5 Steps to Fix Android error 504 when downloading apps

You may see Android error 504 while downloading apps from Google play store. It might be happened due to an unknown data collisions or some other unknown data errors. The reason may be anything, you will get a solution. Here I am going to give you the fix for Android error 504.

How to the fix Android error 504

Just follow below 5 steps to  fix your error 504.

First step:

First step is to Clear Running apps

Error 504
Android error 504

Press the middle button or Home button. You will see all the running apps. Close or Remove all running applications like as shown in the above figure.

Again Press the middle button or Home button, Select the task manager. Select clear cache as shown in the above figure. Some Android versions may not show this option.

Second step:

error 504 android
  1. Go to setting
  2. Click application (Latest android versions show Application manager)
  3. Select manage application
  4. Select all running app and clear as shown in the above figure

Third step:

Remove Google frame-work data. To do this follow the below steps. Your android version may have different options.

  1. Go to setting
  2. Go to the Google service framework
  3. Select clear data and clear cache
  4. Remove all the data about google service framework

Fourth step:

Clear previous data and cache of Google play store app.

Error 504
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on the applications.
  3. Select manage application
  4. Select Google play store app
  5. Select clear data and clear cache
  6. Remove all the data regarding google play store service as shown in above fig

Fifth step:

Remove account and add account.

Error 504
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select account and sync
  3. Remove account and then add your account as shown in the above figure
  4. Now Restart your mobile phone.

Restart your mobile device and try to do update or download. Now you may not see the mentioned error code.

About  Google Play Services:

With Google Play services, your app can take advantage of the latest, Google-powered features such as Maps, Google+, and more, with automatic platform updates distributed as an APK through the Google Play store. This makes it faster for your users to receive updates and easier for you to integrate the newest that Google has to offer.

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