3 Ways to Prevent ISP tracking? Now US ISPs Can Collect and Sell User data

Do you want to protect your data from tracking? Want to prevent the ISP from tracking your data? You must Prevent ISP tracking when you need to secure your online activity. Recently US senate voted to allow ISPs to collect and sell personal user data without your permission. This article will give you details about the new rule and how to Prevent ISP tracking?

Even earlier US ISPs were collecting user information. But they need user permission to use or sell that data. Now ISP does not permission from the user even to sell your sensitive information. They can do anything with your browsing information.

What kind of information Do they track?

ISP can track your complete profile, family details, your behavior, and even your health details based on your internet browsing details.

For example, if you are searching for the best school on the internet. Your ISP will understand that you need a school for your children. If you are browsing for the hotels in a particular city, they will understand that you are going to visit a particular city on a specific date. You may think that it is not a big issue. But it is very crucial because some other person is knowing what you are doing, where you are going and what you need. Anyone may misuse this information.

  • They may collect your family details, your occupation, your children’s details.
  • They may get information about where you are shopping and where your children study.
  • They can track your login time so that they assume your wake up time and what is your usual habits on the internet. They know, from which device you browse the internet frequently. They know where are going based on your geo-location.
  • Many companies need this information for their advertisement strategy. Your ISP can sell that information to any company.
  • If you browse any illegal website, you will be in deep trouble.

Can ISP monitor my Browsing data?

If they want, they can monitor everything that you do online. Everything depends on your country’s policies. In some countries, ISPs monitor user data and keeps the log for 6 months or for one year. But no one knows the exact details about which country ISP store user information for how many months. If the government needs, ISP submit those data. Now the US Government has given permission to sell your personal data to some other organizations like advertising companies.

3 Ways to Prevent ISP tracking

Here I am going to give you three methods to stop ISP monitoring. The first two methods will partially protect you. But the third method will give you 100% protection.

1. Use HTTPs websites

secure website

If you are submitting your credit or debit card details on any website, Make sure that those websites use SSL protocol. Those websites URL start with https instead of HTTP. HTTPs websites encrypt your data. So actual data that you are sharing with those websites can not be seen by ISP.

For example, you are buying a product and the website will ask you for the credit card and debit card details, your name, CVV and everything. The Website which has a URL starting with HTTP will not encrypt your card details. Anyone can easily hack your details. If the website URL starts with https, that website is encrypting your details and no one can see your details. Because your browser sends encrypted data instead of the original information. Even ISP can not see the information that you entered on https website.

Even ISP can not see the information that you entered on https website. But Still, your ISP can see the domain name that you are browsing. So you can not escape from ISP tracking your browsing history.

2. Use Tor Browser

tor browser

Tor Browser is an open-source project. It will use multiple nodes to process your data. So it makes it very difficult for  ISP to track your browsing data. It will not encrypt your data completely. It will encrypt data only from your browser to the tor network. But it can not encrypt data from the tor network to your destination website. You can browse the internet anonymously only from tor browser. You can browse blocked websites. It will change your IP and allow any one of the tor networks IP in tor browser only. You can not control which country IP you need. If you browse from other browsers, you will not be protected.

Though It slows down your internet speed drastically, Since it is a free browser, you can use it to protect your sensitive information. But 100% security is not guaranteed.

3. Use VPN service

VPN services will give you 100% security. Using a VPN service is the perfect solution to prevent ISP tracking.

  • You can select any country and browse with those countries IP addresses.
  • Your computer IP will be changed completely. You can use any browser.
  • They encrypt your data completely so that no one will track and hack your information.
  • You can unblock any website. So you can browse any torrent sites anonymously.

Read More Details about VPN.

Before choosing any one of the top VPN services, you need to check their features. Some VPN services offer a no-log policy while some others don’t have this feature. No log policy means VPN service will not store your browsing data anymore. They will erase your browsing data immediately. If you want to stop your ISP tracking and want to be 100% secure especially in the US you need to use a VPN service which gives you no-log policy feature.

We have tested many VPN services. For your convenience, I can recommend you the fastest VPN ExpressVPN. Or the cheap and best VPN NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link). These two has a strict no-log policy. So you can use them without any hesitation. You can also check Our NordVPN discount coupon page for the latest offers.

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  1. I was already considering getting purevpn to work alongside by tor browser additional security measure. I just cant believe the goverment would take away our rights like this. this just makes me wonder which right will be taken away next?


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