Best 8 Most Secure Web Browsers to Use in 2020

Are you searching for the best secure web browser for your Windows PC? Do you want the best privacy browser for Mac? Here is the list of Most secure web browsers for all devices.

As we see from this site, The number of cyber threats that a user is susceptible to while browsing information through websites is innumerable. Owing to the smooth techniques that attackers use to launch and slide attachments and URL to the victim’s browser, he must subscribe to secure web browsers along with antivirus software in their devices to tighten the threshold of security.

Online privacy is valued these days that people who aware are ready to pay some bucks to keep them protected. Browsers play a very important role by protecting your sensitive information. The truth someone will make money for every second you spent and browsers acts as a bridge to fetch and give information. Here is the list of top privacy browsers for Mac and Windows as well.

What is the need for privacy browsers?

Needless to say, safari is an inbuilt browser for mac which does all the things done by a normal browser. They do offer several search engines to keep switching between them for various activities. However, there are even more options for mac users other than safari and chrome. Chrome is not at all an option as it lacks many things to be a privacy browser.

Some basic information which can be easily collected by browsers are,

History: It shows all websites which you visit regularly. That means someone might get an idea of what a person likes or what he didn’t like and all.

Autofill information: This is useful during browsing or for filling forms. The thing is how is the information stored? Do browsers share them with any third parties for better ads experience?

Cookies: The most important thing which helps to get the related suggestions and stuff. A website can do a lot with cooking being stored on the computer.

Logins: Some do save login information too. They really do not have any idea of those browsers are going to use them or what if there is an external data leak?

The above things are good enough to opt for a browser which says everything on how it processes our data or how it stores our information and all. Here is a list of top privacy. Speed and user importance are important for browser along with privacy.

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Most Secure Web Browsers for Windows, Mac

1.Brave browser: Best secure web browser

brave browser

Brave One more privacy browsers for mac and probably the speed of all from the list. Brave is renowned as one of the speed browsers out there despite its security.

It supports all ad blocks which indirectly improves its speed in real. Brave servers don’t save any of your data and they do not have an idea about the things you browse on a daily basis. HTTPS is everywhere. Pishing and malware pages automatically blocked. The best thing is one can import all the things like bookmarks and all from the old browsers.

Brave is built on chromium search engine and some point out to this saying as it might be exposed to more security threats.

2.Firefox Quantum: Best Secure Internet browser

Quantum Firefox-the best secure browser.

Firefox Quantum is the best secure internet browser. The latest version of the browser is available in light-fast speed and customized privacy options Along with renewed features of security. If you want to entrust your reliability on a browser with multi-faceted privacy and security, then Firefox is the name that will first strike your mind. It is one of the most secure web browsers.

To enable the privacy settings, you must disable the telemetry feature of Firefox that otherwise collects, interacts, and installs information. Furthermore, Firefox accepts and executes numerous browser extensions along with on-time updates and open source code to be audited by a mediator to enhance the security of the browser.

3.GNU IceCat browser

gnu icecat browser

GNU IceCat can be considered as an upgraded branch of Firefox that belongs to the “free software” project of GNU. As mentioned in the denomination itself, this browser has freed itself from the shadows of Firefox and developed tweaks and privacy add-ons that have been enabled in it by default. There are 5 protection features of the IceCat browser in total and they are everywhere HTTPS, SpyBlock, LibreJS, Fingerprint measures, and AboutIceCat.

4.Safari: Privacy browser for Mac


Safari might be the most loved one by mac users and is only for mac users. Although it is an inbuilt browser it had enough features to be in the list and to use. The strong integration with its services makes it lovable for mac users.

Safari is well optimized for mac and it won’t consume CPU and battery as other browsers do. Some of its well-known features are intelligent tracking prevention, blocking spam and malware pages, and private browsing. 4 search engines are included within the browser and it is all about user choice to choose one.



Opera is widely known as an alternative for Google chrome. However, it does use chromium-browser and features are mostly the same with the Google browser. It is lightweight, quick, and easy to use.

The privacy features which differentiate it from chrome are,

  • Its UI i.e user experience
  • inbuilt VPN
  • Inbuilt crypto wallets(all though it was used for people who do crypto things only)
  • Stash features to save web pages that can be read later
  • Sleek and minimal design

It irks users while browsing older websites and it lacks some features to feature beside brave and tor. But it is a good alternative to use.

6.Iridium Browser


Iridium Browser is a configured and updated version of the Chromium browser whose settings and security policies have been modified for strengthened privacy. Fundamentally, the browser implements feature similar to that of chrome but with increased extensions to ensure confidence with the information accessed through it.

According to the information provided by the browser, it allows the websites to automatically transmit the partial queries, metrics, and keywords to the central provider only after receiving approval from the user. Additionally, all their pre-built features are reproducible while the modifications re auditable.

7.Ungoogled Chromium browser

Ungoogled chromium has everything apart from the key integrated aspects of Google. The browser has been added with features that allow periodic tweaks that must be manually granted permission to enforce better measures for transparency, filter, and security control of the websites and information browsed through it. Ungoogled Chromium will activate the enhanced privacy updates as soon as they are available while keeping intact the features and experiences that accompany Google Chrome.

8.Tor browser

tor web browser

Tor Browser has been based on the configuration of Firefox, yet it comes with its own features to function effectively in the Tor Network. Tor is an ideal choice for users whose devices allow and is vulnerable to fingerprint recognition for the browser.

It is a well-known browser for security, privacy, and mostly used access to the dark web. It takes note of every detail of your inputs. Tor is open network software that is particularly designed for making tracing tougher during browsing. It deviates traffic from a number of its anonymous servers.

The logo itself says that the data is encrypted with different layers of security like that of onion.

Some of its advantages are, it was mostly used by journalists and others for research purposes for not being tracked or traced. There are a lot of options to manually block scripts and cookies can be cleared automatically. The browser might be a bit slow as it sends traffic through various servers.

This browser is known for its routing and diverting of the internet traffic to three distinct hops thus lowering the web speed a bit. To catch up with the lost pace and fully tighten the security privileges that come along with it, the Tor browser can be surfed after turning on the VPN security and disabling the network.

The only drawback that might bother some users is Tor’s ties with the US government that can leave some of the information to be compromised by the Federal law.

Conclusion: What is the Most Secure Web browser?

I hope I had covered each and everything related to top privacy browsers for mac. All the above browsers are listed on the basis of how user data is saved or used. Chrome is also a good browser but looks for user data for better ad experience. Moreover, there are no inbuilt ad blockers and all. It makes people look for the alternative.

When you use the proper settings, the Brave browser is the Best secure web browser. You can also consider Tor if you can adjust for slow browsing.

Using only a secure web browser is not enough to protect your online activity. It is must use the VPN service like NordVPN (70% Discounted Link) to get 100% protection.

I hope you like this tutorial about the most secure web browsers. If yes, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for more tips.

Best Privacy browsers – FAQs

What is the most secure Web browser for Mac?

It depends upon the user needs. Some of them are tor, brave, Mozilla, safari and opera. I suggest tor than any other.

Is Chrome bad for Mac?

It is not bad but uses more CPU for its work which results in battery drain. Moreover, chrome is well known for collecting data for giving a good ad experience.

What is the fastest browser for Mac?

Safari, As it was completely optimized for mac. One can try brave browser as well.

Is Safari part of Google?

Safari was developed by Apple. It just uses google as a default search engine. There are 3 more search engines if you hate Google and it is not a part of Google in any way.

Which is the best secure browser?

Brave browser is the best.

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