How to Stream Media from Mac to TV Using ArkMS?

Want to Stream media from Mac? Lots of us are not contented with watching the contents such as videos and photos on our small-screen Mac. And if there is a chance of streaming them on wide screens like in televisions, we might be required to buy and use a cable, connector, and adapter so we can see them wider. In some cases, which is more complex, you may find yourself copying the file to a USB or DVD just watch them on your TV, another PC and other devices. Not anymore!

Those are already a thing of the past. With ArkMS, everything is made possible. But if you are wondering how to stream media from Mac using this ArkMS, you are lucky to come to the right place.

What is ArkMS?

ArkMS is a media streaming app and solution that allows all users to watch, share and enjoy their contents on wider screens, such as TV using simple clicks on a Mac computer. Using this innovative app, the users are given with a seamless way to stream their contents on wider screens as the need for connectors, adapters, cables and file copying are eliminated. The contents such as short videos, movies, photos and music from your Mac can now be streamed on other devices using ArkMS.

The app has wonderful and exciting features:

  • No cable and adapter needed. No file copying. Just wireless connection.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Stream your contents like video in HD.
  • Stream your favorite audio contents to a wireless speaker.
  • Reliable and fast media server. Wireless high-definition media server.
  • Multi-streaming to a different device using one app.
  • Stream to your Android device and iPad.

Its versatility can never be defeated with other available apps on its class. With the same functionality to its competing apps, ArkMS can be availed at a lower price. Powered with excellent performance, you will surely enjoy the contents with your family members and friends without needing to stand crowded in front of your Mac computer. To know how to stream media from Mac, continue reading…

How to Stream Media from Mac?

Streaming your favorite audio and video files from Mac to other smart devices is made seamless. Since ArkMS is an app, the users are required to download and install it to their Mac device. The app is available on its official site. From there, you can choose to buy the product and enjoy its premium features or try its free trial for 14 days. After downloading, you can now begin streaming your favorite media files to any supported device nearby.

When you are done with the installation on your Mac, you can then install the app on your TV, smartphone and other available devices and use it to access the contents you want to stream. Easy and fast, right?

Just navigate the app using your Mac device so you can manage the smart connection. In the selected devices, such as Smart TV, PC computer, smartphone, tablet, Xbox or wireless speaker, you are now free to stream the media files in a seamless way.

The way on how to stream media from Mac is very easy and simple. Buy your own now or have a free trial today!

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