here is the refined list of best spying apps for iPhone that works. All these apps would help to spy an iPhone user.

1. FlexiSPY


FlexiSPY one of the most powerful spy app ranks and ranks 2nd in our list. It had all the features which other spying apps provide and have some additional features as well. It is easy to use. Jailbreaking is required for all the devices.

FlexiSPY Features

  • Able to listen to phone calls directly. No spy apps are able to do this.
  • All calls can be recorded including facetime, Whatsapp, Facebook, and other social media apps.
  • All call logs can be monitored including the social media and IM’s data.
  • Check battery status, Multimedia files, and access the audio files on the target device.
  • Track the digital communications and Device locations.
  • you can receive an alert messages, get the report of all the activities.
  • Included with a keylogger that records all the strokes typed by the user.

FlexiSPY Pricing

It had 3 plans i.e lite, premium and extreme.

  • The lite plan starts at $29.95 per month.
  • The premium plan starts at $68 per month, $99 for 3 months, and $149 for 12 months.
  • The Extreme plan starts at $19.99 per month, $199 for 3 months, and $349 for 12 months.


xnspy-one of best spying apps for iphone

XNSPY Stands first in our list as per it’s advanced features. It is marked as the best working app with the iPhone 11 i.e can seamlessly work with the latest version of iOS. Without delay, Let’s have a look at the features.

XNSPY Features

  • Remote installation. XNSPT takes care of downloading and installing the application in the targeted device.
  • Works with all versions of iOS.
  • Plans available in two types. Basic and Premium.
  • Apart from spying it works as a tracker as well.
  • Remote Phone control, Email, Whatsapp, SMS Monitoring, Call Recording, and Location history are some of its notable features.
  • Track all their Emails and keep tabs on which sites they are.
  • possible to View photos, videos from the targeted device.
  • Receives instant alerts on specific words used in SMS, chats, etc.
  • Record and listen to their phone recordings to know what they are talking about.

It can be considered as cheap with its advanced features when compared to other spying apps out there.

XNSPY Pricing

Basic and Premium packages are available monthly, quarterly and yearly.

  • The minimum price to start with is $4.99/Month.
  • Premium edition starts at $7.49/month


mSpy is one of the leading spy apps for iPhone. The best part is it doesn’t require jailbreak for the basic package which attracts most of the audience who are unaware of jailbreaking and all. It’s features are

mSpy Features

  • Pricing attracts and is competitive.
  • The app can be hidden and is undetectable.
  • Monitors all incoming and outgoing calls along with duration and timestamp. The incoming call is restricted as well.
  • Possible to read all social media messages including Whatsapp, Facebook and whatnot.
  • Installed applications can be controlled and can be monitored.
  • As usual, allows location tracking and includes a keylogger as well.

The app comes with both jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions where features are limited. choose accordingly.

mSpy Pricing

It has 3 packages.

  • Basic packages start at $29.99 per month.
  • Premium package priced at $69.99 per month
  • Family package is priced at $359.97 respectively.


Spyic is a well-known app in the spying community. It is used worldwide and had a good number of stats to rely on. There is no need to jailbreak the target device where most of the spying required. Have a look at the features section

Spyic Features

  • Social Media Monitoring without jailbreak of the target device.
  • It’s a cloud service. The app completely syncs the data which you can access through the cloud from your own dashboard.
  • Track SIM card details. SIM card can be tracked along with IMEI number and all. It can alert you on a SIM Change.too
  • All browsing history can be tracked including a short description of website, Bookmarks and all.
  • Location can be tracked along including location history with coordinates.

Spyic Pricing

It had 3 plans for iOS Devices namely family, premium and business.

  • The family plan starts from $99.99/month
  • The premium plan has the basic pricing of $10.83 per month to start.
  • A business plan starts at $399.99



Spyzie is one more well-known application which now compatible with iOS11. It is completely new to the industry and so trying to attract its customers with its pricing plans. Have a look at its primary features.

Spyzie Features

  • The location tracker in spyzie is accurate.
  • Data exporting is possible i.e we can export all the logs of calls, messages and can read it later.
  • Spyzie provides an inbuilt keylogger that records all the keystrokes made on the target device. Moreover, it doesn’t need a jailbreak.
  • Can take an instant screenshot of the mobile whenever you want to do.
  • It can export and view all the monitored data.
  • You can get sensitive information alert automatically.
  • Provides all the phone activities when you need to check.
  • As usual, all social media activities can be monitored including browsing history.

The app is still developing it’s most of the features to be more accurate. The only reason to list is its pricing for its features.

Spyzie Pricing

It has only two plans for iOS devices.

  • The Pro version starts with $49.99 per month
  • The ultimate plan starts with $59.99 per month.

Note: All the prices listed above may change during time. However, we keep this article updated its recommended to check pricing at the official website before buying it.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Spying App for iPhone?

Most of them out in the market won’t work effectively. Choosing them from the experience would be great. The apps listed above are chosen and are being used by millions out there. Do think if they serve your purpose or not. Most of the apps need jailbreaking to work effectively. The ones which don’t have limited features.If you have a good budget to spend then go for XNSPY.

Dropdown your suggestions if you are using any other and feel free to comment down your experiences.

I hope this tutorial helped you to find the Best spying apps for iPhone. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Spying apps for iPhone-FAQs

Do spying apps really work?

Yes they do work.It gives complete data of the mobile to the person who is monitoring it. But one must be tech savy to understand and do this tech stuff.

Which spy app works without target phone?

Many app do works in this way. Example is mSpy. They install the app remotely but had very limited features. Most of the wanted features might be absent.

Are spy apps legal?

The most powerful spy apps can be hidden. But the terms and conditions regarding the app usage are different with every app. Do checkout the official websites of that particular spying app.

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