3 Methods for Anonymous torrent download

Want to download anonymous torrents? Do you need a guide for Anonymous torrent download? Downloading pirated content is illegal. Torrent sites host pirated content. This is the reason why many countries block torrent websites. It is a must to download torrents anonymously. Otherwise, you may be penalized by your country’s Government. This article will give you possible methods for anonymous torrent downloads.

It is must use some other country IP address for browsing torrent websites. Because other country laws will not apply to you. You need to hide your system IP address and you need to use another country IP where your required torrent website was not banned. It is also must to encrypt your data and using no-log service for getting complete protection.

Anonymous torrent download

I am going to show you three possible ways to download torrents anonymously. The first two methods are the free methods. They will solve your temporary need. You will be protected even with the first two free methods. But 100% security is not guaranteed with the free methods. The third method will give you complete protection.

1. Use Tor Browser

Tor browser is a free browser which will help you to download torrents. It will work as a proxy server. It will change your IP address and country so that you can browse blocked content. It will use multiple nodes to process your requests. It will make tough your ISP or anyone to track your IP and your online activity.

It has some downsides. It will not encrypt your data completely. It will slow down your internet speed. You need to browse torrent sites only from tor browser. If you browse from other browsers, you will not get protection. It is not 100% secure but you can browse torrent websites without any worries.

Download the Tor browser. Install and select Connect option. Browse usually like you do in other browsers. Just check below screenshot. Left one is Google chrome and the right one is tor browser. the extratorrent site was banned in our country but tor browser is showing the website.

download torrent anonymously

This method will help you to browse torrent sites very easily. But remember, you will not be protected while you download the torrent using torrent clients like bit torrent. Tor browser will protect you only when you browse through tor browser. It will not protect your computer and your complete online activity.

2. Use Free Proxy services

Some reputed VPN service providers are providing proxy servers for free. You need to browse through their website. They will unlock any website and they provide partial encryption to your data. It will make you anonymous.

Just visit Hide me proxy page. Type your required website URL. Select country and select Visit Anonymously.

anynomous torrenting

It will open your website inside their website. Check the below screenshot for how the torrent website will look inside hide me website.

Anonymous torrent download

Remember, even this method will protect for browsing torrent website and downloading the torrent file. You will not be protected while downloading a torrent using torrent clients.

3. Using a VPN service

Using a VPN service is the perfect solution for Anonymous torrent download. It will completely encrypt your data. It will completely change your IP during the VPN connection. Some VPN services give you no log policy means they don’t keep your browsing logs. They erase them immediately. It will give you more security for your torrent browsing. When you use VPN service, no one will track and hack your online activity. You can easily bypass your country restrictions. Read More details about VPN.

There are many VPN services out there. But you need to choose the best one which gives you no-log policy. We have tested many VPN services, I can recommend you a fastest and the best VPN for torrenting ExpressVPN. It is expensive. If you need a cheap and best alternative to ExpressVPN, I can recommend you NordVPN(70% Special Discounted Link). These two VPN services have a strict no-logging policy. You will be completely safe with these two. You can select anyone according to your budget.

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  1. Why didnt you mention the best VPN service for torrenting of all time, Private Access Internet ? They are a non-loggin VPN service that are friendly with torrenting, its very cheap and they offer a proxy 😉 Express VPN does not offer a proxy, Private Access Internet does. A proxy its perfect for torrenting, its fast speed, and mainly you can separate the torrenting data (IP) from your browsing data (IP), that means you get 2 IP addresses, one for your torrenting, and another IP for your browsing, both through the VPN service 🙂 You can generate a user name/number and you will get password, the you can type this in the preferences on Bittorrent, uTorrent, Bitlord etc getting an own IP address just for your torrenting. A tunnel within a tunnel 😉


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