2 Ways To Enlarge Photos Online Efficiently for Free

Do you want to Enlarge photos online for free? This article will discuss and compare the two free methods to Enlarge photos online.

Although it might seem like a fairly straightforward process at first glance, enlarging JPG and PNG photos can be very hit-or-miss depending on the software you use. Whether you want to breathe new life into an old photo or simply enhance a low-res picture for presentation purposes, it’s in your best interest to get the highest quality result.

Unsurprisingly, the outcome can drastically vary among different photo enlarger algorithms. This article will cover two of the most popular jpg and png enlarger tools, go into a detailed comparison of their end results, and help you make the best choice possible.

How to Enlarge Photos Online

1. AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger Homepage

AI Image Enlarger is a lightweight tool that runs straight out of any browser. Many of the so-called image enhancers only boost up the resolution to give an impression of improvement. Through the use of AI technology and thorough but efficient algorithms, this tool recovers even the tiniest of details by scanning the image pixel by pixel. With Ultra HD 4k resolution monitors available on the market, you surely don’t want to be looking at a 640×480 image. Fortunately, using AI Image Enlarger, you won’t have to.

Features & Benefits

  • 4x Scale – Any uploaded jpg or png image can be scaled up to four times its original size. For example, a 700×450 picture would be brought up to 2800×1800, and the amount of details would essentially be quadrupled! File size gets a fairly significant increase but usually doesn’t exceed 8MB. To preserve space, there’s also a 2x scale option. This is an awesome alternative for space-restricted users but at the cost of fewer details.
  • AI/Machine Learning – All of the four available algorithms are AI-optimized and use Super-Resolution image restoration technology. Many different programs oversaturate or distort colors in an attempt to make the image seem more detailed. AI Image Enlarger carefully analyzes each image’s scenery and keeps the colors true to the original. The resulting image is enhanced through interpolation – a process where new pixels are added to the already existing ones.

How to Enlarge Photos Online using AI Image Enlarger

Video Tutorial

We Provided this Article in the form of a Video Tutorial for Our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading, skip the video for now and watch it after the completion of reading this article.

Download image

In This Section, I will show you the step-by-step procedure to enlarge Images using AI Image Enlarger.

Total Time: 5 minutes

STEP-1: Visit AI Image Enlarger


Open any browser on your Mac and Visit AI Image Enlarger. Then you will find the interface as shown in the below screenshot.

STEP-2: Signup/Sign-in to Ai Image Enlarger

Click on the “SignIn/Signup” option available on the top right of the window. Then a popup will appear. Enter your Email ID and hit on “Sign in with email link”.

STEP-3: Confirm Email

Email link

Open your Email and click on the link to confirm your email. It redirects you to the homepage of the Ai Image Enlarger.

STEP-4: Upload Image

Click on the “Upload” Image option available on the right side of the page. A window will pop up. Choose the image that you want to enlarge and click on “Open”.

STEP-5: Start Image Enlargement

Uploaded status

After uploading the images successfully, It displays the list of all the uploaded images. Click on the “Start” option to start the Image Enlargement.

STEP-6: Download Image

Download image

It takes some time to enlarge the uploaded image and displays the list of all the enlarged images. Click on “Download” to start downloading the image.


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  • AI Image Enlarger

Materials: AI Image Enlarger

2. Photo Enlarger

PhotoEnlarger Homepage

Upon visiting the PhotoEnlarger website, it’s very apparent that this tool was designed with minimalism in mind. The interface only has a short description of the website, as well as a button for image upload. Just like AI Image Enlarger, this tool also supports both JPG and PNG images. The enhancement process is very simple – users don’t get many customization options. Still, it’s fairly quick and efficient.

Features & Benefits

  • Various Algorithms – Unlike the previous tool, Photo Enlarger doesn’t give users the ability to select a single algorithm. Rather, it always uses four different processes to convert an image and lets the user select the option they like the most. Unfortunately, there is no clear explanation of what the differences are. You’ll have to rely on your ability to distinguish between details when downloading.
  • Enlargement Factor Slider – Scaling can be manually adjusted with very high precision. How high it can go depends on the initial image size. For the very small ones, the factor can be set up to 900%. However, this is often not a good choice, since the image gets immensely pixelated and unusable. Users can manually input the wanted width and height in the corresponding fields.

How to Enlarge Photos Online using Photo Enlarger

  • STEP-1: Open any Browser and Visit the Official site of PhotoEnlarger. Then you will find the interface as shown in the screenshot.
  • STEP-2: Click on the “Browse” option, then a window will pop up. Choose the image from that window and click on “Open”.
Import image to PhotoEnlarger
  • STEP-3: Then the image will be uploaded to the site and shows you a bar to choose the percentage of enlargement. Choose the range by sliding the bar. Later, click on “Enlarge”.
Image enhance factor
  • STEP-4: Then the site starts to enlarge the uploaded image and displays you four versions of the enlarged image.
PhotoEnlarger Versions
  • STEP-5: Choose the image that looks best for you best and click on “Download”. An options list will open with different image formats. Choose the format to start downloading it.
Download image from Photo Enlarger

Which One is Better to Enlarge Photos Online?

Even though Photo Enlarger produces a seemingly higher resolution, AI Image Enlarger packs in a lot more details. Looking at the images full screen, the water vegetation is incomparably clearer with AI Image Enlarger. The Hills in the background are very smooth and unpixelated. Sky’s reflection in the water doesn’t have sharp edges – instead, they’re very polished and soft. The colors are much more expressed and vibrant, giving life to the whole image.

The result of Photo Enlarger is characterized by the very pixelated sky. Hilltops and water vegetation appear very foggy, looking almost like there’s a blur filter on top of them. Additionally, colors are noticeably duller. When put side by side with the AI Image Enlarger’s result, it’s clear which one is the winner.

Original image:

original image

Before-after comparison image:



AI Image Enlarger is a true example that quality is much better than quantity. If you’re looking for a highly optimized, quick, and most importantly free photo enlarger, your search ends here. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, and you’ll truly feel that after using this tool.

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2 Ways to Enlarge Photos Online Efficiently for Free – FAQ

How can I enlarge a photo online?

Upload the image that you want to enlarge in any one of the sites listed above. select the size of the image that you want and select ok.

Which is the best online method to enlarge an image?

AI Image Enlarger is the best online method to enlarge your image to your desired size.

Can I preview the enlarged image before going to download it?

Yes. The AI Image Enlarger provides the download option before going to download the image.

Does AI Image Enlarger support the png format of an image?

Yes. The AI Image Enlarger supports both the png and jpg formats of an image.

Is AI photo enhancer free?

AI Image Enhancer is 100% free for use without a subscription.

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