How To Reduce Data Usage On Mac: 6 Best Ways

Do you want to know how to reduce data usage on Mac that happens due to various applications, unsecured WiFi, Malware Attacks, My Photo Stream, and Others? Then this article will give all possible ways.

Usually, most of the home internet connections will have a data limit, daily or monthly. So, while surfing on Mac and other devices, you must be aware of data usage. Because various applications and Automatic Updates on Mac, unsecured WiFi, Malware Attacks, and others can consume a lot of your internet data unnecessarily and without knowing you. To avoid this, 6 possible ways are explained in this article. Just go through it. Then you can definitely reduce data usage on Mac.

Is it really necessary to check Mac internet usage?

Yes. It is essential. Whenever you are subscribed to limited data usage, then you must constantly check the usage. Because data may be consumed unnecessarily if you have turned on the My Photo Stream, Automatic Updates, and Online Backups on your Mac. And if you don’t secure your WiFi. And if your Mac is infected with malware and other attacks.

How To Reduce Data Usage On Mac

It might be a bit tricky for you to find out which applications on your Mac are consuming a lot of your internet data unnecessarily. Not only the applications, but there are several factors like unsecured WiFi, My Photo Stream, and Malware attacks that will cause the consumption of your internet data unnecessarily. But don’t bother. Just go through the following recommended ways to reduce unnecessary data usage on Mac.

First, you can view the way to monitor the internet data consumption by various applications on your Mac. Next, you can view ways to reduce data usage on Mac.

How To Monitor Data Usage On Mac With Activity Monitor

Use the spotlight or any of your favorite ways to open Activity Monitor and then click on the network. Then you can view the applications that are consuming more data.

To view which apps are consuming more data, simply sort the sent and received data by tapping them. Here, one needs to spend a little bit more time with an Activity Monitor to know exactly which applications are consuming more of your internet data. Also, track apps individually to narrow down the culprit.

Activity Monitor

1. Turn-Off Automatic Updates

If you turn on Automatic Updates on your Mac, then a lot of your GB data will be consumed over a week or month unnecessarily. To avoid this, you need to turn off Automatic Updates on your Mac. However, you can turn it on whenever new versions are released onto the market.

Now follow the steps below to turn off automatic updates on your Mac.

  • Click on the Apple logo on the top right.
  • Head on to system preferences and then to the app store.
  • There will be an option to tap for updates. Simply turn it off for all.
  • Once stable versions are available, then you can simply update them all at once.
how to reduce data usage on mac - turnoff updates

2. Limit Your Streaming Activities

Online streaming became a natural habit for most of us to watch our favorite movies, songs, videos, news, and more via iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, and more. But online streaming eats up a lot of your GB data. Further, the streaming of HD videos can still consume a lot of your GB data. So, you are suggested to stream videos whenever data consumption is not a problem for you. And you can avoid streaming if you really require internet data for your work.

And sometimes you can repeatedly stream your favorite videos, many times. In such cases, you are recommended to download such types of videos instead of streaming them. So that you can watch them offline. With this, a lot of your internet data will be saved.

3. Keep An Eye On Online Cloud Backups

Cloud Backups are necessary to back up your important data. But backing up your data every day on the cloud is not suggested unless you need it. You can go cloud backup once or twice or thrice a week, depending on your need.

Further, you are suggested to go for cloud backup only for storing your important data and avoid using it for every data. Because every time you access, edit, and save them, then a lot of your data is consumed.

4. Secure WiFi Network and Clean Mac Regularly

Nowadays, WiFi has become the most common way for most people like you to connect their devices like Mac to the internet. But while using WiFi, you must secure it with a strong and protected password. So that your neighbors or surrounding people can find no way to steal your WiFi password. Otherwise, they can steal your WiFi password and use your data. Then a lot of your data will be stolen and consumed.

Further, you need to clean your Mac regularly for restricting malware and other viruses. Because online malware attacks and viruses can cause the consumption of a lot of data. Use any of the third-party apps like CleanMyMac which works well with Mac. Or use any updated antivirus or malware to program to keep your Mac free from Malware. We suggest Intego Mac Internet Security(50% Discounted Link).

5. Cut Down Video and Go With Voice

Are you a user who regularly uses FaceTime and Skype to connect with your friends? Then switch to mobile or avoid using such things on Mac. Because those consume a lot of your internet data, every time you use them. So, you are suggested to avoid using them, unless you need them.

6. Turn Off My Photo Stream

If you turn on My Photo Stream and iCloud Photos on an iOS device. Then photos that you take with that device automatically upload to both iCloud Photos and My Photo Stream.

And if you use another device with that same Apple ID and My Photo Stream is turned on this device. Then the photos you have taken with the previous iOS device now appear. Due to this, a lot of your data is consumed each time you take photos. So, to avoid this, it is better to turn off My Photo Stream on your Mac.

Now follow the below steps to turn off My Photo Stream on your Mac.

  • On your Mac, navigate to System Preferences and then iCloud.
  • Click on the Options found next to Photos.
  • Uncheck My Photo Stream.


Now, you can know the 6 best ways to reduce the data usage on your Mac unnecessarily and without knowing you. That happens due to various applications, unsecured WiFi, Malware Attacks, My Photo Stream, and Others. So, follow all 6 methods to effectively reduce the data usage on your Mac.

I hope this tutorial, How to Reduce Data Usage on Mac can definitely aid you to reduce data usage on your Mac unnecessarily and without knowing you. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more Technical tips.

How To Reduce Data Usage On Mac: FAQs

Why does my Mac use so much data?

Due to turn on of Automatic Updates and My Photo Stream, Unsecured WiFi, Malware Attacks, various apps, and more.

How do I monitor my Internet usage on a Mac?

With Activity Monitor, you can monitor your internet usage on Mac.

How can I control my Internet data usage?

You can do it in 6 best ways. For details, just go through this article once.

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