How to compress files on Mac by Creating Zip file

Want to know How to compress files on Mac? You can easily do this by creating zip file. You need not to spend money to create zip files. If you want better features like high-compression level, password protect zip file, cloud sharing, and don’t mind spend little money, you must go with premium software like WinZip for Mac and WinZip for iOS. When you don’t want to spend money, continue reading this article.

Why to compress files or Zip files?

Zip files having extension .zip or .zipx even called sometimes as ‘archives’ contains one or more files compressed. All the related files can be kept together with zip and efficiently store and better way to transport. This  is the popular and most important compression format. Files compressed into zip and then unzip to extract them when required.

  • When dealing with email, sometimes you may need to send multiple attachments. In this case you can send single zip file by reducing transmission time and email size.
  • You must compress Large data files to save storage capacity.

How to compress files on Mac

You can Compress files or folders or documents easily with the below steps:

1) Select the particular file or locate the files that you want to zip.
2) Usually this can be in the Mac finder in Mac OS X systems.
3) You can compress Single or multiple files.
4) After selecting the files, do right-click and a pop up will appear.
5) If you select the single file to compress, then you can see the option Compress “#Filename”‘.

How to compress files on Mac

6) Click on Compress and the zip will be created with compressed files. Name for the zip will be standard Filename appending .zip extension.


 7) If you select multiple files for instance 4 files, then you can see the option ‘Compress 4 Items’ in pop up menu.


8) Once compress is clicked, then all files will be compressed and zip will be created as Archive.zip.


 9) Archive zip that is created newly will be saved in the same directory of selected files.
10) If the multiple archives are created, it will name it as Archive1.zip, Archive2.zip etc.
11) To extract the zip just double-click, it will expand with Archive utility.

Final Word:

Though this archive mac feature works very well, you may not expect more features for free of cost. If you want more features you need to try WinZip. WinZip is the leading software in the compression field. It will password protect your file. You will get good compression level. It will support cloud services to send file. You can also compress images in the archive without opening archive. Not only these features, you may have many more features if you spend very small amount for WinZip.

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