Top 7 Software to split PST files or merge PST files

Want to split PST files or merge multiple PST files to save the space? Are you worried about your files? Do you want to protect your PST files from corruption? Do you need the best tool or software to split or merge PST files? Then stop worrying about all these silly things.

We are here to solve your problem, What you want to do is just follow this tutorial. In this tutorial, we have given some of the best tools that help you to split PST files or merge PST files. Among them select your desired tool based on your needs.

What is PST

A PST file is a Microsoft Outlook data file that stores a user’s Outlook data for POP3, IMP, and web-based mail accounts, including all mail folders and the items within the folders, such as emails, email attachments, to-do items and appointments, contacts and more.

Personal Storage Table Files are used by all versions of Microsoft Outlook, from Outlook 2000 up to Outlook 2010. PST files in earlier versions of Outlook were stored in ANSI format and have a maximum size of 2GB, while later versions save the PST file in Unicode format and have a maximum size of 20GB(Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007) or 50GB(Outlook 2010).

Why should i split PST files

When you think about Splitting files the first question raised on your mind is why should i split PST files. There are several reasons for splitting large files into smaller PST files. Some the reasons for that are listed below:

  • When the size of the PST file exceeds the maximum file size limit, it may corrupt all your data.
  • Due to the huge size of the PST files, the speed and performance of the system may slow down.
  • A large PST file when exceeds its permissible limit makes the data of PST file inaccessible for users.
  • Users are denied storing data items to the folders of the PST file if the PST file is out of space or itis left with very limited storage space.

Top methods to split PST files

Video Tutorial:

We provided this article in the form of a video Tutorial for our reader’s convenience. If you are more interested in reading, then watch it after the completion of reading.

1. kernel for PST Split

Kernel for PST split

Kernel for PST Split is a robust Outlook PST splitter for splitting large PST files into multiple smaller sizes. The split tool integrated with advance splitting options to split Outlook PST files based on date, Email ID, size, or folder effectively and securely. The splitting process is done in just three simple steps like select, split, and save. The process takes a couple of minutes only and creates multiple PST files.

The software has the ability to split password protected PST files too. You can split PST files simply by providing the password when the tool asks for it. It doesn’t alter the original data while splitting the PST files. It preserves data integrity and folder hierarchy intact. Kernel for PST split also retains metadata of items such as Cc, Bcc, to, from, and Date/Time of items.

Kernel for Split PST tool has an interactive user interface which makes it easy to understand even for non-technical people. This tool is compatible with all the earlier versions of Windows OS and Microsoft Outlook including the latest versions like MS Outlook 2019/ office 365.  

Kernel for PST split pricing list:

Kernel provides different License plans for personal or home use, Organization use and Companies for multiple users. The Personal License is for Personal or Home use only, Corporate license for Organization to use on multiple users and Technician License for data recovery service providers and other companies to use for multiple customers.

  • Home License: $49
  • Corporate license: $99
  • Technician License: $299

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2. Shoviv

Shoviv PSt splitter software.

Shoviv PST splitter software effectively breaks the large PTS file into smaller ones irrespective of its size. It is a highly efficient tool and split PST extremely fast without damaging the dignity and accuracy of PST files. With this software, you split PST files by date, size, folder, and year. There is no change in the meta properties while splitting the large PST files into a smaller size.

The software supports to split PST file year wise and the selected folder split option allows you to split the file based on the selected folder. It offers some other great features like saving the particular folder in a single PST. If you select a folder like a task, calendar, sent folder, inbox folder, and wants to save in a specific one.

The PST splitter software has the latest and advanced Graphical User Interface, Which made it really easy to use even by a non-technical person. So, you need not learn how to work with it before purchasing it, it is simple and unique. It also protects meta properties like date, time, to, from, subject, attachment remain unchanged.

Shoviv splitter supports all the earlier and older versions of Microsoft Outlook. A free version of the software is also available for users. Using demo version users can check the work of the software and its efficiency. The demo version allows migrating the first 50 items for the folder.

