29 Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts you must know

Use Mozilla Firefox keyboard shortcuts to improve your working speed on the internet. Here I am going to give you the most useful Firefox keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to do work without a mouse. These Firefox Keyboard shortcuts are useful for improving typing skills and to concentrate on typing.

Usually, the laptop does not have a mouse. If you want, you can connect the mouse to it. Many people do not like using the touchpad of the laptop. If you learn  Firefox keyboard shortcuts, you need not connect the mouse to your laptop.

Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Key ——————————– Description

Ctrl + O  —————————– Access Open File Window to open a file in Firefox.

  1. F11———————————— Opens webpage in full-screen mode. Press F11 once again to exit full-screen mode 

2.Space bar—————————- Scroll downs a page at a time

3. Alt +Home ————————- Opens homepage

4. Alt+ Left Arrow ——————- Back to previous page

5. Alt + Right arrow —————- Forwards to next page

6. Alt+Down arrow —————- It will show previous text entered in a text box along with available options in drop down menu. 

7. Control + F ————————— Find option windows to search text in current web page.

8. Control+H ————————– To see browsing History

9. Cntrl +(-) ——————— Zoom out. Press Cntrl + O to reset to default

10. Cntrl+(+)———————– Zoom In. Press Cntrl + O to reset to default

11.Ctrl+D ————————– Add current page to bookmarks

12.Ctrl+I —————————To see bookmarks

13. Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E ——— Place cursor in Search box

14.Control + L ————————– To place cursor in addressbar

15.Ctrl+N ——————– To open New window

16.Control + J ————————– To display download window

17. Ctrl+P———————— To print current webpage

18.Cntrl+T————————- To open new tab

19.Ctrl+F4————————- To close current tab

20.Ctrl + F5———————-Refresh the page, ignoring the Internet cache 

21.Ctrl+Shift+Del ———– It opens Clear data windows to clear private data

22.Ctrl+Shift+B————— It opens bookmarks windows

23.Control + Enter—————–To complete URL address

24.Ctrl+Tab ——————– To move to other tab

25.Cntrl+Shift+J———— Opens troubleshoot options 

26.Ctrl+Shift+W————Clost browser windows

27.Shift+Spacebar —————– To move up a page at a time

28.Ctrl+Shift+—————— Opens new private windows

29.Ctrl+Shift+T—————– Undo closing window

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