What is Netflix? Plans, Pricing, & Subscription Details

This tutorial will give you information about What is Netflix? How Netflix works? What are its plans, cost and membership details? Ways of Receiving Information and Entertainment had been improved a lot with technology and Videos Really plays a prominent role.TV makes us close to regional content and Limited International content as well.The Desire of watching Regional Content has been steadily increasing and here come the online streaming sites to offer more video content on demand.If you are the ones threatened by the cable box operator or loves to watch more and more video content, then here comes Netflix.

However, Watching a TV show or some web series on a television working with a cable box is not that satisfactory.No one is that free to watch it regularly at a particular time.somehow, Many of the shows are revised again during the odd timings.It’s really a hard task to waste time for entertainment every day that too in odd timings.So who doesn’t love watching in their free time that too in mobiles(On Any As Preferred)?The answer is Netflix.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a software that is enabled with streaming properties which allows you to watch any content from Netflix, with an internet connected device that is installed with the Netflix app.

Netflix is much more than an app as there are certain things that a lot of people don’t know about it. For instance; do you know that Netflix comes with a service where they would mail DVDs to your home? I bet you had no idea. Netflix also allows you to watch any TV show or movies ad-free. Awesome, right? Today Netflix is one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. They have gone ahead to produce movies and TV shows like; stranger things, house of cards, dare devil to mention but a few.

In Short, Netflix is an American based entertainment company which is now available in 190+ countries and supports all devices to stream content via the internet.

Netflix was started in 1998 with a motto to stream Content using the Internet as an option.Sadly, It was a distant dream then.However, they slowly started by renting DVDs.Yes, Long ago Netflix was a subscription-based DVD rental service which delivers DVD to home or through the mail.

In Simple, One can be able to rent some DVDs from Netflix by paying some fee which is valid for some days.Like 100$ for 2 weeks.

Back to 2007, They started streaming videos on demand and now they are positioned in first place in the streaming category.

How Netflix Works?

There is no need to know this to use Netflix.If you are completely new to streaming sites then it might be a little messy.The video library is included with both new and old content.Netflix performs suggestions based on its algorithm.Queueing of content is allowed.

Watch Suggestions from Netflix are completely based on your experience with Netflix. Netflix gives you what you want. It takes your watching habit and presents to you 80% of your genre as an option to choose from. If you are into horror movies, Netflix studies this pattern and ensures that 80% of the time, horror movie options would be made available to you.

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How Much Data Did Netflix Use?

This Might be the most bothering thought by the Limited internet usage users.Here is the data (Approx).However, this is shit for an Unlimited user.

As stated earlier, Netflix is an internet based software where most of your videos are streamed online, this consumes a lot of data; it could use up to 0.3GB if you are watching with the basic video quality, the standard video quality takes up to 0.7GB per hour, the best video quality can use up to 3G of data per hour for HD, while for ultra HD, it uses 7GB per hour. This is a lot! This can be worked on though especially If you watch a lot of video online. Netflix has an option where you can easily download any content of your choice for an offline view. This saves data.

Any Streaming Source Consumes Data Depending Upon the Quality of Video You selected and its same with netflix too.

  • Streaming with Basic Video Quality Uses 0.3GB/Hour
  • Medium Video Quality Uses 0.7GB/Hour
  • HD Video Quality Uses 3GB/Hour
  • Ultra HD Video Quality Uses 7GB/Hour

We can Adjust the Video Quality through the settings.

Advantages with Netflix

  • Simple and easy to use as Applications are available for all kind of devices.
  • The possibility of watching Videos without commercial ads.
  • Netflix Members can download it to offline and can watch later without Internet Connection.
  • There are Different Pricing Plans and one can choose according to his need.
  • Content is of High Quality.


There are some cons as well.

  • Depends on your location as it was not available in some locations. You need to use any one of the Top VPN services like NordVPN (70% Special Discounted Link) to use Netflix if that is not available in your location or country.
  • New Content is not available due to huge competition from other streaming sites.

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Netflix Plans and Prices

Netflix pricing

Netflix is not free as Youtube as the need to buy content from the original Creators.In simple, Netflix had to buy streaming rights to a show or series or movie from the makers and so we need to pay a fee to watch anything on Netflix.One must signup to Netflix Membership in order to use it.

There are 3 basic plans on Netflix For now. Every Plan can be canceled at any time and a month of the trial period is available for all plans.

  1. The basic plan price after your free month ends is $7.99 with the following offer; you can watch it using your phone, laptop, TV or tablet, you have unlimited films and TV programs to choose from, you can cancel at any time and you are only allowed to watch with one screen at a time.
  2. The standard plan costs $9.99 with the following offer; you can watch your movies in HD, you can watch any content of your choice with your laptop, TV, phone or tablet, you have unlimited programs to choose from, you can cancel at any time and you are only allowed to watch on 2 screens at the same time.
  3. The premium plan costs $11.99 with the following offer; you can watch in both HD and ultra HD, you can watch any content of your choice with your laptop, TV, phone or tablet, you have unlimited programs to choose from, you can cancel at any time and you are only allowed to watch on 4 screens at the same time.


If you love TV shows and web series then Netflix might be a good choice as it contains a good number of comedy shows and Documentaries as well.I personally suggest you choose the required plan as it was a bit costly for the beginners.However, It’s completely worth it.Let us know your issues during subscriptions in the comment section.

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