Shoviv PST splitter pricing list:

Shoviv PST splitter software offers the best price plans personal license, Standard license, and Technical license.

  • Personal License: $49
  • Standard License: $99
  • Technical License: $199

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3. Stellar Splitter for Outlook

Stellar splitter for Outlook PST files.

Stellar Splitter for Outlook is the powerful software for splitting large PST files into smaller files to prevent corruption which frequently occurs due to oversized PST files. To split a PST file, you can select it either by “Add PST” or “Drag & Drop” option. The software provides different split features like split by date, split by size, and split by Email ID.

The “split by date” option is used to split one or multiple PST files based on the date range. The “split by size” option is used to split large files into multiple files of smaller size to avoid corruption issues that arise due to oversized PST files. The ” split by Email ID” option to split outlook files based on email ID.

The software provides a ” select & split” splitting option to split the specific files based on specific folders. With this option, you can select one or multiple folders present in the Outlook PST file and then split them into multiple PST files that consist of only the folders that are specified by you.

With stellar PST splitter, you can create a batch file and save the preferences to split multiple files automatically in a hassle-free manner. The batch file consists of details that are necessary to split PST files automatically.

Stellar is a risk-free software that split PST files without changing the structure or contents of the original PST files. This creates a log report of the entire PST files splitting process once the process is complete. You can save the log report that will assist you in verifying the total number of items in the original PST files as well as the PST files that have been split.

Stellar Splitter for Outlook pricing list:

The stellar splitter Outlook is available in two variants standard and toolkit.

  • Standard: Rs.2,599
  • Toolkit: Rs.12,999

It provides instant delivery by Email and free technical support.

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4. Systools Split PST Tool

SysTools Split PST tool.

SysTools Split PST tool allows you to split large PST files of various types like UNICODE as well as ANSI without losing any data. You can split the PST files based on different aspects like data, size, year, folder, and Email ID. Using this software, you can divide the corrupted files without any data loss, and also it can split password-protected Outlook PST files.

The PST file splitter allows you to divide the PST files by date. Here you can select a specific date and the software will split Outlook archive PST file by date in date. With the help of the split by size option, you can easily split PST files into smaller parts with common size. If you want to divide Outlook data files by year, then the split by year option will prove helpful to split large Outlook PST into smaller files yearly.

The Outlook PST file splitter permits you to separate PST by folder. It also allows you to break PST file by Email ID. Using this you can new Outlook PST files with all the email messages specified in email ID fields like To, Cc or Bcc which are present in the Microsoft Outlook email messages.

The systool PST splitter tool offers the best features that has the capability to split oversized PST file that are already corrupted due to oversizing. After splitting the data files you can save it to any location of your choice. Also you can create a new folder directly from the Outlook PST split software panel and save the files into it.

After the completion of splitting PST file into smaller files, the software generates & saves a complete comparison report as CSV. The software supports corrupted or inaccessible PST files. The split large PST file freeware supports to divide such corrupted or damaged PST files into smaller files without any compilations. This splitter tool supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010, 2007, and other Outlook versions.

SysTools split PST pricing list:

SysTools split PST tool full version available at three different License plans.

  • Personal License: $40.37
  • Business License: $133.54
  • Enterprise License: $568.32

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5. Softaken

Softaken SPlit PST tool.

Softaken split PST tool is designed to divide any size of PST file into smaller files. This split tool has the ability to split the files based on year, size, and folder. Without compromising the quality, the app divides both UNICODE and ANSI PST files effectively. The application is capable to divide archive PST files without any error and according to your desire. The tool provides the option to ignore deleted folders.

The splitter tool allows you to divide files by year. This application helps you to create a separate file for each year. You can also split the PST files in whatever standard size you want. The split by size application allows users to split Outlook PST files according to sizes. The split by folders creates multiple PST files for each folder. You need to choose folder options like inbox, deleted, sent, drafts, etc. This divides the PST file according to your chosen folders. After the completion of the splitting process, you can save your PST files in any location of your system. It also allows creating new PST files to save the splitted PST files.

