3 Ways To Send Pictures On Yahoo Mail

Want to Send pictures on Yahoo mail? There are many ways to send images such as Whatsapp, Messenger and more. But no one Guarantee the quality of such images as they may lose some quality while transferring through such applications.Bluetooth and Share it are two old-school techniques to share files and images between two persons and they must be connected to each other which is Not possible as always.One more, Images with Large size are not accepted or takes much time to get transferred.

This made us look at some alternatives to send images without losing quality.Gmail is one of the best options to do so.

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For now, We will be dealing with Yahoo Mail to send images to others using the internet.It’s almost similar to Gmail.

Something Related regarding Yahoo mail :

  • You can attach images, Spreadsheets and PDF’s
  • The maximum size of a mail is 25MB including Images and all.
  • Yahoo suggests using Dropbox the large file transfer service to send huge data.

Methods to Send pictures on Yahoo mail

Following are the methods used to send files including images through Yahoo mail. You just need a recipient address and a Yahoo account to perform any of the below actions. As I said earlier, It’s more similar to Using Gmail.

1.Send an Attachment using Insert Option

Video Tutorial: How to send an image through Yahoo Mail (2020 Updated)

If you prefer videos tutorial over text and image-based tutorials, you can watch our video. Otherwise, you can continue after the video where we show tutorial in a step by step image format.

  • Sign up for Yahoo mail if you don’t have an account.
  • Login to your Yahoo mail. (How to reset Yahoo Mail Password)
  • Click on Compose Mail and enter the recipient mail address i.e the receiver’s address and then on attach files which is shown below.

attach yahoo mail

  • Select the file from your desktop or mobile(Any)
  • It takes a few seconds to load in the mail editor and then click on send.
  • It’s Done.

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2.Insert an In-Line image in Yahoo Mail

Sending an attachment is quite easy.Anyhow sending images in an order seems a bit confused with the above process.Let’s learn to send a mail using inline image method where the text for a particular image can be added.

Note: It works only for the rich Yahoo mail Editors

This can be done in two ways depending upon your web browser.

  1. Copy Paste
  2. Drag

Using Copy Paste:

  • Copy the image you need to send from any website.
  • Go to mail editor by adding receiver’s address.
  • Paste it over the editor.

Using Drag Option:

  • Open the website from which you need to drag the image.
  • Open Yahoo mail just to the website tab.
  • Just Drag It from another website to Yahoo mail and then click on send.

3.Send Images Using DropBox

Dropbox is mainly used for sending files of larger MB.

  • Login your mail and click on compose to add the receiver’s mail address.
  • Select Dropbox instead of your computer while attaching images.

Send pictures on Yahoo mail

  • A pop up will display the folders and files from the dropbox.
  • Simply select the required files and send them using mail via dropbox.
  • Really large Data files can be sent through Dropbox as yahoo was integrated with it.

Remember, You need to upload your attachments to Dropbox which similarly looks like google drive interface with Gmail.

Over to you:

Hope now you find the simple ways to share attachments with your friends and partners without losing the quality of the images.Images quality is not a small thing here.One can use any of the above methods to send and Dropbox method is particularly suggested for sending large files.Share these methods with your Friends and feel free to comment on your Queries.

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