Tenorshare ReiBoot review: A Free Tool to Fix iOS Stuck issues

Read my Tenorshare ReiBoot review for its features and performance details. Do your iOS stuck in recovery mode? Do you want to exit your iOS device from recovery mode? Do you have other iOS stuck issues? Don’t worry; ReiBoot will solve all your problems.

Sometimes, your iOS may be stuck at apple logo or DFU mode or boot loop or connect to iTunes screen. Not only these cases, but you can also solve almost all types of iOS stuck issues with ReiBoot.

Tenorshare ReiBoot review

Tenorshare is a well know company which develops many software utilities for computer, Mac or iOS. Tenorshare ReiBoot is a freeware software which helps you to recover your iOS from recovery mode, or you can also enter into recovery mode. The best thing about this software is, you will not lose your data. It has a premium version also. Its premium version solves almost all types of iOS stuck issues.

ReiBoot Freeware Features

  • Exit recovery mode: If your iOS is stuck in recovery mode, you can get out of recovery mode very easily without any data loss, and you don’t have to restore anything.
  • Put iOS into recovery mode: You can put your device into recovery mode with one click.
  • Solves iOS stuck issues: You can solve various iOS stuck issues like stuck on connecting to iTunes, boot loop, iPhone stuck on Apple logo and other problems using recovery mode.

ReiBoot Premium Features

ReiBoot freeware solves a limited number of issues only using recovery mode. You may not solve most of your issues. Its premium version addresses over 50 types of iOS stuck issues.

  • It has all ReiBoot freeware features.
  • It solves most of iTunes errors.
  • It can address other iOS stuck issues related to overheating, software crash, iOS upgrade and much more.

iCareFone(iPhone care Pro)

iCareFone (iPhone care Pro) is another software from Tenorshare which has all features of ReiBoot Pro with some more extra features like speed up iOS, blocking ads on iOS, share and manage media without iTunes restrictions, was back up and Restore iOS data, etc., It can repair iOS.


How to Fix iOS stuck issues with ReiBoot?

Using ReiBoot is very easy. Download the freeware or buy the premium for Windows or Mac. Install the software. Open software from the desktop icon.

Tenorshare ReiBoot review

It will ask you to connect your iOS device using a USB cable. Connect your iOS device. If your device stuck at anywhere, just select Enter Recovery Mode option. If your device were already stuck in recovery mode, it would highlight the Exit Recovery Mode option automatically.

get ios into recovery mode

Your work is over. Just wait for some time, ReiBoot will reboot your device without any data loss.

If your issue is not solved with freeware, then you need to buy its premium version and select the last option which fixes almost all issues.

If ReiBoot Pro did not solve your issue, you need to go with iCareFone. iCareFone will repair your operating system. So that your all problems will be solved.


ReiBoot is a must-have software. Since it is freeware, you can have this software handy on your computer or Mac for an emergency. If you need better features, buy ReiBoot Pro and iCareFone. I recommend you to go with iCareFone for PC or iCarefone for Mac.

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11 thoughts on “Tenorshare ReiBoot review: A Free Tool to Fix iOS Stuck issues”

  1. This works just great,my iPhone 8 stuck in recovery mode,itunes told me it’s error 4013,I tried this Reiboot progarm,desperately,it fixed the issue,thanks.

  2. I used the trial version and i click Exit Recovery Mode, my i6s exit recovery mode successfully!! But i didn’t buy it yet….I believe this product definitely worth to buy!

  3. Hi. I’m wondering how does it save all of your phone’s data? My phone was stuck on the white apple logo. The I tried the free version of Reiboot, and it sent my phone into the “restart with iTunes” mode. Now my phone is stuck in the restart with iTunes mode. I am afraid to go further because I am afraid to lose all the data. If I buy the package, will my data be saved? Or will it simply restore with iTunes? If my data is already lost, I’d rather not pay $69.


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