4 Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram

It is possible to Get More Followers On Instagram if you follow the tips given in this tutorial. Instagram is one of the biggest and fastest-growing social media platforms out there. While it may have had humble beginnings with bloggers snapping pics of lattes, brunches and, dinners, then later adding cool filters, Instagram slowly but surely morphed into a communications tool for businesses and organizations.

With its ability to quickly disseminate information, draw attention with snappy photos and captions, search and organize posts using hashtags, as well as improve photos using filters and other editing tools, it’s no wonder that people of all walks of life quickly began to realize its potential. An effective Instagram account relies on its followers for reach, but naturally attracting large amounts of followers can be a challenging task for anyone. Below, we’ll look at some of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram.

Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

1. Optimize your content

Once you’ve created an Instagram account you have to ensure that all your content is geared towards your company’s mission and aim. This means that you should take some time to decide on a motif or theme for all your content, and that that the quality of the photos and videos you upload should be of the highest possible grade. Unlike other image-based social media platforms such as Pinterest, your Instagram account is a flagship of your brand identity and should always be used to stimulate the interest and build the trust of your various fans and followers. This digital guide explains the difference between the two platforms.

2. Use the right hashtags


Hashtags are Instagram’s system for organizing and categorizing its content. They’re essentially a set of keywords that sum up concisely what the content you upload is about. They allow you to be found by people even if they don’t follow you just yet. While there are a number of popular hashtags which are sure to attract some attention, it’s worth noting that they might be oversaturated and have the highest competition, which is why it would pay to use your own creative hashtags as well as a mix of the popular ones. Don’t make the mistake of using too many, however, as posts with more than 10 hashtags tend to come across as spammy and obnoxious.

Hint: We recommend you to use Flick which is the best Hashtag generator for Instagram. It also provides some extra features like Scheduling and tracking Instagram posts.

3. Interact with your followers and other users

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Instagram is a community as well as a social media platform, and like any community, it pays to interact with its members to foster positive relationships. Find people who post photos and content that interests you and start following their accounts. Comment on their posts and interact by starting conversations; it’s the most natural way to draw attention to your content and is also a great way to find inspiration. It’s also important to interact with the followers who comment on your photos; there’s nothing worse than ignoring someone in real life, so you should try and not ignore people on Instagram either. This is doubly true if you’re running a business profile and are trying to connect with your customers.

4. Take advantage of Instagram stories and live videos

Instagram stories

As well as photos and videos, Instagram also has the option of short-lived Instagram stories. These 24-hour-long pieces of content allow brands to share fleeting stories which might not have the merit of permanent content but are nevertheless crucial for engaging with followers. It’s Instagram’s answer to Snapchat and is ideal for cultivating brand loyalty. Live videos also offer an ideal way of directly connecting with followers –  by streaming live your viewers are able to send you messages which you can answer in real-time.

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