How to View photos as slideshow on Mac?

Do you want to View photos as slideshow on Mac? It can be done easily by following the simple steps mentioned below. Some scenarios will occur where you need to watch the photos by moving themselves to the next photo instead of using keys manually to move to the next, here the importance of Slideshow will come into the picture. Once you create the slideshow, all the photos in the album will display in front of you one by one until all the photos complete and makes your work much easier & comfortable.

A group of photos can be selected in a specific album or project and create the slideshow. A lot of features can be added to the slideshow. Time can be set for each slide to appear, add text, choose the best music you desire, a theme can be added.

How to View photos as slideshow on Mac?

Here are the steps to create the slideshow for a specific album or project.

Create a slideshow project:

1.Select the number of photos that you want in your slideshow to be created.


2. Then choose them to open in Preview.

3. The Preview window will open as shown in below screenshot.

Select Slideshow

4. When the photos/images open in Preview, those will be in normal view.

5. Click on View on the top Menu bar and select ‘Slideshow’ from the options.

6. Then the view will change and the photos/images will display to you like the slideshow.

Slideshow View

7. Here you can have the options visible as shown in the below screenshot.

8. The left one will take you to the previous slide until the slides finish.

9. To start and play the slideshow, click on the Play button. You can pause it whenever you want.

10. The right one will take you to the next slide until the slides finish.

Notes: The slideshow can be stopped by pressing the Esc key, it can be paused by pressing the Spacebar key.

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