How to email large video files – 4 Tips to Share files

How to email large video files for free of cost? Do you want an answer? then read this tutorial. It is very easy to send large video files via email after reading this article. Here I am going to show you possible methods to send large video files through the mail.

When you take video with an HD cam or with your mobile, you will get a very big size video file. You can not send those large files to others. When you follow my tips, you can easily send large video files.

How to email large video files?

You can follow any one of the below tips or all of them, to email large video files.

1. YouTube

YouTube accepts any video from anyone who has a Gmail account. Just upload your video to YouTube and send the URL to your friend through email. It is a very simple method. YouTube compresses your video. So even if it is a huge video file, you can easily upload and your friend can easily download the video.

When you don’t want to show your video to others, you can set video settings on YouTube to private or unlisted instead of public. When you set unlisted, the video will not be shown in search results. When you set private, it needs certain permissions to open.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive provides 15 GB of free space. You can easily access Google drive with your Gmail account. Just upload videos to Google drive and share the video URLs to your friend through email. I have earlier written articles about Google Drive.

You can even access Google drive from Gmail itself. Follow the below procedure to attach large video files to G mail.

  • Log in into G mail with your G mail account.
  • Go to Compose. You will see the Google drive symbol right to the attachment symbol shows that in the below screenshot.
how to email large video files
  • Click on the Google Drive symbol.
  • Go to the Upload tab. Drag and drop your video file from the computer. It may take some time, depends on file size.
  • Click Insert. You will see your video link in the mail.
  • Add recipient email and subject. And send an email.

Your friend will receive an email with a link to your video. He can easily access your video from the URL.

3. Compress video file

You can easily compress video files with free software. You can easily reduce the file size by 50% without losing quality. You can also reduce the video file size by 80% – 90% by reducing quality. I have earlier written articles about compressing video files.

After compressing the video files, you can upload videos to YouTube or Google drive or you can directly attach to an email. You can also create an archive of this compressed video file by following step 4.

4. Send Zip file

When you create an archive of any file, it will compress the original file size. You can create an archive of your video file by using free software like 7-zip, Winzip. Or you can also use premium software like WinRaR. When you use premium software you can get a good compression level. Create a zip file and attach it to an email.


Using Google drive is the best method to send video files through email.

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