How to change whatsapp profile picture and status

Want to know How to change WhatsApp profile picture? Do you know How to change WhatsApp profile status? Here I am going to give you a tutorial about How to change WhatsApp profile picture and profile status.

Whatsapp has emerged as the most popular messaging app today. It is a cheap messaging alternative to SMS. You can easily send images, video,s and voice through WhatsApp. Whatsapp is available for android, iOS, and windows phone as well. When you put your photo as a profile picture, your friends will find you very easily. You can also change your status to let know your friends about your current status.

How to change the WhatsApp profile picture?

Open whatsapp.

Touch on three vertical dots symbol in the top right corner. You will see a new group, new broadcast, WhatsApp web, starred messages, and settings. Here you need to select Settings.

click on settiings

4. After completing the above steps a new window appears, its shows profile, account chats and calls, notifications, and contacts. The latest version may show your name and photo in the Profile option place. Here you need to click on the Profile Photo as shown in the below image.

click on profile photo

5. Touch on camera icon as shown fig below.

click on camera icon

6.Select the Remove photo option if you want to remove photo. If you want to edit photos select any one of the remaining two options. Select Camera, if you want to take your photo from the camera. Select the Gallery option, if you want to set the existing image as a profile picture.

select any option as you wish

Here I am selecting the gallery option to set an existing photo as a profile photo. Then it shows the screen to select a photo from the gallery. Select any one as you wish. Then click on the Done option as shown in the below image.

select photo and click on done option

You can select some particular part of the picture to set as Profile photo by just adjustment lines as shown in the above image.

How to change WhatsApp profile status?

Open WhatsApp -> Touch on three dots symbol in the top right corner -> Go to Profile you will see below screen.

click on profile

You can see your current status as shown above. Click on it to change to a new status.

click on about option.

You can change it to anyone of another status as you wish or you can create a new one by clicking on the Pen symbol as shown in the below image.

Just scroll down, you will see many options. Just touch on any one of the available statuses. When you don’t want to use pre-written status, then touch on the edit symbol shows that in the above screenshot. You can write your own status.

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