How to install Chrome extensions in Opera

Want to use Chrome extensions on Opera? Here is the complete guide on how to install Chrome extensions in Opera.

Google Chrome is the most popular and used web browser by all irrespective of the operating system we use. Its User interface and the possibilities play a major role in its success.

There’s no denying the fact, that Google uses our browsing history for ad suggestions which might be a bit irritating for those who are concerned about privacy.

Opera browser is one most underrated browsers that lacks many extensions.

What is the need for Chrome extensions in the Opera browser?

Opera is an underrated browser that has the potential to compete with Google Chrome and Edge. It had some extensions as well but they were not good enough for the high-potential users. However, developers keep adding more features to Opera and more extensions might come soon. Till then we can install Chrome extensions in Opera with the following guidelines and are usable.

Benefits of Opera Browser:

Here are a few advantages of using the Opera browser.

  • It is speed which is notable when compared to Firefox and Explorer.
  • Speed dial feature. The fastest way to set up and access web pages.
  • Opera widgets are more similar to Firefox extensions.
  • Opera Browser had an inbuilt BitTorrent protocol which makes it easy to access torrent.
  • Quick gestures and session saving are two more notable features.

How to install Chrome extensions in the Opera browser?

Do remember this guide only helps you to add required Chrome extensions to Opera. Chrome themes and other features cannot be used in this process. You can download Opera Browser Here.

Video Tutorial

We provided this article in the form of a video tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are interested in reading, skip the video for now and watch it after the completion of reading this article.

In This section, I will show you the step-by-step procedure to install Chrome Extension in Opera Browser.

Total Time: 3 minutes

Launch Opera

Open the Opera browser and head on to “Menu” which is on the left top of the screen and find the “Get extension” option.

Search the store

Enter opera extension store by clicking on “Get extension”. Now search for “Download chrome extension”.


Want to use chrome extensions on opera? Here is the complete guide on how to install chrome extensions in opera.

Click on “Add to opera” and the extension is installed.

Use Chrome Extensions

As soon as it’s added , you are ready to add all chrome based extensions

Installing extensions

confirm installation

Now go to the extension store and search for the extension you need and “Add to Opera”. Opera adds an extension to the list of installations and we do to proceed it manually.

Activate it

Go to Menu and then to extension manager. Find the chrome one which you installed and manually activate it. Then it will be installed and ready to use.


  • Computer,
  • Opera Browser,
  • Internet


  • Opera Browser

Materials: Web Browser

Opera browser is mostly based upon chromium. So There is a bit possibility for limitations and some might extensions might not be added.

Hope I had covered each and everything to use most of the chrome extensions in opera browser. If you had any issues let me know them in the comment section.

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Install chrome extensions in opera – FAQs

Can i add chrome themes to opera?

No you can’t add any of the chrome themes into your opera browser.

Did all chrome extensions work with opera browser?

No not every extension works with Opera. But most of them can be added through “Download chrome extension” method and functions normally

Did opera features a in built VPN?

Yes opera browser do features a inbuilt browser and this is one of the main reasons to use it.

Do opera browser allows free hand to torrent?

Opera had in-built BitTorrent protocol. The torrent client is enabled by default.

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  1. Maybe i’ve just had bad luck- gotten the few chrome extensions that don’t work in Opera, but my difficulties with Opera’s scrambled extensions layout (good luck finding its manager, and you’ll need more to get a chrome extension to just appear on Opera’s main menu, much less actually do anything.
    Opera went out of business because they focused on glitzy features at the expense of basic usability. And, when they returned using Chrome engine, they’re still doing that. LOL, or rather COL (cry out loud).


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