Digital Literacy Skills: How To Teach Them Effectively

This tutorial will give you quick information about what are Digital Literacy Skills and how you can teach Digital Literacy Skills.

The use of internet connection and its services is becoming more and more common by every single day. We are living in times when using technology is almost equal to having water to drink or food to eat. Almost only a couple of decades ago, people could only dream about having devices on the touchscreen. But as technology is improving with the speed of lightning, it quickly became a totally normal thing.

The only source of information was by reading newspapers and listening to the radios. Nowadays, people can find out information about anything they like by using the network. With the development of it, digital literacy has become popular and used more often. With that in mind, let’s see how you should teach digital literacy skills and what are those skills in general.

What Are Digital Literacy Skills And What They Can Provide?

Digital Literacy Skills

Speaking of digital literacy skills, probably there will be a certain group of people who still don’t know anything about it. And it’s completely understandable. Today, it is one of the hottest topics circling. It refers to a person’s individual skills of using the internet services and its features. It can be represented in the use of websites, emails, software, web browsers, and many other tools that technology can provide.

By the level of knowledge and skill you possess in using those features, it can be determined what is your level of understanding this area. Also, it can be evaluated by someone’s level of typing abilities, how they use grammar, so as creating designs by utilizing technological equipment. But you probably wonder what are the skills needed for this, right? Well, there are several different ones that people, especially students, need to know.

For example, one of the most typical digital literacy skills is using social media in the right way. In the present time, students get used to having profiles on them and use its features even in schools. Of course, the use of it in such a facility is not only focused on simple communication. It has a further purpose in educational institutions. Other skills that can define digital literacy are virtual collaboration, evaluating the information that was found online, cloud computing, digital citizenship, etc.

Operating With Digital Communication

Nowadays, people use digital communication each day. Romantic meetings and text messages through SMS have been replaced by chatting through Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and other communication apps. It can be said that humans somehow forgot what personal contact meant and are relying on chatting and video calls instead. We can all blame digital communication for it.

One of the ways to teach you skills related to it is surely by operating with digital communication and how you can handle it. Essentially, this is coherent to the way of how you use social media which are the most using tools for communication online. The point is that many students use them only for chatting with others. The truth is they can be much purposeful if you use their values in your classroom in a proper way.

Avoiding Of Plagiarism

This is very beneficial for the students but can be the opposite if they don’t know what they are doing. If someone will try to use the possibility of having the internet connection available in schools, it has to be the students. It is often the case they don’t realize what plagiarism is and are tempted to lend others’ works. If they can, they will try to get the most valuable things from others without hesitation. It works on the principle of getting the highest values for the cheapest cost.

Students are able to take someones’ ideas even though they are not aware of the consequences. So, if you can’t find yourself among those people, it is a good step forward for you. Learning to successfully keep from plagiarism is one of the best lessons you can have about digital literacy. It is much better to use your own words and thoughts. If you are struggling with it, you can always look at some citations from educated people that will help you.

Using Of Critiques & Awareness Of The Credibility

A huge amount of information people get to is coming from the internet. Listening to the local news, reading newspapers, and listening to the radios are slowly going to oblivion. Having that in mind, many will try to get benefit from it and only make a profit.

For example, there is a writing service online called PaperHelp where you can see people’s reviews and critiques. Some of you will probably ask: “Is PaperHelp cheating? How can they do that? It is simple. They will create some websites with false information that people can accept as a reliable one. That way, they can use people’s lack of knowledge of the internet and digital literacy and deceive them. To be clear, that is not the case with this website, we used it only as an example. To prevent this, you must use critiques.

If you don’t feel that something is right or you are doubtful about it, be free to criticize it. You will let the people know that you are not easy to be scammed and will have to pay more attention to their content. Besides, you should be aware and get assured of the credibility of the website, or page you are visiting.

Today, many pages are not reliable enough and people still visit them. If you want to be literate in digital skills, you must get around those kinds of pages and websites. Instead, you better check its credibility multiple times before going into some communication. That way, you will be confident and feel relaxed about a possible scam.


Digital literacy is something people must have to maintain informed enough in today’s world. Unfortunately, this article couldn’t cover everything that it can offer. However, we managed to pinpoint the most important advice and get you a little bit closer to this theme. If you consider digital literacy as a good thing for you, feel free to use our guide and you won’t regret it!

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