Can I Use a VPN with Facebook? Will using a VPN keep Facebook from disabling my account?

Do you want to use a VPN with Facebook? Millions of users log into Facebook every day. As one of the largest social networks and publishing platforms globally, being on Facebook can present you with multiple opportunities. Unfortunately, this social platform is banned in some countries around the world. If you visit any of these countries, you run the risk of having your account blocked or flagged if you try to access without masking your IP address.

If you are in a Facebook restricted country and need to access the service, a VPN is the best way to bypass the firewall restrictions. If you are new to VPNs, it is always advisable to start with the best free trials VPN on the internet. Most of these free versions work as well as the paid version, only with minimal added features. Here is everything you need to know about using a VPN to keep Facebook from disabling your account.

Why do you need to use a VPN with Facebook?

A virtual private network or VPN allows users to access otherwise restricted sites from anywhere in the world. If you visit countries like China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, or Tajikistan, trying to access your Facebook account might get it blocked or flagged. For you to be able to use your Facebook account from any of these countries, you need to invest in a VPN service.

Access to the world

A Facebook VPN allows you to connect to a server located in a country where Facebook is not restricted. This service geo-spoofs your location to make it possible for you to access internet services that are restricted in your location. Whether you are in a place where Facebook is highly monitored or completely banned, a VPN service can ensure you remain connected to your friends.

Access to institutions

If you work, school, or live in a place where internet activity is heavily monitored, you may want to access sites that have been firewalled from your network. If Facebook is one of the sites that has been locked from access, a VPN can help you bypass the firewalls to access your account. Using a VPN enables you to hide your IP address and redirect it to a different server. This allows you to gain access to your Facebook account without raising the alarm in your IT department.

Generally, a VPN is the best program if you need to ensure you keep your Facebook account active from anywhere in the world.

Choosing the best VPN for Facebook

Strong encryption

Through encrypting, all the data you share or receive through the internet is kept safe from spies and hackers. When choosing a VPN provider, choose one that offers military-grade encryption for their software. This will keep Facebook from tracking your activity or location.

No-log policy

A VPN service with a no-log policy guarantees that evidence of your internet activity is lost as soon as you log off the server. A no-log VPN will delete your IP addresses, timestamps, and browsing history. This protects you from any form of tracking by Facebook, government agencies, or ISP.


For a VPN to work effectively in hiding your online fingerprint, it needs to be compatible with your device. The best VPN service should have dedicated applications for different operating software programs. This will ensure you can access Facebook from any device without detection.

Network size

A VPN with a large network gives you more options in terms of location servers and speed. Such a VPN ensures you enjoy quick connections and stability when using the VPN service. You can use such a VPN to do so much more than connect to Facebook like live streaming and so much more. A large network also ensures you can access content from more locations without restrictions.

Unlimited bandwidth

Some VPN services slow down your device or network. You need a VPN that guarantees speed without limitations on bandwidth. This is the best way to ensure you do not experience delays or buffering when using the service.

Kill switch

Sometimes a VPN connection is interrupted, which drops the service. If this happens, you need a VPN service that can halt all internet activity until a secure network is established. This is only guaranteed if the VPN comes with a kill switch.

DNS leak protection

DNS leaks can quickly destroy the anonymity offered by VPN services by leaking your online activity to your internet service provider. The best VPN provider should be able to plug any potential DNS leaks whenever there is a threat.  

With the right VPN, you can keep Facebook from disabling your account regardless of your location.


Today, using a VPN service is a must. It will encrypt your data so that no one will hack your online activity. We suggest you use NordVPN (Special Discounted link). We are using it. It gives you world-class speed and protection for an affordable price.

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