Bullguard Internet Security review : Best way to protect & Speedup your PC

This Bullguard Internet Security review will give you a good idea about its pros and cons. You are here means, you are thinking to buy Internet security. I am using this product. I love it very much. After using Bullguard Internet security, my PC performance has improved a lot. Bullguard Internet security is the less priced feature-rich product. You can see complete features on Bullguard website.

Why Security?

As technology getting increased every day. Hackers and malware craters are searching for new ways to hack your PC, steal your data, track your online activity, and to get your online banking details. Now a days it is a must to have Internet security and VPN software on your computer. If you don’t use a VPN, you can go with NordVPN (68% discounted link). When you want to spend less money, you can go with Private Internet Access VPN(78% discounted link). You may also see Top VPN services list.

Let’s come to Internet Security. How about Improving PC Performance while getting Internet security. You may think that you need to buy two products. First one PC tuneup utilities for Improving PC performance and the second one Internet security for security. When you buy Bullguard Internet Security, you need not to buy another product for improving PC performance. Because Bullguard has included a PC tuneup feature in its Internet Security. So spend less and get maximum benefits.

Why do I like Bullguard Internet Security?

Though there are many Internet Security products available, I prefer BullGuard. Because of the below reasons.

1.PC Tuneup

Its PC tune-up features work out of the box. It really improved my PC performance. Earlier, my PC was getting hanged often. It became slow. When I tried to save any documents, it was not opening Save As dialog box. After installing Bullguard Internet Security, every problem was solved. And my PC is working very fast. You must read How to Improve PC performance with Bullguard Internet security for complete procedure.


When I need to buy anything, I will search for same product with the same features in less price. Because in this vast online industry, there is a chance that you will get the same features for less price from other vendors.

In my opinion, the Bullguard Internet security product price is very less compare to other brands. Even though you will not get PC tune Up software in other internet security products, they will charge too much. When you add two products (Internet security and pc tuneup software) price, no one will compete with Bullguard.

Bullguard Internet security 10+ devices 1 Year license price is usually $49.95. Often they will run discounts up to 60%.

If you don’t get a discount from above, please visit this whatvwants Bullguard discount Coupon Page for latest available offers.

3.Malware URL detection

bullguard internet security review

Bullguard will show you malware URLs even in the search results. Check the above screenshot. When you see the red symbol with a stop word, you should not open that URL. Because it may have malware. When you see a green symbol, you can go with that URL. This is the best feature to stop opening the malware URL.

I found some false positives in this feature. Sometimes, It shows a red symbol at the URL which is not having malware. Of course, that is not a big issue. They might not have updated their malware URL database with that particular URL that I was opening.

Bullguard Internet Security Review

Buy Bullguard internet Security (50%discounted link). Install the software. Activate the license. It has too many features. I am sure that you will not get these many features from any other internet security product.

bullguard internet security features

The last two features are not supported by Internet security. You will get them in Bullguard Premium security(60% discounted link) plan.


bullguard internet secuirty antivirus

It has a powerful anti-virus. Just turn ON Antivirus real-time protection in Settings. It will scan the PC automatically. If you want you can scan your PC or USB any folder manually by clicking on the three horizontal dots symbol in antivirus box. The latest antivirus version detects the virus in two ways.

  1. Signature-based: It detects known malware from its database.
  2. Behavioral-based: When malware is not known, it will still detect malware based on its behavior in the computer.


Its firewall works fine. It will prevent access from unwanted networks to prevent hackers. When you access any new network, It will ask you to allow or not. You can manually block or unblock unwanted apps. For that click on three dots horizontal symbol in the firewall box. Select Manage rules. Now you will see below screen where you can control apps, networks manually.

bullguard internet security firewall

Multi device license

Internet security and Premium protection give you a multi-device license. You can install them on your Windows, Mac, and Android.


Your computer may have out dated softwares. Hackers may attack your system through this kind of software. BullGuard’s vulnerabilities functionality will find vulnerable softwares on your computer. Just click on Scan. It will quickly scan your PC for vulnerable softwares.

Spam Filter

It will protect your Mail from phishing attacks by stopping junk mails. You can add contacts and domains to block or to mention safe contacts and safe domains.

PC Tune UP

bullguard internet security pctuneup

This feature work very well. It will remove unnecessary files to free up memory. It will clean temporary files. It will automatically optimize your PC to give you a fast and smooth experience. You can also manually optimize your PC by clicking on the Optimize option. You can clean your PC manually by clicking on Clean up Helper. You can remove Duplicate Files with the Duplicate files option. You can see manage applications loading time while booting with the Boot manager option. Read How to speed up your PC with Bullguard Internet security for complete details.

Parental Control

As you know parental control will help to control what your children will see on the internet. Just add profile and change settings according to your need.


It is the only internet security product I am recommending on this website. It gives too many features for a very less price. Without thinking anything, you can buy this product.

  • Very less Price and many features.
  • PC Tune UP feature works very well to Improve PC performance. Very good at malware detection.
  • Very Fast scan.
  • False-positive in malware URL detection. Sometimes, it recognizes URL as malicious even though, URL was not having malware.

I hope, you may get benefit from my Bullguard Internet Security review. If yes, please share it with your family and friends. Want WhatVwant regular updates then follow this blog on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to whatvwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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