This split PST pro tool doesn’t support the splitting of those PST items that have been corrupted or damaged due to their oversized. It only works with healthy PST files and split it quickly. The software supports all the major Outlook versions and Operated on all the versions of Windows OS.

Softaken split PST tool pricing list:

Softaken provides three different plans like personal, Business, and Enterprises. The personal License install on 2 machines, Business License install on 50 machines, and Enterprise License install on 50+ machines.

  • Personal License: $49
  • Business License: $129
  • Enterprise License: $299

6. Aryson

Aryson Split PSt software.

Aryson Split PST software is a professional PST file splitter tool for splitting oversized Outlook PST files into smaller PSTs. The splitter software provides three valuable ways to divide large size Outlook files by date, size, and email ID. Aryson split Software has an ultra-fast splitting time and also doesn’t damage or harm any Outlook PST files during the process. So it doesn’t face any data alteration.

It has one of the amazing features that allow you to check the information of selected PST files such as its size, type, name, and even the number of emails stored in that Outlook PST file. It preserves the Original PST structure. The software not only helps to split PST files but it also empowers the user with the power to save the divided PST files at the desired location

The split PST tool lets you encrypt the generated PST files. So you can easily encrypt the newly created PST files as per the needs and apply a password to it for protection. The interface of the tool is very easy, You can use it without any technical knowledge. The Outlook PST file Splitter is highly compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Outlook versions. It offers a free version, you can check the work of the software and efficiency.

Aryson pricing list:

Aryson Split PST full version subscription plan includes the Single License plan at $49, Administrator at $149, and Technician at $ 249. You can pay the payment through Paypal or Share*it.

7. KDEtool PST splitter

KDEtool PST splitter is one of the easy tool to split large PST PST files into multiple PST files. The exclusive features of the PST split tool are the different ways of splitting, Maintenance metadata and folder hierarchy, and avail free display of PST files.

The tool is a one-stop solution to truncate oversized and large PST files into smaller parts. You can easily split any files by folders and you can select teh desired folder and initiate the cutting process. Using break PST files by year option, you can select PST items by a specific year. You can also divide PST files by date and Email ID.

The PSt splitter software keeps the email Metadata and the folder hierarchy intact in the original form. The software does not change the hierarchy structure after the splitting process is over so you can rest assured. You can get a free preview or display of the selected PST files prior to starting the splitting process.

KDEtool is compatible with all the earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook and works with all the Windows operating systems. A free demo version is available to check the working of software and efficiency.

KDEtool PST splitter pricing list:

There are four subscription plans offered by KDETool PST splitter.

  • Personal: $35
  • Corporate: $69
  • Technician: $149
  • Enterprise: $549

The personal license is installed on single machine, Corporate for 5 machines, Technician for multiple machines, and Enterprise for multiple files on multiple locations multiple mailboxes.


This tutorial gives information about different software that helps you to Split or merge PST files. Are you stuck on “which is the best one”?. Don’t worry about it just read the above article that gives the information like features and price of software used to split or merge the PST files.

Among those methods or software, we suggest you go with SysTools that allow you to Split PST files in many ways. Almost all the methods provided at the same cost except the KDETool software. If you want the best tool at a low cost then it’s better to go with KDETools split software.

I hope this tutorial helped you to know which is the best method or software to split PST file. If you like this article, please share it and follow WhatVwant on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more tips.

Top methods or software to split PST file or merge PST file-FAQ

How long can i use PST splitter free edition?

You can use PST Splitter free edition for long time but it provides limited files to split.

Can I split PST files by date using stellar Split PST tool?

Yes. You can split PST files based on the date using the Stellar Split PST tool.

Which is the best method to split the PST?

In my opinion SysTools is the best method to split PST files because it provides great features like split the files by date, size, folder, and EmailID.

Which tool will help to split or merge the corrupted files?

SysTools PST split software has the capability to split PST files that are already corrupted due to oversizing.

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