How to Close running apps on iPhone? Will I have to?

Want to close running apps on iPhone? You can close any app by pressing the home button. But it will not stop running the app in background. in this article, we are going to see a simple guide to close background running apps on iOS.

Why should I close running apps?

Every running app takes some amount of RAM. If you don’t stop running apps, one day your RAM will be full and your phone gets stuck. So it is a must to close running applications to free up RAM.

The other thing is, running apps consume your mobile battery. If you have too many apps running in the background, your battery may be dried earlier than usual. So you must close apps to save your battery.

How to Close running apps on iPhone?

Press home button two times continuously. Now you will see an app switcher where you can see all running applications. You need to slide image shown on-screen to right or left to see all running apps. You need to just touch on any app to open that app.

If you want to close any app, Touch any app, and drag towards the top of your mobile. It will immediately disappear from your app and stop running. Now you have closed running application.

Close running apps on iPhone

Do this for all apps one after another to close all apps.

You can also hold two or three apps at a time and drag towards top of your mobile to close two or three applications at a time.


Should I really close apps?

I read somewhere that, apps running in the background do not consume battery or RAM. App switcher just shows previously opened apps. They mentioned that it is waste of time to close apps.

To answer this doubt, I went to Settings -> Battery. Just see below screenshot for detailed battery usage.


From above screenshot, you can easily understand that, how much time each app run on-screen and on background.

From this I can say background apps consume battery. And it is worth to close running apps often to save battery.

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