5 Ways To Test Antivirus Using EICAR Test File

Do you want to Test Antivirus software? It is possible with the EICAR test file. Antivirus software products promised to guard your devices against a vast number of security threats and annoyances. But, do you think they really work? If you are going to assess different security suites, you need to test it in many different ways because they differ in so many terms from the other. One type of test might fit with the other but not with all.

Antivirus software has its own kind of utilities. Many suites contain security against phishing, yet some don’t. Spam filtering was excluded in some suite, but the other products include it as another advantage. Well, no matter what product you’re using or whatever their features are, you still need to put them in a test. So how are you going to assess your antivirus software properly?

What is EICAR Test File?

EICAR has designed Standard Anti-Virus Test File generated to safely test antivirus software. This test file is frequently used to assure the proper installation of antivirus software, give the signal when a found a virus, examine internal mechanisms and responses when there is a virus found. It is created by the European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research. It is a group of experts that examines malware and device protection issues. They also deal with another anti-malware test file to sustain antivirus utilities free from different kind of threats.

This test file holds a simple text file which they call “eicar.com” containing ASCII string, which they use in scanning files. Once they start scanning the device it must show a definite and positive result from threats and other attacks.

How to Test Antivirus with the EICAR Test File?

EICAR is another quality test to familiarize yourself with the utilities of your antivirus software. Many security companies start generating this test file to their devices and test how safe it is from malwares and any cyber threats using the best paid antivirus.

The purpose of this test file is to test utilities of security suites without passing live threats on both ways among the systems. Before, in order to detect threats and viruses, traditional antivirus suites uses signature definitions. Unlike any other test file, EICAR uses a string of code which is being added to many software products as a made-up validated virus. So, this is how EICAR works:

1.The firewall can block uncertain traffic

The following instructions can be generated to software products with firewall utilities:

First, you must have a copy of the file eicar.com

Modify the level of your security to a private one.

2.Delete harmful files

Attempt to save the test file of EICAR in your computer

To assure that your antivirus suite is working, your security suite will not allow you to save or even download the test file in your computer because it is a virus just like any other threats.

Your antivirus software will automatically rename the test file or simply delete it.

3.Renaming harmless files for additional protection

Your antivirus software will automatically change the name of the test file in any other name possible. The file will be considered as a dead virus and will not be able to execute in the device.

If ever you change the name again, and bring it back in order to use it, the antivirus software will detect it again and again.

4.Detect archive harmful files

Download the zip of EICAR, then save it to your computer.

Extract the one file from the ZIP.

Right click on the eicar_com.zip and start scanning by selecting the scanner.

5.Scan to detect infected e-mails

EICAR is considered as a safe test file but sometimes the actions while disinfecting some files is somewhat unsafe. It usually happens when your antivirus software does not check all the incoming emails or even the outgoing one.

Some infected files were named differently unlike any other files; do not delete the files automatically. During disinfection, everything in your email will be deleted if you choose this kind of action. You may still restore the important emails as well as your mailbox file.

How important is EICAR test file?

EICAR test file is one of the most well-known security strings which can be used to check the level of protection your antivirus software can offer. When your security suite encounters the EICAR test file, your antivirus software should recognize it completely as a real virus. When you try to open the test file and your protection is equipped as well, your suite must prompt an alert.

Imagine this, you are investing a lot of money buying antivirus software just to keep your files protected and in just one click everything might lost. You may or you may not consider this one, but I bet you should. This EICAR test file will be a big help not just for you but for your business too. Download the text file now and start testing your security suite now.

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