How Speech to Text Converter Tools to Help your Work more Efficiently

This article is designed to enable you to learn about speech recognition technology and the speech to text converter software to use.

Communication is significant to the productivity of any organization. Excellent communication entails the ability to pass information to the right recipient in the proper manner. There exist various forms of communication available to use. Some of these include verbal, email, text messaging, among others.

Even with the multiple forms of communication, verbal communication is one of the most effective methods of relaying information. The world is experiencing technological changes that are aimed at improving the way we interact with one another. Technological advancements in the telecommunications industry have enhanced output and increased efficiency. The speech recognition technology is the new invention in the communication industry that is taking the world like a storm. Today, it is possible to convert your speech into text and the text into speech thanks to the new innovative technology.

Why & Where Should I use speech to text converter?

The speech recognition technology is one of the best innovations made to improve productivity in business operations. Today, voice technology is useful in a wide range of fields such as finance, transportation, marketing, among others. The text to speech and speech to text are beneficial in various ways such as increasing customer experience, facilitating effective marketing, enhancing the performance of a workforce within an organization, and saving time and money.

The speech recognition technology is greatly utilized in the e-learning platform and is effective and efficient for long distance learners. Effectiveness and efficiency are achieved when it becomes possible to produce results in a fast way. The human brain can process fast than the typing speed of the hands. Typing may thus take longer to communicate your ideas to the audience. However, with the new technology, it is possible to type as fast as your brain’s processing speed. The speech to text software is a technology that enables you to type without the use of hands in a fast manner hence improving your productivity and efficiency in creating documents. A speech to text software is an innovative technology that converts spoken words into written words. The technology also enables the computer to perform various commands given through the spoken words. One of the best speech to text converter available in the market today is EasySpeech2Text.

EasySpeech2Text Software

EasySpeech2Text Software allows you to create documents without typing them in a fast method. You are only required to speak words, and the software converts your speech into written words. The software is also ideal for the conversion of plain text to high-quality audio. The advantage of this software is that the conversion speed is fast, which enables you to enjoy excellent performance and productivity. The output from the software is automatic, and you can have the results of the conversion with immediate effect. The incredible features of this application include the advanced ASR-TTS technology for high-quality audio, Google STT, and TTS technology that supports over 100 languages during the speech to text and text to speech conversion processes.

How to use EasySpeech2TextSoftware for Conversion Processes

EasySpeech2TextSoftware is free to download software. You can download it and install in the hard drive of your personal computer.

How do I Convert Voice recording to Text

– Step one: Record the mp3 of the speech you want to convert.

– Step two: Launch the application in your personal computer and select the mp3 file you just recorded.

– Step three: Give the computer commands to convert your mp3 to text.

Converting Text to speech

Step one: Now that you have already written the text, copy it from your word editor. Launch the EasySpeech2TextSoftware and paste the text you had copied in the software.

Step two: After the pasting of the text, click play so that the conversion of text to mp3 can take place

Step three: Select the voice type that suits you and listen to your audio.

Benefits of EasySpeech2TextSoftware

– The software is easy to use

– The EasySpeech2TextSoftware is free to download

– The software is compatible with many versions of Windows Operating System.

– There also other speech recognition software which includes; Speechnotes and e-speaking


Speechnotes platform allows you to convert your speech to text. The software has various advantages which include;

The software has an automatic capitalization feature

Ability to edit your document hence correcting mistakes

The software has an auto saving mechanism that ensures there is no loss of your data

e-Speaking Software

e-Speaking software is a pure speech to text software that comes with unique features. Some of these include voice command editing, among others. With this software, you can do away with your keyboard and mouse since it is easy to dictate commands for your computer.

EasyText2Speech software is incredible for maximum output in an office environment. Improve your productivity by installing this software for enhanced productivity. You can download for your PC and enjoy the creation of documents in a fast manner.

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