7 Simple Ways to Reset Windows 10 Password

Forgot Windows 10 password? Want to Reset Windows 10 Password? Forgetting the computer administrator password can be a disgusting and unpleasant experience, especially when you are in a rush and want to access the PC immediately. However, don’t just recklessly reset the whole computer and format it. This will be too rash and idiotic because this way, all the data from your computer will be erased beyond recovery. Rather use the methods shared in this article and get your computer unlocked quickly.

This guide is perfect for those who want to reset their computer password if forgotten or if you have bought a second-hand computer and find it locked. Do not take stress as we are going to relieve you from this situation as quickly as possible.

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How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password After Logging into Your PC

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There are many ways to reset your Windows 10 password as long as you can log in as administrator. Follow the steps below and you can reset the password for your local user or Microsoft account.

1.Once you get into Windows 10, click the Start button and then click the Settings icon available in the Start menu, or press the Windows key + I shortcut to open the Settings app.

2.Click on Accounts.

3.Choose the Sign-in option tab on the left side. Scroll down to the Password section, click the Change button.

Windows 10 sign in options

4.Enter your current password and click Next.


5.Once the password you provided is verified, you’re allowed to set a new account password. If you’re trying to reset a Microsoft account password, make sure your PC is connected to the Internet.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password Without Login

1. Recover Windows 10 Password online Using Microsoft account

After the launch of Windows 8.1 and later, a wide range of people are using Microsoft account as their default account type. Many people did protest when this change was introduced, however, this has a positive effect because you can retrieve the password online.

Step 1. From your smartphone or any other computer, open a web browser and visit https://account.live.com/password/reset . Then click on forgot password to see the following screen –

password recovery

Step 2. Now, type in the email and recovery email that you have setup during signing up.

Step 3. Enter the OTP that you will receive in the recovery email or recovery phone number and enter it.

Step 4. Finally, set up a new password for the Microsoft account then save it.

Step 5. Power on the locked computer and input the new password. It should let you access the PC now.

Note: This method only works for Microsoft accounts and will not work if you are using a local account. When you don’t have Microsoft account follow the below methods.

2. Reset Windows Password by Guessing the Password

Don’t get angry by seeing this solution. You will be surprised to know that 73% people often find it working if they simply guess the password. So before you jump into a high-tech method, we will be helping you to remember the lost password once for all.

Most people use their friends, place, things, families or other memorable items that could help to refresh the memory. Try to guess the following things as the computer password –

  • Your favorite food item.
  • Your home address.
  • May be the first cell phone number.
  • Something related to your childhood memory.
  • How about trying out your own name or nick name.
  • Your lucky number.
  • Birthday of your spouse or partner.
  • A combination of letter and numbers that you often use.

That should be enough to guess the password and if still it’s not sufficient then follow the below method.

3.How to Reset Windows 10 Login Password Using Password Recovery bundle

Can’t log in to Windows administrator account? Locked out of your Microsoft account? Don’t worry! Here we’ll show you how to create a bootable USB drive with Password Recovery Bundle(30% Discounted Link), and then use it to reset forgotten Windows 10 password without login.

Password recovery bundle is a premium software which can recover passwords of all Windows versions, PDF, PST, Office, Excel, Power point, WinZip, WinRAR, MSN messenger, etc., It can recover passwords from almost all software and services. You can check Password recovery bundle complete features and price.

Note: If you want only Windows password unlocking features, you can go with PCUnlocker(30% Discounted Link) for the less price.

Follow these steps:

1.To get started, you have to create a bootable USB using another computer which you can log on with admin rights. Download and install the Password Recovery Bundle program on the local PC.

Reset Windows 10 Login Password

2.Launch Password Recovery Bundle and then click the Windows Password button.

3.The pop-up window allows you to create a bootable CD or USB drive for resetting forgotten Windows password. As my PC doesn’t have a CD drive, so I choose the “Burn to USB Flash Drive” option. Click the Start Burn to prepare the USB drive.


4.Now, unplug the USB drive and insert it into the Windows 10 PC that you can’t log in. Turn on the computer and set it to boot from USB other than hard drive. If your PC still boots to the login screen, you need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS/UEFI setup. Read How to change the Boot order to boot PC from USB/CD/DVD.

5.When your PC is booted to the PCUnlocker screen, select a user account and click Reset Password and it will let you set a new password. If your selected account is linked to a Microsoft account, the program will help you convert it back to local account.


6.After resetting your Windows 10 password, reboot the PC and unplug the USB drive. Afterwards, you can log in with your new password! Enjoy!

4. Reset Windows Password with PassFolk SaverWin

PassFolk SaverWin is an amiable and sweltering program that is awarded as the best Windows password recovery software in 2018. It is mainly used for resetting the logon password from Windows 7/8/10. It works excellent in most battered situations without erasing any data from the computer hard drive. The best thing about SaverWin is that it’s totally FREE to use and not a single penny is charged for using this program. We have checked many free recovery programs but nothing could even come near to SaverWin to this day.

Let us show how effortlessly SaverWin can reset the password within 10 minutes.

Step 1. Go to PassFolk.com and download the SaverWin software on a computer that is working. (This is because you can’t access your own PC at this moment)

Step 2. Open the software as an admin and with help of a USB drive or compact disc, make a password reset bootable drive by clicking on “Burn USB”/”Burn CD/DVD”.

Step 3. When the disk making process is finished, the following screen will appear –

Step 4. Use this bootable disc to boot your locked computer. The program will automatically launch since it’s a bootable disc. Now, you would see the administrator name of the PC that is locked. Click on it once then “Reset Password”.

