4 Ways to delete duplicate photos on Mac

Want to find and Delete duplicate photos on Mac? There are many software apps available in AppStore which you can download on your Mac and remove duplicate photos from your Mac. In this article, it was explained clearly the best ways to find and Delete duplicate photos on Mac.

Why should we delete the duplicate photos/pictures?

Sometimes your Mac gets slow or seems to be running slow and cannot perform operations properly which will make our work not productive and not smoothen. The first check you have to do is to verify the space in your Mac and it is very advisable to have some 10% to 20% of your space available on your Mac machine. if we have the advisable space available, then you optimize the work in Mac.

Duplicate photos in your Mac are the photos that look quite similar among one another and use the excess memory of your Mac by which less storage capacity is available and you can not store a good amount of pictures, music, and much more. Duplicate Photos slow down your Mac’s speed due to more storage of unnecessary Duplicate Photos.

So it is the time to remove or declutter unnecessary photos, documents, and other files from your Mac system. So we must properly check and remove or delete the photos from your Mac hard drive accumulated a large collection of junk files and improve the speed which will boost the Mac.
In this article, we have shown the best ways to cleanse your hard drive and boost the speed of your Mac.

How to delete the duplicate photos on Mac?

Below are the best methods to find and remove duplicate photos from your Mac machine.

Though many apps available, Some of the best apps are Gemini2 – Duplicate Finder, CleanMyMac, and Duplicate FileFinder. These Apps are effective and are very easy to use. Now let us see how to find and Delete duplicate photos on Mac using these most powerful and effective apps.

Method-I: Manually deleting the duplicate photos using Finder.

It is much possible to find duplicate photos using the Smart Folder feature available in the Finder window.

  • Open the Finder window
  • Click on the File tab available on the menu at the top.
  • You can find the option ‘New Smart Folder’.
  • file_NewSmartFolder
  • Select the option
  • Click on the button ‘+’ at the upper right corner.
  • Now you can see the photos or any other files and search for them to see if they are duplicated.
  • delete_duplicate_files_on_mac_3
  • Sort them by Name and find to check the date and delete those which are duplicated. In this way, you have searched, find, and delete if you think those are duplicate.

Method-II: Using CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac is one of the best software used to cleanse your Mac machine. It is used to find and identify the background applications which will consume more space, junk files. It also finds the hidden large data & folders, more memory consumable applications. After identifying, it will remove them and tune your Mac to increase to maximum speed.

CleanMyMac X version provides a lot number of tools that can make your Mac much faster by acting like a malware remover, performance monitoring tool, and what more than as mac cleaner.

It’s Smart Scan feature does three most powerful jobs. it cleans your Mac, protects your mac, and make your mac much faster.

Method-III: Using some powerful dedicated Third-Party tools.

There are several finders available in the Mac App Store.
These are used to find and automatically search for the photos that are doubled or duplicated and useful to remove them.
Some of the best are:
Duplicate File Finder
Duplicates Cleaner

To delete duplicate photos from your Mac machine by using Duplicate File Finder, then follow the below steps:

  • Firstly Launch the Duplicate File Finder. free Duplicate File Finder app
  • Please click on the Choose Folder button, then you have to select Photos Library from the menu that appears there.
  • Now click on the Scan button to search for duplicate photos.
  • duplicate_file_finder
  • You can now able to view a list of photos which are arranged in groups.
  • On the right side, you can preview the image, and the left side is the photos arranged in groups.
  • When we place the pointer, then you can see the Trash Icon on the pointer paced photo to delete it.
  • You can choose the Auto-Select option also which is used to select automatically by the Finder the unneeded photos or pictures.
  • delete-dup-photos
  • Click on Review & Remove button, then the alert message will be displayed to grand the access to remove them.
  • remove-duplicate-pictures
  • Click on OK and that is it. your job of removing duplicate photos is done.

The Duplicate File Finder app helps you to remove unwanted duplicate photos and those will be saved in the Photos app. This Photos app will securely store your data and prevent them from accidental removal.

Now you have to delete the duplicate or unwanted photos from the Photos app which will be visible in the Finder.

  • Launch the Finder window.
  • Choose Applications and you can see the Photos app.
  • Photos-app_1
  • Then you can see My Albums folder on the sidebar Menu.
  • select-duplicate-photos-on-mac
  • Expand it and choose the option “Selected Duplicate Photos” album.
  • Now choose the photos as you wish and right-click on the Mouse.
  • You can see Delete Photos option which will delete the photos.
  • Delete by clicking on the OK button on the alert message.
  • The photos delete from here will be moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder which will be be removed within 30 days by default.
  • photo-library-delete_dup_photos
  • If you wish to delete them at the same moment, then choose all images from the “Recently Deleted” folder and click on Delete All button to remove all of them.

Most of them do similar functionality and have the same features as scanning the files or photos from your hard drive and a list of duplicates will be presented before you along with Original file.

Then it’s you to find the safe one to keep and delete the duplicate ones.

Method-IV: Using Gemini – The Duplicate Finder.

The most recommended and got good feedback is MacPaw Gemini: The Duplicate Finder.
Duplicate Finder is the safest to scan and find duplicate files in every corner of your Mac machine, including photos, pictures, and any other files. The smart scan and selection algorithms used in it will remove the duplicates with full accuracy and safety.
Removing or deleting the unused clutters and recovering the disk space are the specialties behind it.
Gigabytes of storage space will be freed up:

  • Find duplicate photos
  • Finds the duplicate folders also
  • On external drives also it will find duplicates
  • Removes duplicates on cloud storage also
  • It will identify the duplicate photos from Photos Library also
  • It will detect similar pictures
    Saves you valuable time:
  • It will save your time by its auto-selection of duplicates
  • You can set some rules also like detect the very older photos
    No loss of important photos:
  • Even if any photo was deleted, then it can be recovered by a click
  • Instead of deleting the copies, you can replace those with hard links to save much space. Much faster also in doing the process.

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