FlexClip Video Maker Review: Create Advanced Marketing Videos for Beginners

Here is the FlexClip Video Maker review and how to use it to create stunning videos in minutes.

FlexClip Video Maker Review

flexclip video maker review.

Have you ever thought about a simple but powerful video generator that creates marketing videos in minutes?

This is exactly what FlexClip Video Maker Online proposes. The service is useful to content professionals who are preparing to sell a product, idea, or service through the compelling potential of video content, but do not have the advanced skills to operate the more nuanced platforms available on the market. It is easy to use, and it comes with tools storyboard as well as a series of templates and content videos and music to help realize their creative vision.

Some key features of FlexClip

  • Manage everything by dragging and clicking with the mouse.
  • A large number of ready-made templates can be modified.
  • The simple and clean interface allows you to import audio, video and picture files easily.
  • Support all the most popular formats like MOV, WEBM, M4V, MP4, AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, etc.
  • Easily cut and split audio and video clips.
  • The ability to zoom in or out, and rotate videos.
  • Flexible editing functions include adding captions text, logos, music, filter, transitional effects, and much more.
  • Allow you to record screen quickly, and add voice commentary on videos.
  • Support export videos based on the most common ratios, such as 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1 formats.
  • Exporting videos in various resolutions, and the free version allows exporting to 480p (which is quite excellent).

FlexClip Pricing

As already mentioned above, there is a free version with which you can create videos up to a minute in length with a resolution of 480p SD (standard definition). For HD videos, however, you have to choose one of the two subscription models, for just under $ 8.99 ( basic ) or $ 15.99 ( plus ) or $29.99 (Business) per month with monthly payments or $ 4.99 ( basic ) or $ 7.99 ( plus ) per month or $19.99(Business)with annual payment. If you pay for the whole year in one fell swoop, you’re supposed to save 50 percent.

flexclip pricing

FlexClip Discount Coupon

Usually, FlexClip gives a 50% discount on its annual plans. Our readers get a special 10% discount on the discounted price using the coupon code: 10VWANT.

How to create and edit videos with FlexClip

All you have to do is connect to the site, and press Make a Free Video (you have to use Chrome at least for the moment)… immediately a cart of ready-made videos divided into categories will be at our complete disposal.

We can then start from a video that fits our idea and begin to make slight or substantial changes until we get the result that satisfies us.

Otherwise, we can decide to start from scratch and insert the elements we need one by one and configure our short video with the elements that will compose it.

FlexClip video templates

In both cases, the work areas will always be the same:

1 – the tools

2 – the storyboard where the various frames will be visible and editable

3 – the preview area to check the result

During use, we can decide to save the jobs that will be displayed one after the other on the first line of the Home page.

The free version of the service allows us to save up to a maximum of 12 jobs, beyond which it will be necessary to switch to the PLUS plan.

Always with the free version, we will be able to export the video for the use that we need only at a 480P resolution, good for mobile devices but probably not suitable for more general use (Computer, Smart TV, etc.). Besides, it also provides 5 free tools without login, allowing you to complete the following operations in a few seconds:

  • Free Screen Recorder
  • Free video compressor
  • Free video converter
  • Free video trimmer
  • Free video metadata viewer

Final words

If you are looking for a tool with full features to create introductory videos, video marketing, etc., FlexClip will help you. With its simple design and user experience, users will find it easy to create impressive videos in a few minutes. Its competitive set of video creation tools enables your business to attract consumers to click, influence their purchase intent, improve overall traffic to your brand site, and encourage and promote an idea on your networking platforms.

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Flexclip video maker Review-FAQ

Does Flexclip provide Scree recorder option?

Yes. Flexclip provides a free screen record option to record your video on the screen.

Does Flexclip support M4A format?

Yes. Flexclip supports M4A format and also supports the most common output formats like MOV, WEBM, M4V, MP4, AAC, FLAC, MP3, etc.

Can i Split video and audio clips?

By using Flexclip you can easily cut and split the video and audio clips easily.

Is Flexclip free?

Yes. Flexclip offers free version. The free version of the service allows us to save up to a maximum of 12 jobs, beyond which it will be necessary to switch to the PLUS plan.

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