Top 5 Best Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC

Are looking for Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat? When you need small PDF editing features, you don’t need to buy expensive software.

There are several best online and offline free alternatives are available. You can use any one of the free Adobe Acrobat competitors to edit your PDF file. In this tutorial, we have given some of the best free alternatives. Just go through them select your desired one.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format which is a file format that has all the elements of a printed document captured in it as an electronic image that we can view, print, navigate or send as an email to someone else. Even now you can even send PDF file formats to other people via WhatsApp, Facebook, and some other social applications.

A PDF file can only be accessible by a PDF reader like the Acrobat reader or other similar products, these products are easily available on the internet for your personal computers and mobile devices.

What is Adobe Acrobat?

The Adobe acrobat DC is the most popular PDF editor in the world, this is not unrelated to the popularity of other Adobe applications like the Photoshop, After Effects, and the Adobe encoder which is used by most video editors to edit video clips, movies, and music videos.

It combines the features of acrobat mobile reader software and the acrobat desktop which is further enhanced with premium cloud backup services and premium mobile features. It works with Dropbox, OneDrive and books and also allows you to sign and sent forms from anywhere.

Though acrobat DC is the best PDF editor software in the world, most of the people are not ready to spend the money for the small PDF editing features which are available in some free software.

There are lots of other alternatives to the Adobe Acrobat DC, some are free while some are paid (premium). For this article, we will be looking at the open alternatives to the Adobe Acrobat DC. Free software cannot give complete features. If you need the complete PDF editing features you must buy any one of the premium Acrobat alternatives.

Hint: If you are ready to spend a little amount for one-time purchase software, I suggest you Wondershare PDFelement. It gives almost every Acrobat DC feature for a very less price. And you can use the software for a lifetime without paying recurring charges.

Free Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC

1.Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro pdf reader

Nitro PDF reader helps to extract images from one PDF, digitally sign documents and convert text documents to PDF format. The Nitro PDF reader also allows you to add annotations and sticky notes.

Nitro PDF Reader allows

  1. Annotations and formatting
  2. Touchscreen mode (optional)
  3. Highlighting
  4. Sticky notes
  5. Digital signature.

Nitro PDF reader is completely free PDF reader software with limited functionality. If you need the complete PDF editing features, you need to buy Nitro Productivity Suite.

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2.Slim PDF Reader

Slim PDF reader might be battling with low storage space on your device, this reader is a frill-free PDF reader who has little or no effect on your drive space. The navigations and controls are quite self-explanatory and very simple. Its unique selling point is super lightweight occupying just 1.43MB space.

The slim PDF reader is completely free software with few features. If you need the complete PDF editing features, you need to go with Able2Extract which is the premium version to Slim PDF reader.

3.IceCream eBook Reader

Icecream ebook reader

IceCream eBook reader is primarily developed to read EPUB and MOBI documents and by extension doubles as a simple free PDF reader. The USP of this app is the ability to switch to an eye-friendly night mode; you can also add bookmarks and create notes which can be accessed via the fly-out contents panel.

4.Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF reader really makes working with PDF seamless with a simple user interface which makes it easy to use and has all the tools you could want in a PDF reader.

Foxit Reader has a safe reading mode which helps control things like internal links and javascript integration. This is because the Foxit Reader has ubiquitous nature, it makes it a popular target for malware and virus developers.

Foxit Reader allows you to

  1. Create and edit pdf
  2. Have access to built-in security tools
  3. Integrate with windows.
  4. Combine multiple PDF into a single file

These attributes make Foxit Reader a joy to use.

5.PDF XChange Editor

PDF XChange Editor will help you to track and access comments and notes. This reader also allows you to insert or extract pages from a PDF file. Another selling point of the PDF Exchange Editor is its OCR (Optical Character Recognition), this allows you to scan printed documents, have the texts converted into a searchable format and save the result as a PDF, isn’t that just great?!

The PDF Exchange Editor allows you to

  1. Convert documents
  2. Edit text
  3. Add comments and notes.

Conclusion: Is there a better PDF reader than Adobe Reader?

Yes. There are better PDF readers than Adobe Reader. I can also say that there are not better PDF editors than Adobe Acrobat DC.

Adobe reader is a free PDF reader with just the PDF reading capability. It is the free version to Adobe Acrobat DC. The free softwares listed in this article will give more features than Adobe Reader. Some of them will give you some PDF editing features like Adobe Acrobat DC. If you need the best PDF editor, you must go with Wondershare PDFelement.

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