7 Tips To Increase Internet Speed

Are you troubling with slow internet? This is a common irritating problem for most of the internet users. In that situation, you need to increase your internet speed. Do you Want to Increase internet speed? Here are the easy steps to speed up slow internet connection windows pc.

Most of the internet users can not get real internet speed which they pay to their internet service providers. Slow internet speed wastes the time and irritates them. For this problem, here I give effective steps to increase internet speed.

How to Increase Internet Speed?

When you don’t want to waste time with manual methods and ready to spend a little amount to save your time.

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When you don’t want to spend money, then follow the below tips to speed up the internet manually. There are many methods to increase internet speed:

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1. Remove Virus or Malware from PC

2. Clear Temporary data on your computer

Following steps to clear temporary data in your computer:

  • Click window(button)+R or type run on the search box.
  • Type %temp% in the run box.
  • Click the enter button.
  • The temp window is open.
  • Delete all files in the temp window.

3. Change the value of limit reservable bandwidth to ‘0’(zero)

Following steps to change the value of limit reservable bandwidth to 0(zero):

  • Click window button+R.
  • Type gpedit.msc in run box(This command may not work on Windows 8 and later versions).
  • Click the enter button.
  • The local group policy editor window is open.
  • Click on the computer configuration.
  • Click on administrative templates.
  • Click on the network.
  • Click on QoS Packet Scheduler.
  • Click on Limit reservable bandwidth.
  • Select Enabled on the left side of the window.
  • Change Bandwidth limit (%) to 0(zero). 
  • Click on ok. Close the window.
internet speed improvement

This method increases your internet speed by 20%.

4. Increase internet speed with registry editor

Steps to increase internet speed with registry editor:

  • Click window(button)+R.
  • Type Regedit and hit enter.
  • Expand the computer folder on the left side of the registry editor window.
  • Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder.
  • Expand the SYSTEM folder.
  • Expand CurrentControlSet folder.
  • Expand the Services folder.
  • Expand the Tcpip folder.
  • Click on the ServiceProvider folder.
  • Set the below values on registry files on the right side of the registry editor window. To edit the value, right-click on the hexadecimal value under the Data tab. Select Modify, Enter a value in a Value Data field. Select OK.
  • Click on DnsPriority and type 7 in value data and click OK.
  • Click on HostsPriority and type 6 in value data and click OK.
  • Click on LocalPriority and type 5 in value data and click OK.
  • Click on NetbtPriority and type 8 in value data and click OK.
speedup internet using registry editor

5.Increase internet speed by increasing the browsing speed of browsers




  • If you are using the Opera browser turn on ‘turbo mode‘ or ‘off rode mode‘ in options.

 Internet explorer:

  • Click window(button)+R or type run on the search box.
  • Type cmd and click enter.
  • Right-click on cmd.
  • Select run as administrator.
  • CMD window in open.
  • Type below command in cmd.
  • Type regsvr32 actxprxy and press enter.
  • This step increases the speed of internet explore by 10%.

I can suggest you use Brave browser which is the best secure and fastest browser.

6.Update your hardware drivers regularly

If you have no idea on update hardware drivers. I have written a separate article about it. Read how to update hardware drivers. You can also use the IObit Driver booster (25% discounted link) to update drivers automatically.

7.Reduce data usage

We can get good internet speed by reducing data usage. Please read the below articles to get more techniques to speed up internet connection.

Follow and apply all methods and steps in this article, you can find an increase in your internet speed.

There are some more methods to increase internet speed by using the command prompt. I have written a separate article about it. Read How to increase internet speed by using cmd.

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  1. one of the worset method on Method 4: Increase internet speed with registry editor.

    never try on windows7 64 you will be in big trouble BSOD

  2. Guys plz dont do the 4th step. It’ll ruin ur internet speed and it will be like a snail. I had to revert back using system restore . im not Offending the admin but that step made me crawl like a snail around the web!!!!

  3. Thank you Jinka for your suggestion. Now, I got the desired speed of my computer and net, however, will you kindly help me to provide some suggestion regarding how to solve the memory fluctuation problem in windows 8?

  4. Thanks for the nice suggestions. But I faced problem while trying to change the value of limit reservable bandwidth to 0. The command “gpedit.msc” was not working on the said pop-up bar appeared by typing windows button +r. The windows asked that it did not find the command. “Make sure that you type the right prompt”. Was there anything wrong on that command?

    Secondly, by following your guidelines regarding increase internet speed with registry editor, I faced the problem at the final step when I needed to set the values on registry files. I noticed that there were more than one values such as binary value and some others, so, I did not recognize what I need to change. Could you please help me to provide the specific value that I need to change? For your information, I am using windows 8 and my default browser is Mozilla Firefox. I too have the memory leakage problem and to prevent it, I am using Clean mem. Have your any other suggestion?

    Thanks once again for your help.

    • I think gpedit.msc command will not work on Windows 8 and later versions.
      Regarding your second question, we have updated this post with a screenshot. You can check that. You just need to edit hexadecimal value under Data tab. Right-click on that and select modify.

  5. In method4 when i am giving like 7,6,5,8………is is asking that they are hexadecimal values or decimal,what should i select to increase my internet speed?

  6. I cannot see the content in this page anymore. However, two or three days ago, I did the exact same steps as were shown in here, but instead of speeding up, my internet is much slower, and I am having lag in my browser. Can you please tell me how to turn back the changes that I’ve made in the previous position?

    Thanks in advance!


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