How to write an attention-grabbing press release in 2020

Here is the quick guide to write an attention-grabbing press release.

Good PR is vital to any business, but if you can succeed with it in a cheaper and incredibly powerful way, then all companies will certainly explore it. This is where press releases come in as they’re exactly that – easy to craft, affordable, and, most importantly of all, a powerful way to market a business.

A huge variety of businesses regularly produce press releases to announce various developments within their organization. It might be a new campaign for Adidas, an announcement for a new game like winning lucky leprechauns slots game, or a local takeaway promoting a new menu. Any organization can put together a press release and hope a media outlet will pick it up and run with it.

So, with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to write an attention-grabbing press release in 2020.

How to write an attention-grabbing press release

Is your story really newsworthy?

Before moving forward with any type of development, think to yourself if anyone from outside of the company would actually be interested in the news. Also, consider if the story is relevant to the audience you are targeting. Losing credibility with journalists is what you want to avoid here. If you persistently bother them with a story that simply wouldn’t appeal to their readership, then they are less likely to get back to you in the future, even if you have an excellent story for them. Journalists get sent press releases hourly, so make sure yours is worthy of their time and attention.

Start with an outline

As previously mentioned, journalists are inundated with press releases. You might find a hugely detailed description of your product interesting, but a journalist might not. They want short, sharp, and succinct information full of facts and a couple of quotes. To keep it nice and simple for anyone on the receiving end of your press release, create bullet points so the reader can quickly skim read it and pick out the key parts. For example, bullet point one could be on the product and what is so unique about it, bullet-point two could be a quote from someone on the product, bullet point three could be another selling point, followed by another quote for bullet point four. Be sure to include an image or two, perhaps from social media.

Are your quotes strong enough?

Your quotes are vital when it comes to reinforcing your overall promotion. Make sure all quotes include the main message of your release and hammer home the selling points of your respective story. A journalist will almost certainly provide a quote with any story they cover, so making sure your quote is a strong one is hugely important. Also, avoid using technical jargon or any buzz words. You might understand them, but will an outsider or a busy journalist? Keep it simple.

Make sure you’re sending it to the right people

There’s no point sending your crafted press release out if you’re targeting the wrong people. It sounds obvious, but you’ll be amazed how wrong so many organisations get it. Make sure you keep up to date with who is writing where, what that publication is publishing, and whether their content is generally respected and holds any weight. Make a list of suitable journalists for the current campaign or any others in the future. There are a few companies that provide databases full of journalists, which is a great place to start.

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