Systweak Advanced System Protector Review

Are you searching for the best system protector software? Ever heard about Systweak Advanced System Protector? Want to protect your system from malware software and threats? In this Systweak Advanced System Protector Review, I have explained all the information that includes features, price, pros, cons of Systweak Advanced System Protector along with How-to guide.

What is SysTweak?

Systweak is a leading global software company founded by Mr. Shrishail Rana in 1999. It provides cutting edge IT solutions, software and services, and catering to a broad clientele.

What are the products does Systweak offers?

We know that this SysTweak offers IT solutions, software and services, and much more. The products provided by SysTweak for Windows are

  • SysTweak Antivirus
  • Advanced PC cleanup
  • System optimizer
  • SysTweak VPN
  • Photos recovery
  • SysTweak Software updater
  • Smart Driver Care
  • TweakPass Password Manager
  • Advanced System protector
  • Noise reducer Pro
  • Duplicate Music Fixer
  • Disk Speed Up

Not only these products there are some more products it provides for Windows. And these software products not only intended for the Windows but also for Android (the products for android are Systweak anti-Malware, Photos Recovery, Cleaner for Android, Secure lock for apps, Duplicate Photos Fixer, Social Fever, Duplicate Contact Fixer, and much more), Mac ( the products for Mac are Smart Mac Care, Systweak Anti-Malware, TuneupMyMac, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, Startup Manager, and much more), iOS (Right Backup Anywhere, Duplicate Photos Fixer, Noise Reducer Pro, tuneup Contacts, and much more).

Systweak Advanced System Protector review

What is Systweak Advanced System Protector?

Systweak Advanced System Protector Review

Systweak Advanced System Protector is a product of Systweak that protect your system from spyware, adware, and other threats. It secures your system by removing spyware, adware, and all threats. It performs mainly three tasks as a protector, those are Spyware protect, Powerful scanning and cleaning, and faster PC Performance.

Why should we need to use Advanced System Protector?

It is not always possible to detect the malware programs and threats on our systems or laptops manually. Once detected those removing them also a tough job. So the best method to detect and remove such malicious programs and threats is to use Advanced System Protector on your system.

Is an advanced system protector safe?

Generally, the advanced system protector is bundled with third-party software. So while installing it you need to follow some proper rules and precautions. Though it is intended to remove some malicious programs and threats from your system, improper installation leads to system risk. So the safety criterion will depend on the installation process. Once you find any problem with this software you can easily uninstall it anytime.

Features of Systweak Advanced System Protector

Systweak will provide many features for an Advanced System Protector tool. As it performs mainly three tasks Spyware protect, Powerful scanning and cleaning, and faster PC Performance, so let us see the features in those three aspects in separate sections in a detailed manner.

1. Security: This will protect your system from malware and other threats by removing those.

  • It can start scanning simply with one click on Start Scan Now option
  • Remove all threats which it detected
  • It provides different scanning types that offer quick, deep, custom scanning
  • Ability to schedule scanning
  • It provides all tools in its software to make your system secure

2. Privacy: It will provide features to protect your data and information from others to stop misuses.

  • After the search, it will remove all cookies, website history, and other private information.
  • Removes Malware, Adware, and Toolbars
  • Suspicious files are kept apart from the other files
  • It will detect and removes all unwanted program from your system

3. Performance: It helps to improve your system performance by cleaning unwanted data.

  • It provides various scanning modes for detecting, cleaning unwanted files
  • It consumed very fewer resources of your system
  • Regular definition updates will protect from latest threats

4. Protection: It provides you complete browsing protection with the following features.

  • It protects your online history and browsing data
  • It removes all password stealers from the system effectively
  • Deletes rogue apps from the system and prevents keyloggers for the smooth functioning of your system

Price of Advanced System Protector

Generally, the cost of the Advanced System Protector tool is $35.32. You can get a Photo Studio pack along with the purchase of Advanced System Protector.

Systweak Advanced System Protector

After buying and using, if you are still not satisfied with that Advanced System Protector software then you can contact the company within the specified time limit and get your money refund.

Systweak Advanced System Protector discount coupon

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Pros And Cons of Advanced System Protector

Up to now, we have seen what are the features, price, how to use Advanced System Protector software. Now let us see what are the pros and cons of this software.


  • Best software for malicious programs removing
  • No need for High CPU and RAM for this software
  • Easy to use once you set all the paths
  • Smooth, Light weighted and user- friendly interface
  • Offer real-time effective scanning for malware
  • Fast, intuitive also more comfortable


  • Older user interface
  • Difficult to launch for the first time of install
  • Third-party software also include in it so proper care is needed

How to use Advanced System Protector on your System?

Up to now, we have seen information about Advanced System Protector software. Now, let us see how to use an advanced system protector on your desktop or laptop. for this first, you need to install it into your device (either system or laptop) and follow the below steps for a simple process.

Step 1: Install the Advanced System Protector software into your system

systweak website

To install an advanced system protector visit the Systweak advanced system protector official website. There you can find the download option. Click on the download option of the Windows version.

You can see two options for Systweak Advanced System protector software download. One is free to download and the other is a purchase plan. You can select any option as you wish. But my suggestion is to purchase this rather than the free version software to get long time use and more benefits.

Once you click on the download option the download will start. Wait for a while until the software gets downloaded into your device.

Step 2. Click on the downloaded file and give permissions

home screen of Advanced system protector

Once the download is completed, give a double click on the downloaded file to open it. Then it asks you to give permission to make changes to your system. Allow this Advanced System Protector software to make changes to your system. Then the screen will open as shown in the above image.

Note: If you purchased the license key then click on the “Register now” option at the left corner of the screen immediately. The purchased license key will help you to get more benefits with this software. If you register with the license key then also it takes less time to scan more malware and threats on your system.

To Register with key follow the steps:

  1. Click on Register now option which is at the left corner of the screen.
  2. Copy the license key that is sent to your mail when you purchased it.
  3. Paste the License key in the “License Key” column.
  4. Click on Register Now option
register with license

With these steps you can register with your license key on your system.

Step 3: Click on Start Scan Now option

click on start scan now

You can see the Start Scan Now option with the big size alphabet on the screen to scan the malware on your system. Click on the Start Scan Now option. When you click on it, then the files in your system will start scanning.

scanning is in progress

Step 4: Remove malware from system

remove items

The scanning takes some time. Wait until the scanning is completed. Once the scanning is completed if it found any malware or threats then it shows as considering removing otherwise it shows the system is safe, no threats found. So to clean those threats or malware click on the “Clean All” option. You can see the details also before cleaning. To view, those items click on the “View details” option. Once you cleaned those then the screen will shows as shown in the below image.

cleaned succesfully

In the settings, you can select the mode of scan such as quick scan, deep scan, custom scan as you wish.

It also provides you an option to schedule the scan as you wish and provide internet shield, Windows shield, etc.

This is a simple method to detect and remove the malware and threats from your system.

In this tutorial, I have written a review article with the features, price, and other information about Systweak Advanced System Protector one of the best software for system protection. If you like this article, please share it and follow Whatvwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Systweak Advanced System Protector Review- FAQ

Once I get the software is it will clear all malware?

Yes, it will clear all the malware from your device. If it is the No working mode then update the definitions for malware and restart your system.

Is this reliable software?

Yes, because this is the most trusted software for protecting the system from malware, adware, and other threats.

How much time does it take to detect malware?

It depends on the number of files on your system and the mode of scan that you selected. More files take more time to scan each one and fewer number files will help to detect the malware very fastly.

Which OS is compatible with it?

It is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Vista (both 32 bit and 64 bit) and mac, and android also.

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