Done! The computer is unlocked now and you may use your PC normally again.

5. Forgot My Windows 10 administrator password: How to reset with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery?

This application introduces an easy-to-use four-step process to help you reset the Windows 10 password, such that you can get into your Windows 10 system easily without any hassle. Here are the steps for your understanding:

Download and install:

  • The first step you will have to do is to download the application and you should install the same on any of your Windows systems starting from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. If you wish to install the application on a Windows Vita, 7 or Windows Server 2008, 2011 or 2012, it is better to run installation program as administrator.
IMG_256Forgot My Windows 10 administrator Password

Create a password recovery disk:

  • Here, to run the application you will have to create a personal recovery disk, which can be done with the help of a Flash drive, CD/DVD. Here, select whether you want the application in CD/DVD or flash drive.
  • Then, insert a writable CD/DVD or drive and then select burn drive and then click begin burning.
  • Once the burning is successful window appears, click ok and take your drive or CD out.
Forgot My Windows 10 administrator Password

Insert the disk:

Once the disk or flash drive is ready, insert it to your Windows 10 computer for which you have forgotten the password. Just boot the system from CD/DVD or Flash Drive.


Reset the password:

Once the system is started through the drive, the iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery will start and will display a friendly window automatically. Apart of Windows 10, it also can reset password for Windows 8, 8.1, 7, XP or vista.

Here, select whether you wish to change the administrator  or user password and then reset the password. Once, the password is removed, space will be shown in blank. Finally, reboot the system and take out the drive or CD and now you can enter the system without any password.

6. How to bypass Windows 10 password without losing data Using UUkeys Windows password Mate?

Certainly, it is possible to bypass Windows 10 password without losing any data by using a professional working Windows password recovery tool. Now, you must be wondering, which password reset tool to choose since there are hundreds of Windows password recovery programs available on the internet.

Well, after doing a lot of researchers and after testing a ton of password reset tools, we have figured out that UUkeys Windows Password Mate is the best among them. It is fabulous and sufficient Windows password recovery software that can destroy any kind of password from your Windows PC without causing any data damage at all. It typically requires 10-15 minutes to finish the password restoration process so that you can access your computer without entering any password at all.

Why should you choose UUkeys Windows Password Mate?

UUkeys Windows Password Mate provides tons of features that most of the password reset tools lack. We will be listing down the main advantages of using UUkeys program to show why you should choose this password recovery tool.

  • Remove and reset the password of all Windows version computers including Windows 7/8/10/95/98/2000/NT/XP/Vista and all older version of Windows servers.
  • Create a password reset disk with your USB flash stick or CD/DVD.
  • Reset password from any account types such as local, administrator, guest, Microsoft, root and domain accounts.
  • Works perfectly with all types of hard drives like HDD, SDD, IDE, SATA, Fat32, and NTFS and so on.
  • Free lifetime upgrades available.
  • Dedicated live support.

Bypass Windows 10 Password with UUkeys Windows Password Mate


  • An accessible working Windows computer with administrator rights.
  • An empty USB flash drive or CD/DVD.
  • UUkeys Windows Password Mate Program
  • Time Required – 15-20 minutes.


Step 1. Install UUkeys program on a distinct Windows computer and run the program to see its home screen. Next, insert an empty 1GB USB stick, select the drive name from the drop down menu and hit “Burn USB” to create the password reset disk. Alternately, you can even use a CD/DVD but click on “Burn CD/DVD” instead.

uukeys Windows password Mate

Step 2. After the ISO image is burnt on your removal drive, eject it and insert it on your main locked computer.

create password recovery disk using uukeys

Step 3. Reboot your PC and wait for the UUkeys program to appear on the display screen. Now choose Windows 10 from the “Select a Windows” menu and choose the username of your PC from which you want to remove the password.

Bypass Windows 10 Password

Finally, hit the “Reset Password” button and restart your computer access it normally without any password.

7. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is the most popular freeware that could be used to clear Windows admin/user password. It’s a small Linux boot disk with a command-line interface.


Here’s how to use it to reset your forgotten password:

  1. Download the free CD image from Offline NT Password & Registry Editor’s official website.
  2. Next burn the CD image to an empty CD using your favorite CD burning program.
  3. Boot your PC from the CD. You might need to change the boot sequence in your computer’s BIOS. Read: How to change boot order to boot PC from CD/DVD/USB
  4. A black screen appears with white text, type the Enter key to boot normally.
  5. It will show all installed Windows systems in a numbered list. Type the number of the Windows you want to work on and press Enter.
  6. Type 1 and hit Enter to select Password reset [sam].
  7. Press Enter to choose Edit user data and passwords.
  8. The user’s list with their RID is shown, type the username or its RID with 0x as a prefix, for example 0x01f4. Then press the Enter key.
  9. Choose Clear (blank) user password.
  10. Type q letter and press Enter to quit.
  11. Type y and press Enter to save your change to registry hive.
  12. Now you’ve successfully reset your Windows password.

Conclusion –

When the free methods fail, we suggest you go with the premium software Password Recovery Bundle(30% Discounted Link) or PCUnlocker(30% Discounted link). They must reset your Windows 10 password.

We suggest going with PassFab 4WinKey for the best features.

We have always suggested using a secure password that you can remember easily. Additionally, make a habit of writing the passwords on your personal diary or text file from where you can retrieve the password if forgotten. You can also use Password Manager like Sticky password (85% Discounted Link) to store passwords. You can read Our Sticky password review for the details.

But at this moment, you must also make a password reset disk with SaverWin so that if your computer is locked again then you can recover the computer effortlessly.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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