10 Best Ways to create a Paystub

Are you running a small business, You have to create your paystubs on your own? Then this article helps you to find a better solution for you. There are several methods to create a paystub easily. The paystubs will create based on your state laws. You need to include information like employee name, address, hours, Deductions, company name, address, and logo. Pay stubs allow your employees to track important financial information, like taxes paid, and help you keep payroll records.

Generating pay stubs manually is a time-consuming process. Luckily, You have to pay stub generators to create your paystubs within minutes. There are both free and paid versions that help to complete your work easily. You can select the version that you want to be based on your business size. If you want to create paystubs only for few employees like 2 or 3, it’s better to use the free version. If you want to create paystubs for up to 20 to 30 employees then it’s better to use the paid version.

The below articles hold both free and paid pay stub generators. You can also see the procedure on how to use them and why should you consider using them. The main difference between the free and paid paystub generators is that the paid generator provides an Auto- calculation option and strong security for your data. The free version doesn’t provide any security for your data and you want to do calculations on your own which is a time-consuming process. Go through the list and find your best generator to create your paystubs.

What is Paystub?

A pay stub is a record or a written pay statement of an employee’s current play. Pay stubs are also known as Paycheck stubs, payslips, or wage statements. The pay stub provides to the employee through physical paychecks or online. if your business provides paychecks, then the paystub is attached or included with the check. If your business uses direct deposit, employees may have to access their pay stubs via an online portal.

Simply, the pay stub is a form provided by the employer that breaks down an employee’s pay for a specific period. The pay stub includes all the details like

  • Company information that includes company name, address, postal code, logo, Email ID, etc.
  • Employee information that includes employee name, employee ID number, address, etc
  • Income information that includes how are you paid, monthly or weekly, hourly or salary, etc.
  • The number of hours the employee worked.
  • Deductions and deduction amount, etc.

The deductions include the list of withholdings, federal, state, local, and FICA taxes. it also includes the list of any contributions to retirement plans, health insurance, or pensions that are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck. The employee will get a pay stub for each pay period.

How to create a Paystub?

Paystub generators are good for companies with several employees. There are many online and offline methods to create paystubs without any effort. The most basic method would be downloading a free template online and fill the required data. Creating a paystub is as easy as you think. You need to provide the details like company information, Employee information, income information, and Deductions. Select any one of the online software or offline pro tool and provide all the information that is required. Check all the information that you provide and click on create. That’s it…within few minutes you can download your paystub.

Beyond this, you can also use Microsoft Excel. If you are an expert in Microsoft Word or Excel, you can create your own template, or else Excel provides several free templates. All you need to do is just download them and use them to create your paystubs. Paystubs are essential for both large and small business to maintain their records. From free templates to paid online generators, there are several services to meet whatever your business needs to create paystubs. Make sure that you find the better solution that works best for your business. When it comes to generators, finding something that works for a long time is essential.

A few of the online free generators and paid generators are listed below. Go through them and find the best method that works for your business.

Video Tutorial:

We provided this article in the form of a video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are more interested in reading, then watch it after the completion of reading.

1.Paystub365: Make a Paystub

PayStubs365 is a pay stub generator that displays all the information. It is very easy to understand and generate the paystub. You don’t need any software or paper to create a paystub, just use this tool to produce pay stubs easily. It also offers the Auto-calculator feature to simplify the payroll process. It is a very fast and secure online tool. You can get your paystubs within few minutes and download them instantly once the completion of payment. It provides strong protection to your data with 256-bit encryption. You can also use the paystub365 app to create your paystubs easily. The cost of the paystub starting at $8.99 and the cost varies based on the template.

Just follow the procedure to know how to create paystub using paystub365:

This section helps you to know how to create a paystub using Paystub365.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Step 1: Select Generate the Paystubs” option

Visit the PayStubs365 official site using any search engine. Select the “Generate the paystubs” option.

Step 2: Select the template

You will redirect to “select a template” page. There you will find four different templates like traditional, Basic, Clean, and Advanced. Select the template that you want and click on continue option

Step 3: Enter the details

Once you click on continue, the paystub form will display on the screen. Firstly, enter the company details like company name, company address, state, city, and postal code. Click on the “upload Logo” option to upload your company logo.
Next enter the employee information like employee name, ID, Address, Allowances, etc., and also enter the payment details like how you are going to pay, Hourly or salary. If you select hourly, enter the hourly rate and total hours.

