Whatsapp messenger for pc (Windows 7/8) without bluestack

Don’t you have time to see WhatsApp messages on phone while working with a PC? Want to get WhatsApp messages on PC? We can use Whatsapp messenger for pc in Windows 7/8 when we need fast chatting. Typing a message on the computer is easier than typing a message on mobile. If you have your mobile’s WhatsApp on your computer, you can easily type a message from the computer. You can send messages and images easily from the computer itself.

There are two ways of using WhatsApp on PC: The first way is to install emulator Bluestacks for Windows 7 or others; The second way is described below.

Whatsapp messenger is a mobile messaging app. But recently WhatsApp developers launched WhatsApp web (WhatsApp messenger for pc). This WhatsApp web is the pc version of WhatsApp messenger.

By using the WhatsApp web, you will send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. It is easy to share your images or videos from your computer. Watsapp messenger pc is more comfortable to the users than using WhatsApp messenger on smartphones.

Here I share with you simple steps to use WhatsApp messenger for pc.

Procedure for installing WhatsApp messenger for pc

Video Tutorial: How to install WhatsApp messenger for pc

  1. Open any one of the browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, Opera) on your PC.
  2. Type web.whatsapp.com in the address bar of the browser. Press enter. Then you will navigate to WhatsApp website.
  3. Now you will see a QR code. Scan this QR code by using WhatsApp on your smartphone.


4. Steps to use WhatsApp on your smart phone to scan this QR code:

  • Open WhatsApp messenger on your smartphone.
  • Click on menu option
  • Now click on WhatsApp web option.

Tap on OK, GOT IT to remove the instruction screen and let your mobile to scan the QR Code.


5.Now place the smartphone camera nearer to your pc and scan this QR code. Within a few seconds, you can scan the QR code.


6. After scanning you will see the whatsapp screen on your computer.

Now you can enjoy chatting with your WhatsApp contacts right from your computer. If you have any trouble with doing this, read the requirements for installing WhatsApp messenger for pc as below.

Requirements for installing WhatsApp messenger for pc:

1. You must be a whatsapp user in your Smartphone.

2. You must upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp messenger in your Smartphone.

3. Whatsapp web works on following browsers only

  • Google Chrome,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Opera

4.You must keep your phone and PC connected to the internet, during use of WhatsApp web (WhatsApp messenger for pc).

Thanks for reading my article about WhatsApp messenger for pc. If you know any other methods to install WhatsApp messenger on PC, do share in the comments section.

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