How to Access iPhone DNS settings to Change DNS on iPhone of iPad?

Want to change iPhone DNS settings? Want to Change Your iPhone’s DNS Servers? Just follow this simple guide to change the DNS server on iOS. Changing DNS will help you to speed up the apps that use the Internet on iPhone.

This guide helps you and works for only Wi-Fi connections. It is because iOS does not allow us to change DNS servers while connected to mobile or cellular networks. Whatever the servers changed are completely network-specific and need to be changed then & then to new available wireless networks. As the iOS remembers the settings, so the second time when the network is changed you don’t need to do much.

How to Change iphone DNS settings

1. Click on the tab ‘Settings’ on iPhone home screen.
2. Then click on Wi-Fi and the screen as shown below appears.

dns settings on iphone

3. The wireless networks available in the range for the iPhone will appear.
4. Select the wireless network from the list of networks available.
5. Click on i symbol beside the wireless network (arrow symbol in older versions).

iphone DNS settings

6. Select the DNS tab.
7. Now delete the current DNS server address that is visible and enter the new DNS server that you are willing to.
8. Suppose if you need to enter more than one DNS server then enter the servers separated by commas.

To select and use the Open DNS servers, you may enter and
To select and use the Google DNS servers, you may enter and

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