Step 4: Select number of paystubs, pay amount and download

Click on the down arrow, a drop-down box will appear from that select how many pay stubs you want and enter the last date. You can generate up to 12 paystubs. You can observe the cost of the paystub at the left. Check the details that you entered, pay the amount, and print the generated paystub.

Estimated Cost: 8.99 USD


  • Internet
  • Paystub365


  • Paystub365

Materials: paystub generator

  • Cost: Traditional Template- $8.99
  • Basic Template- $8.99
  • Clean Template- $8.99
  • Advanced Template- $17.99

2.PayStubCreater: Paystub generator online

PayStub Creator official site

PayStubCreator is the online tool used to create a paystub. You can download the created paystub instantly. You need to pay some amount for each paystub. It provides strong security and customer support. It offers paystubs for $8.99 each.

Let’s see how to create a paystub using paystub creator:

  • Visit PayStubCreate an official site using chrome. Once the paystub creator opened, click on the “Create Your pay stub Now” option.
  • You will redirect to the new page. The first step to create your pay stub is that you need to enter your company details like name, logo, address, postal code, phone number, and email id. Click on the Employee information option.
  • The second step is to enter the employee information. Click on the “Salary information option to enter into the third step.
  • In the third step, enter the salary information of the employee. Finally, preview the created pay stab, pay the amount and download it. You can pay the amount through Paypal or credit card.

3.CHECKSTUB maker: Best premium Paystub maker online

CHECKSTUB maker is one of the best online paid paystub generators. It offers a paystub for $8.99 each. It is a template-based paystub generator, you can input the company information, logo, employee information, income information, etc directly into the paystub. If you are not satisfied with the generated pay stubs, then you can get your money back. The watermark on the paystub will be removed once you purchase it.

CHECKSTUB maker template.
  • Visit CHECHSTUB maker official site. You can observe the screen as shown in the above screenshot.
  • Firstly, select the details like state, marital status of the employee, and how are you paid. Select the hourly payment or a salary.
  • Enter the company name, address and click on the upload company logo to insert your company logo.
  • Finally, enter the employee information like name, address reporting period, pay date, employee ID, and deductions. Select the number of stubs you want and click on the preview to check the details that you have entered.
  • After the preview, make the payment and download your paystubs instantly.

4.payStub maker

payStub maker is the paid paystub generator. You can create your paystubs easily within few minutes. It provides the auto-calculator to make calculations easier. It offers strong protection to your data and a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the generated paystub.

Paystub maker template.
  • open the payStub maker tool using any search engine or click on this link. Select the “make your Pay Stub Now” option from the official page.
  • You will redirect to the new page. You will find the Pay stub template on the screen, in that enter the details like state, marital status, how are you paid, hourly payment or salary, Number of hours, hourly rate and enable the auto calculation option.
  • Next enter the employer name, address and employee name, address, social security code, pay period, pay date, etc. Select the number of paystubs you want and click on the preview option at the bottom.
  • Check the details that you have entered before going to buy the pay stub. Finally, make payment and download the created pay stub.

5.123PAYSTUBS : Paycheck maker app

123PAYSTUBS is the online Paystub generator. It is also available in the Google play store. You can download it on your Android device and use it for free. You can get your first paystub for free. It costs $3.99/paystub from the second paystub. It provides different templates for your paystubs. The preview option is available to check the format and details before going to download.

Step 1: Visit 123PAYSTUBS official site and click on Generate paystub now option.

Step 2: The paystub form will be displayed on the screen. Enter the details like company name, address, upload the company logo, and select the template that you want in the company information section. In the employee information section, enter the details like employee name, ID, SSN number, address, wages, marital status, payment type hourly or salary.

Next enter the earnings information like payment schedule, set the pay period start, end, and playdates. once you enter all the details, click on calculate option to calculate the amount. Select the number of paystubs you need and click on the Preview option.

Step 3: Preview the generated paystub and make changes if you want. Finally, Download the generated paystub.

6.Shopify: Free Paystub maker online

Shopify is the best free and online tool to create a custom pay stub. It easily creates pay stubs that you can download, print, or send online. There is no need to install or buy complex and expensive software. The pay stub includes the details like company, employee, income, and deduction. The created pay stub will send to your email, you can download and use it. Just follow the below steps to know the procedure.

Step 1: Enter your company Information

Company infromation

Visit Shopify pay stub generator official link by any search engine or else click on the link to visit that site. You can observe the company information section as shown in the above screenshot. Enter the details like Company name, Email Address, Address, City, postal code, state, and country.

