How to use TeamViewer for remote desktop connection?

Want to know how to use TeamViewer for remote desktop connection. You can control your friends or other computers from your computer by using the free software TeamViewer. Earlier we have given a tutorial about How to do remote desktop access with Google chrome, this time we will tell you about how to use TeamViewer for remote desktop monitoring.

Technology is increasing at its best now. Many of us love computers may be for gaming purposes or something. But we all get irritated with the stupid problems which we often face while operating a computer. Right? Wait! Here is what to do. Just contact your friends who are somewhat good at computers and ask him to solve the problem by just operating his desktop. Yes, you heard it right. He/she can solve your system problems by using TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is a free remote desktop client for the Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It allows your technician or friend or someone who is good at computers to solve your problem remotely from his desktop. Moreover, it offers you a variety of features, and you may be a bit confused with all of them in the initial stages. It’s one of the great ways to help your friends with computer problems, and you will love it.

TeamViewer does provide premium plans for personal and business purposes. If you want to buy the premium plan, please check our TeamViewer discount coupon page for the latest offers.

How to use TeamViewer for remote desktop connection?

It may be a bit wired and new to start with some new software. Below is the guide which takes away the worries from you.

Step 1: First of all you need to install the team viewer software. Just open this team viewer page. Select Download Now button. It will automatically download the software for your OS.

Download Teamviewer

Step 2: Just install it and click on the run which appears as a pop-up window to start the setup program.

run team viewer

Step 3: Now a pop-up asks you about how you are going to use it and the reason for its installation. Just fill it and accept the terms by clicking on “accept and finish.”

accept and finish

Step 4: You can use the team viewer non-commercial version for free. You can create a free account using your mail to make maximum use of the team viewer. After accepting the terms, it finishes the setup and displays you the ID and password. You can even connect to your partner by knowing his ID and Password. Exchange of ID and password is necessary to remote control the other system. After placing your partner ID just click on connect to Partner.

sign up

Step 5: It takes some time to connect and the screen blurs. After the while, you can be able to see your partner screen, and you can make changes to it as well. This is how we can solve other PC issues using team viewer.


Step 6: Moreover you can share a file remotely by using team viewer. Just click on “file transfer” instead of “remote control” and then connect to the partner by using his/her ID and Password. Just drag the files which are to be sent.

How to use team viewer

Step 7: you can have a conversation with your partner by using the simple chat box at the bottom of the right side. Once connected to the partner, you can use chat effectively.

team viewer chat

Step 8: You are even allowed to adjust the visuals of the screen by heading over to the “view” which is at the top of the screen.

visual adjusts

Step 9: we may feel better if we had some recorded video of that team viewer session and it provides it too. Yeah! Just head to the extras which are at the top of the screen. Below is a serene shot for a better view. You are done with the basics of the team viewer. Just solving your PC issues remotely.

record video


This is about How to use TeamViewer. I hope you had understood the installation and monitoring of the PC with the above guide. Let me know your issues through the comment section and we will try to solve them within no time. Like our blog please follow us on Facebook and twitter. Subscribe to whatvwant channel on YouTube for regular updates.

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