4 Best GPS Tracking Devices For Vehicles

Do you need to track your vehicle? Want to know about GPS tracking devices for vehicles? We often talk about the tracking of vehicles, people, etc. and this seems to be interesting as well. For now, I want to discuss the tracking of vehicles. Yeah! Tracking of vehicles is possible with devices.

Why & When You need to Track a Vehicle?

The reasons and purposes may be many and major of them are, If someone wants to record the performance of his car, then he would love to have a tracker to record his vehicle performance. The other is based on security purposes.

Trackers are highly used in the vehicle centers which offer paid services such as Ola, Uber, and the list goes on to verify the fare amounts and traveling distances. By this, they had good command over their vehicle drivers.
You can use these top 5 GPS tracking devices for vehicles for safety and spying purposes.

Top GPS tracking devices for vehicles

If you are completely new to the subject of GPS trackers, then this section is especially for you. Trackers can be connected to some parts of the vehicles, or some ports can be allotted as well. You can have the view of real-time where the vehicle is traveling. If you are looking for the trackers then here is the list of top 5 GPS vehicle tracking devices.

1. Zubie ZK30012M GPS Tracker

zubie tracker

Zubie ZK30012M GPS Tracker is listed first on our list of its specifications and all. It is entirely designed for a new driver I mean for the very newbie. These trackers are distributed by zubie, and you can get them from their official sites and e-commerce sites as well. Plugin and ports are given to arrange the entire setting for your vehicles. The best part is you can check the complete status of your vehicle through the “Zubie” Application. Here you need to connect that particular tracker to the application.

  • Alerts about your speed.
  • Real-time GPS tracking.
  • Identifies the nearest cheapest fuel spot.
  • It alerts on sudden changes such as little fuel, Light system, etc.
  • Send you the monthly vehicle reports.
  • It’s a bit hard to manage the interface on the computer; it’s the only hard thing.
  • The app can have frequent updates.

2. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini

spy tracker

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini is one of the best GPS tracking devices for vehicles. First of all, don’t worry about the name “Spy” as most of the trackers are useful for spying purposes as well. Apart from that, you can use this for your safety and vehicle reports as well. There is no need to plug-in the module into some ports as it can be hidden. So if you want to spy something regarding the travel of your friends etc., then it works well. The tracker works only if the vehicle is in motion. Moreover, it doesn’t need any manual actions to perform its task. It works by depending upon the movement of the vehicle.

  • Can be hidden from the eyes of the driver
  • Battery lasts for two weeks (Isn’t it awesome).
  • Minute to minute tracking.
  • No need to perform manual actions over it to make it work while traveling.
  • Backup services are available
  • Supports on any browser
  • The price is a bit high.
  • No mobile application

3. MOTOsafety OBD Teen

MOTOsafety OBD Teen

MOTOsafety OBD teen suits to new drivers. You need to insert a tracker into the port which is a small thing. This tracker introduces report cards that describe the report of vehicles and bad moves of the drivers. These cards help the drivers to overcome their driving mistakes. It reviews the unsafe driving spots too.

  • It tracks everything, almost everything.
  • Suggested for the beginners
  • Excellent services at low price.
  • The application is available.
  • Alerts are sent through the SMS services.
  • The tracker had certain limits.

4.Vectu Portable Vehicle Tracker

vectu vehicle tracker

Vectu portable vehicle tracker is the last tracker from the list and probably the best one in cheap.Yes; this is the only tracker from our list which offers minimum features for a low price i.e. $50 per year. It is available in three colors as it helps to color code which device for your vehicle.

  • Battery performance
  • App is available in store
  • Sends alerts via notifications and SMS.
  • GPS & GSM enabled.
  • Working of the device effects on hiding
  • History of 90 days is only stored.
  • Takes time to charge when compared to others.

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