Step 2: Enter employee information

EMployee infromation

In this step, enter your employee details like Name, Employee ID number, Address, City, postal code, state, and country.

Step 3: Enter Income information

Income information

Enter your income information like pay date, pay period end, Annual income, cheque Number, and select the pay mode.

Step 4: Enter Deduction information


In the last stage enter deduction details like income tax, union dues, insurance, etc, and the deduction amount. If you want to add another deduction block, click on “Add deduction”. Finally, Tap on “Create pay stub”. That’s it…. within few minutes you can receive your paystub through Email.


ThePayStubs is the instant Paystub generator. It is a simple tool to generate pay stub online and print it. It is hassle-free and takes less than 2 minutes to complete. It provides several templates for you, select the one you want. Here are a few steps to know how to create a pay stub using the ThPayStubs tool. it consists of a pay stub calculator, you will be able to efficiently keep track of your finances, secure bank loans, obtain credit cards, and use the stub as proof of income and a strong work reference.

just follow the below steps to know how to create a paystub using ThePayStubs:

Step 1: Visit the official site of the ThePayStubs tool using any search engine and click on “Create Your Stub”.

selection of create your stub option

Step 2: Enter the details like company, employee, salary, cheque numbers, and email address. If you want to change the pay stub template, click on the “change template” option. You will find different templates, select the one you want. Finally, click on “Submit Information”.

select the template, enter information, and submit the information.

Step 3: once the completion of information, your Pay will generate and appear on the screen. You can preview it before going to download or print. If you are ok with the generated stub, select the format of the file and click on the Download option to download.


Paystubsonline is one of the best easy tools to generate paystubs online. It is a template-based paystub generator. It calculates the wages and other taxes within seconds. You can get the output file in the form of PDF and ready to print.

Paystubs online official site.
  • Open paystubsonline using any search engine or by using this link.
  • You can observe the screen which is shown in the above screenshot. Enter the details like company name, company address, income, deductions, and select the job type, how are you paid to employees, etc.
  • Check the details that you have entered and click on “View your stub”. If you are ok with that, download it to your device.


FormPros is the online paystub generator that provides high security for your data. Its auto-calculation feature helps you to calculate and handle the earnings and income tax deductions easily. It is not a free pay stub generator, You need to pay some amount.

just follow the steps to know how to create paystub using FormPros:

Step 1: open FormPros official site using chrome and select “create pay stub Now”.

FormPros official page.

Step 2: You will observe the pay stub form on the screen. Select the paystub template. Fill in the details like company information, employee information, and how you are going to pay. Choose how many paystubs you want and preview the paystubs make necessary changes before going to purchase. Click on the “Create paystub” option at the bottom.

Create paystub

Step 3: You can observe the cost of the pay stub at the right of the screen. Once the pay sub created, you can download printable PDF format of your paystub. You can easily share it with other.

10.Click funnels

Click funnels is the best free online paystub maker to generate the perfect pay stub for your employee. It is very easy to create, calculate, and print.

  • Visit click funnel Paystub maker official site.
  • You will find the pay stub template on the screen. In that enter the details like company, employee, income, and deductions information.
  • Check the details again before going to generate a paystub.
  • Finally, click on “Generate paystub”. within few minutes your paystub will appear on the screen with the download option. Click on “Download” to download it.

Bottom Line

There are several paystub generators to make your work easy. But all are not safe and secure. So, we have listed some of the best paid and free versions for you. Before going to generate a pay stub, it is very important to choose the best tool. Go through the given versions and find your best tool to generate a paystub for your business.

If you want the best software to create your paystubs without any problems, then my best suggestion is to go with the paid or offline software instead of using free online tools. Sometimes Free online tools don’t provide any security for your data. So, it’s better to use the paid version, it always provides strong security for your data. Some of the best-paid versions are paystub365, PayStubCreator, etc. Still, you want to use the free online tool then go with Shopify, FormPros, Click funnels, etc.

I hope this tutorial, Methods to create paystub, helped you to create paystub easily for your company. If you like this article, please share it. If you find any best method, please let us know through the comment section. Follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

How to Create a Paystub – FAQ

What is a pay stub?

Pay stub is nothing but the record or the written statements of employee wages.

Which is the best tool to create paystub?

Paystub365 is the best tool to create your paystubs easily. It provides different templates for your, select that you want and create your pay stub by providing the information that required.

How much does the PayStubCreator cost for each stub?

The paystubCreator offers paystubs for $8.99 each.

Which is the best free online tool to create paystub?

Shopify is the best free online tool create your paystubs fast and easily.

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