How to Speed up your PC with Bullguard Internet Security

It is possible to Speed up your PC with Bullguard Internet Security. Because they have included a PC tune-up facility in Internet security and Premium Security plans. So you need not to pay extra to buy PC tune-up utilities. I am using it, I have seen a huge improvement in PC performance.

When you want to speed up your PC , you need to do many things to improve your PC speed. Almost all of them are discussed in below articles.

The above topics will help you to boost computer speed manually by removing unnecessary files, by disabling unnecessary processes, and by deleting duplicate files, cache and many more. Manual work always takes time. And you need to do manual work repeatedly, Once in a month or once in three months to keep your PC run faster. It is the reason most of the people prefer to buy PC tune-up utilities. Because PC tune-up software does all those things automatically to improve PC performance. And they optimize PC every day, so you never feel irritated with PC.

Why Bullguard Internet Security?

Because Bullguard included PC tune-up feature in their Internet Security and Premium security plans. You will Not only get PC tune-up but also parental control and back up features. When you get better Security along with PC tune-up for the price of Internet security, why should you go for two software? At the same time, Bullguard Internet security price is very less compare to other Internet security products. Others do not provide PC tune-up, even then the price is very high compare to Bullguard Internet security. Whatvwant readers get a further 60% discount through this discounted link.

Bullguard PC Tune Up Features :

  • It cleans browser cache, Windows, and user temp directory.
  • It can Empty Recycle Bin.
  • It will delete Memory dump files, crash dump files, Windows log files.
  • It can defragment registry.
  • It can delete invalid shortcuts, third-party app files, and Windows defender temp files.
  • You can find duplicate files and delete them.
  • You can see start-up applications and disable them.

How is the PC performance after using Bullguard Internet security?

I am using it on my computer. It provides the highest possible security. It has drastically improved my PC performance. Within a week, You can find the difference in your PC performance. Along with improving PC performance, it has repaired my PC. Before using it, my PC was getting hanged often. It was getting stuck in some processes. I was not able to save any documents. Because Save as the window was not working. When I tried to save any document or file, my PC was completely getting stuck.

When I start using Bullguard Internet security, every problem was solved automatically. I have seen better performance and better boot time. That is why I can recommend you to buy Bullguard Internet security.

How to Speed up your PC with Bullguard Internet Securit?

Visit Bullguard website (60% discounted link). Buy Internet security of Premium security plans. Because these two plans give PC tune-up utilities.

Download and Install the software. Open software from the desktop icon. You will see the below screen. You can see available features in Bullguard Internet security.

Bullguard Internet security features

Select Settings shows that in above screenshot. You will see below screen.

Speed up your PC

Select PC Tune Up option in left menu.

Turn On PC tune Up feature by clicking on symbol in top right, shows that in above screenshot.

Go to Advanced settings. Select all options other than Empty Recycle Bin. If you want you can also select that option. It will clear everything in the background regularly what you have selected here.

How to use Bullguard PC TuneUp Manual options?

Along with automatic background cleaning, it will have manual options like optimize PC, find and delete duplicate files and find and disable startup applications.

If you want, you can also clean your PC manually. Select the three horizontal dots symbol shows that in the below screenshot. You will see available options

optimize pc performance

Select the Optimize option shows that in the above screenshot. Click on the Optimize option. It will start scanning and you will see results like shows that in the below screenshot.

improve pc speed

Click on Optimize my PC. Your PC will be optimized.

You can do the same procedure with Cleanup Helper, Duplicate files, and Boot manager options. With the duplicate files option, you can find duplicate files and delete them.  With the Boot manager option, you can see all startup applications and disable unnecessary applications.

Can I get Bullguard Discount?

Bullguard runs promotional offers from time to time. You can get a 60% discount through the below link.

If above link is not working, please visit Bullguard discount coupon page. I will update this page regularly.


Bullguard will definitely help you to improve your PC speed while protecting. But If you have issues in your OS, Registries, and keys it cannot repair them. So it is best to go with TweakBit PC Suite which fixes your OS issues and boost your PC speed. If you just want to repair your PC, you can try TweakBit PCRepairKit. You can also check our TweakBit discount coupon page for the latest offers.

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