Defencebyte Privacy Shield Review: Best Way To Guard Your Personal Information

Want to protect your personal information? Then you must read this Defencebyte Privacy Shield Review to know about its features and price.

Are you worried about safeguarding your personal information? Is there any fear of losing your confidential documents? Do not worry as all your uncertainties will now get resolved with Defencebyte Privacy Shield. For keeping important documents out of danger, the product aims at protecting every important file securely. Let us now go through how the software works and how it secures the documents remarkably.

Why Defencebyte Privacy Shield is crucial?

For keeping your PC’s information all safe and sound, you need a software that does all the needed tasks simply. Data Privacy Shield by Defencebyte is one such product that works surprisingly by keeping all the important information secure. There is no need to get worried about the tracking files, as the software is able to wipe them away as well.

Defencebyte Privacy Shield Review

It cleans up the tracking files to help in safeguarding important files and documents. The software not only keeps the system out of possible threats but also maintains the security in an enhanced manner. The users can ensure the full computer screen privacy shield without any flaw. Supporting the top 5 browsers, this product never leaves any traces behind.

Plans, Pricing and Discount

Its One year license is available for 1 PC, 3 PCs, and 5 PCs.

1 PC / 1Yr license will cost you $38.95.

3 PC / 1Yr license will cost you $78.95.

5 PC / 1Yr license will cost you $111.95.

10 PC/1 yr license will cost you $181.95.

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Key features of Privacy Shield:

Defencebyte scan result

Cleans PC File History

– Removes both online and offline browsing history

– All recently used files’ records and apps are wiped

– Viewed online activities are removed securely

Cleans Internet Browsing History

– Deletes every online activity securely

–  Helps in wiping all the traces

– Restricts unknown users from knowing what you browsed.

Comprehensive Privacy Protection

– Gives you privacy protection

– Wipes all the track records from the browser

– Passwords and usernames cannot be tracked

All Popular Browsers Supported

Defencebyte privacy shield removes browser history

– Supports the top five web browsers

– Guarantees full scan

– Deletes all exposed files and information

– Cleans tracking cookies

Schedule Cleaning

– Simple scheduling

– Automatically runs clean up to save time

IM & Chat Records compatible

Clean IM and chat records

– Includes intense cleaning of chats and IM history

– Records of messages and calls are deleted

Personalized Anonymity Preferences

– Easy preferences setup

– Excludes apps and info from the general system cleaning process.

System requirements

Windows 7

  • Space: 500 MB Free Space on Hard Disk
  • CPU: 1 GHz 32-Bit/ 64 Bit
  • RAM: More than 1 GB

Windows 8

  • Space: 500 MB Free Space on Hard Disk
  • CPU: 1 GHz 32-Bit/ 64 Bit
  • RAM: More than 1 GB

Windows 10

  • Space: 500 MB Free Space on Hard Disk
  • CPU: 1 GHz 32-Bit/ 64 Bit
  • RAM: More than 1 GB

Pros and cons:


  • Cleans Internet Browsing History
  • Cleans PC File History
  • Schedule Cleaning
  • All Popular Browsers Supported
  • Comprehensive Privacy Protection


  • Doesn’t work with Apple products and iOS

Final Verdict

A quick decision to buy Defencebyte Privacy Shield lets you elevate the protection of personal data. It is all in all the best deal users can ever ask for. They will love the features of this incredible product and will be able to keep their vital data safe. We also suggest you use any one of the Top VPN service providers like NordVPN(68% Discounted link) because VPN service will encrypt your online activity and data which makes it impossible for hackers to hack or track your activity.

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