6 Reasons Why Your Business Would Benefit from Producing Original Advertising and Promotional Videos

Regardless of the size of your business or indeed the market in which you operate, there is definitely demonstrable worth in producing original advertising videos to help boost your company’s operations.

Whether these videos are all about getting brand exposure or promoting new goods or services, the creation of simple but potent visual content could go a long way. In the current environment, where much of your audience can be reached via the small screen of their smartphones and the social media platforms they frequent, finding an audience for your advert is actually easier than ever.

If you need some more helpful reasons to get behind this sort of initiative, look no further than the following six reasons to get your video promotions up and running.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Would Benefit from Producing Original Advertising and Promotional Videos

1. Effective


Clearly, decades ago, the concept of video advertisement was for the purposes of broadcasting on national or regional television stations. This meant that the pool of slots to fill was small, and the number of companies capable of airing their segments was understandably small.

The success of this medium was predicated on the basis that there was nowhere else for eyes to go. Therefore, the relevant broadcasters could charge exorbitant rates for the air time; on the whole, it was beneficial to those with deep enough pockets.

In 2022 we spend much more time viewing content via our mobile devices. On average, an adult in the US is on their mobile for almost three hours and 45 minutes a day. Even when it comes to watching traditional forms of entertainment, be that films or two shows, we don’t tend to do so via terrestrial channels and elect to stream from numerous providers.

In other words, producing commercial videos and posting them to social media channels is a very effective model when it comes to conversion, especially if you know how to market these funnels and how to make use of analytical tools to make sure you are focusing your efforts effectively.

2. Not Expensive to Produce

Not expensive

Though the idea of shooting your own commercially-geared videos might seem a scary proposition, and maybe the costs associated with doing so also concern you, in 2022, the sums involved in putting together a good advert aren’t very high at all.

A lot of the tools needed, from the equipment required to shoot the video (which could genuinely be perfectly effective with a good quality smartphone if necessary) to an editing program to put it all together, such as Premiere Pro, are easily accessible and won’t break your budget, however, low it is.

3. Testimonials

A video that pushes the testimonials of satisfied customers is a good place to start when considering the narrative and direction of your videos. These are a good way to connect with your audience and help give your company and service much-needed credibility, especially if you are not a household name in your chosen field.

4. Videos Are a Great Way To Increase Your Virtual Footprint


If your company is looking to become a real presence online, and frankly, this should already be a priority, then using videos to do so has the knock-on effect of boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and this will help people to find you on the web.

For example, If your company is already very much evident when it comes to search ranking, then the use of videos, wherever they are posted, can give you a further boost. Video content attracts more inbound links and boosts the time users spend on certain pages.

5. Explainer Videos

Using a Video to help educate customers, as well as those you wish to serve in the future, as to what you have to offer, can be a very efficient way to explain to them what you do and the advantages of the services you offer.

A video is much easier for a user to digest than the written word, and often they can prove far clearer; and if you use this medium to break down your company’s qualities and strengths, then you help to bring a customer one step closer to making a relevant purchase.

6. Videos Can Build Trust

The internet is still something of a wild west when it comes to e-commerce. Though clearly we complete much more of our purchases online, there are some who are still dubious about seeking out services and sealing the deal.

Having video content spelling out who you are and what you have to offer can give you more credibility, and this can help you to build trust with some sectors of the market. Many customers are likely to be won over by the presence of a strong advertising video as it gives off the air of more permanence and fosters a sense of dependability.

In some senses, it may convince some that you genuinely exist and are not just a scam waiting to entrap them.

These are just a few of the many reasons that your business needs to get behind video marketing, and frankly, there are countless others to consider, but you should already have been swung into action. Moves into this area are vital for those companies who are looking to evolve and adapt to today’s customer journey, and a failure to chart a course in this direction is effectively a form of voluntary extinction.


The things discussed in this article are some of the important reasons to use original advertising and promotional videos. Creating your own promotional videos and advertisements will impact the growth of your business. With the unique and original advertisements, customers can easily get to know about your Business.

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6 Reasons Why Your Business would Benefit from producing Original Advertising and Promotional Videos – FAQs

What are the benefits of Promotional videos?

Grow Revenue, Influence Buying Decisions, Give the people what they want, Rank higher in search, Increase Traffic, Get More Backlinks, Bump Up Conversations, and Reach decision Makers.

Why companies should use video?

As many as 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance that they’ll purchase a product on their mobile device.

What is promotional video production?

A promotional video is a marketing video intended to promote your products, services, events, and sales to customers.

Why is video-based learning effective?

Video helps our brains crystalize information. So not only is video more appealing for learners, it is actually more effective. This might be because video engages multiple senses, which leads to stronger mental connections and long-term retention.

What is a Promo ad?

Promotional advertisements are short-term marketing strategies businesses use to boost the sales of a certain product or service.

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