9 Best PC Cleaner softwares (Free & Paid)

The PC cleaner softwares are impressively helpful by cutting of the junks of the files and documents. I do not mind to have the best PC cleaner software to use at the adverse condition. I have all the reasons to go for PC cleaner software that will kill all the viruses and will keep up the speed of your computer. 

There is a paid program also to clean up your computer but if you are looking for the free version of the PC cleaner software then check out the following useful and effective PC cleaner software to make it more versatile.

Why PC cleaner softwares?

As you know, the new computer works fast and the old computer runs slow. Everyone must accept this statement. Old computer runs slowly because of various reasons. The first reason is, the cache memory may be full. It will get full because of browser cache files, temporary files, junk files. Another reason is, running unnecessary processes. Like this, there are many reasons for slow computer. You may also read our earlier article about how to increase computer speed to improve speed manually. But doing the manual process takes time. If you want to do everything automatically, you need to go for PC cleaner softwares.

If you could offer some amount, you can go for the premium version. When you don’t like to spend money, you can use free versions of premium software. I recommend you to use Bullguard Internet security(60% discounted link). Because it includes, pc tuneup utilities. So you can improve your PC performance with BullGuard while protecting internet activity. And it is very less price. You can also read my review about Bullguard Internet security. Still, don’t want to buy Bullguard Internet security, then continue reading this article for free computer cleaner softwares.

List of Best PC Cleaner Softwares

1.SysTweak Advanced System Optimizer

systweak advanced optimizer

Systweak Advanced System Optimizer is an epitome of system cleaning & optimization. Advanced System Optimizer brings a plethora of features and tools all packed in a neat interface.

SysTweak Advanced System Optimizer Features

  • The PC Cleaner helps users to make the system run super smooth & faster.
  • It has a ‘One-click Fixer’ that helps to optimize your PC in a single click.
  • You can observe a noticeable performance boost after each scan.
  • It has modules like Registry Optimizer, Disk Cleaner, Windows Optimizer, Security & Privacy, Backup & Recovery.
  • It has a dedicated tool to fix common system issues and errors.
  • Additionally, it has a Game Optimization module for a faster and lag-free experience.

With all such benefits, it makes Advanced System Optimizer the Best PC Cleaning and Optimization utility for Windows 10 PC. Install it right away & free up a huge amount of disk space in a jiffy.

2.Ccleaner(Free & Paid)

PC cleaner softwares

Ccleaner is the best service provider when it comes to clean up the viruses of your computer. Ccleaner is active and responsive. It comes in free and paid version though it does not make many differences, the only changes you meet is that paid services are technically superior and supportive. If you are using this versatile PC cleaner tool make sure that you already have stored the backup of your computer.

In that condition, you will lose your priceless data and files. It has three versions. The free version is enough to clean your computer. The Pro version gives extra features like complete cleaning, real monitoring, and automatic updating. Pro Plus will give you pro features along with Defragmentation, File Recovery, and Hardware analysis.

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3. Wise Care 365 (Wise Cleaner Pro)(Free & Paid)

Wise Cleaner Pro is optimized with plenty of advanced features in paid or in free version both. It builds your computer efficiency by cleaning the virus and makes your computer safe from all danger. Though WiseCleaner Pro is user-friendly but does not use this without reading the tutorials. You should have a backup of your all data and files. It does not even take time to download and a great memory-booster. The junk file cleanup with WiseCleaner Pro is safe and grants free space.

wise care 365

4. Avast Cleanup (Free & Premium)

avast cleanup12

It is a new product. Avast is launching its clean Up product Avast Clean Up(25% discounted link). Avast is a well-known brand. So you can expect a good product from Avast. Avast Clean up will help to clean your PC junk files. You can also schedule your clean up process.

It will free up space in your hard drive. It will tune-up and optimize your PC to give you better performance. It is available in the free and premium versions. The free version has only a few features. You can only clean your browser history and cache with the free version. If you really want to improve PC speed, you must buy its premium software.

5.PC Cleaner Pro (Premium)


PC Cleaner Pro is one of the top PC cleaner software. This software is certified as Microsoft Partnered software. It is available in a premium version only. It gives too many features. It will fix and clean your computer registries. It will adjust your PC settings and clean PC to get maximum speed. It will also scan your PC for windows vulnerability programs, windows update, Malware, and virus programs and remove them from your computer.

It will give protection to your privacy by clearing your history. It will optimize your RAM. You can manage startup programs. It will also give you the uninstall manager to uninstall programs. It will also optimize your internet connection settings to speed up your internet. It will give you an ActiveX manager. You will get automatic updates and Live support. It will have 60 Days money-back guarantee, so your purchase will be safe.

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6.Ashampoo WinOptimizer (Free & Paid)

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a very active and innate performer to boost the smoothness of your PC by removing all the caches and junks. It is featured with plenty of exemplary integration.

It offers free and paid services both but in free you lack one feature of live tuning. It covers nearly most of the ground like one eligible PC cleaner software. It boasts advanced features like hard drive partition management, system restore assistance, and secure deletion functionality but in the paid version.

7.Glary Utilities(Free & Paid)

glary utilities

This PC Cleaner software is better in responsiveness and its performance is faster and better. That is all you are getting in free services. It reduces the possibility of computer lagging, slowness of the computer, and the dullness of the system. It is easy to use the Glary Utilities. Download this PC Cleaner tool Glary Utilities to give your computer more life.

8. SlimCleaner(Free & Paid)

slimcleaner pc software

SlimCleaner is impeccable software for your PC. It sports only 718 KB. It is quite user-friendly and lightweight. There is no issue you face when you use this PC cleaner. It comes only in a free version yet gives faster services. There is no lagging issue while using it for cleaning your computer from junks. All the junks and graveyards will not attack your PC when you have the best software SlimCleaner with you. It is packed with loads of features so go for it.

Download Slimcleaner

9.PC Booster(Free & Paid)

pc booster cleaner

PC Booster is optimized with plenty of advanced features in paid or in free version both. It builds your computer efficiency by cleaning the virus and makes your computer safe from all danger. Though PC Booster is user friendly but does not use this without reading the tutorials. You should have a backup of your all data and files. It does not even take time to download this PC Cleaner.

Download PCBooster

Final Words: Which is the best PC Cleaner software?

All the above best PC Cleaner software is extraordinary in performance and innate in dealing with your PC. The program they offer is straightforward so there will be no bloatware. They are good at updating the computer with ease.

When you want to use free software, Using Ccleaner is the best option. When you decided to go for premium software, go with SysTweak Advanced System Optimizer. When you don’t want to pay recurring charges, then you must go with Wise care 365 3PC Lifetime license.

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