Easy to Create Computer WiFi hot spot with A Free Software

Want to create Computer WiFi hot spot? Want to turn your PC (Laptop Or Desktop) into Wi-Fi hot spot. In this tutorial, I am showing you how to create a computer WiFi hot spot with free software. When you don’t like to download software, you can read How to create a WiFi hot spot in windows laptop with command prompt.

If you don’t mind about money and need better features, I strongly recommend you to use premium wifi hot spot software connectify(70% discounted link).

When you don’t like to spend money, then continue reading this article.

What is WiFi hotspot?

You can connect multiple devices to a single router through Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). You need to take a single internet connection for a router and you can use the same internet on multiple devices. The main use of WiFi hot spot is, you need not take multiple internet connections for multiple devices. You can see more details from Wikipedia.

You need a WiFi router to create a WiFi hot spot. When you have a WiFi router along with your internet connection, you don’t have to read this article. If you have a simple router without WiFi, then you need to buy a WiFi router or you need to convert your PC into a WiFi router.

There are some free software s available to use your laptop WiFi adapter as a Wi-Fi router. When you use a desktop, you must connect the Wi-Fi LAN card or WiFi adapter to your desktop. Then only you can use your desktop as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

As I always discuss freeware software. Even in this case, I found the best free WiFi hot spot software. I use MyPublicWifi to use my laptop as a Computer WiFi hot spot. Let me tell you, features of this freeware in brief.

MyPublicWiFi features:

  • Freeware – There is no particular license. You can use it for free anywhere.
  • Easy to Use – Settings and configuration is very straight forward.
  • Supports all versions of Windows. It supports only Windows.
  • Works as a repeater – It will work as a signal booster and repeater.
  • Create your virtual WiFi hot spot – No need to buy a WiFi router. This software will convert your PC into a WiFi hot spot.
  • Password protection – You can protect your WiFi with a password so that everyone can not use your WiFi other than persons who know the password.
  • URL logging – You can track websites that are being seen on all connected devices.
  • Firewall – You can stop sharing files and using torrent.

How to Create Computer WiFi hot spot?

free wifi hotspot
  • Right-click on the desktop icon shows that in the above screenshot.
  • Click on “Run as Administrator”. Because this software needs administrator permissions to run. You must run this software as admin, then only it will work. Now you will see the below screenshot.
Computer WiFi hot spot
  • Make sure that you are in the “Settings” tab.
  • Check “Automatic hot spot configuration”.
  • Type any name under Network Name. It works as an identifier for your WiFi hot spot. You will see this name on other devices.
  • Type any password under “Network key”.
  • Check “Enable Internet sharing”.
  • Click on the down arrow mark symbol and select “WiFi(
  • Click on “Setup and start Hotspot”.

That’s it. You have set up a Computer WiFi hot spot. You will see your hot spot name on nearby devices. Select the network and enter the password. You can use the internet on any device.

You can see your connected device names, device MAC address, and IP in the “Clients” tab. You will see the remaining features in the “Management” tab.

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