What is Cc and Bcc in email? And How to Add them?

What is Cc and Bcc in email? If you had this question in your mind, this tutorial will give you details about Cc and Bcc and How to use them properly. You will see these options while composing a new email message. These are very helpful options to send a single message to multiple persons.

What is Email?

E-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication. (Some publications spell it email; we prefer thе currently more established spelling of e-mail). E-mail messages are usually encoded in ASCII text. However, you can also send non-text files, such as graphic images and sound files, as attachments sent in binary streams. An email was one of the first uses of the Internet and still the most popular use. A large percentage of the total traffic over the Internet is email. Emails can also be exchanged between online service providing users and in network other than thе Internet, both public, and private.

what is email

E-mail can be distributed to lists of people as well as individuals. A shared distribution list can be managed by using an e-mail reflector. Some mailing lists allow you to subscribe by sending a request to the mailing list administrator. A mailing list that is administrated automatically is called a local list server.

E-mail is one of the protocols included with the Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) suite of protocols. A popular protocol for sending emails is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and a popular protocol fоr receiving it is POP3. Both Netscape and Microsoft include an email utility with their Web browsers.

What is cc and bcc in email

What is CC?

Short code for carbon copy, CC is used to share copies of email with others who may be interested or may be known about e-mail, but the email is not directed to those individuals. For example, it is not uncommon for an employee who is sending an important message to other employees to also CC their manager or boss to help keep up-to-date.

carbon copy

For anyone not familiar with the term ” carbon copy”, this term is derived from carbon paper that allows you to make a copy of another piece of paper. For example, if you have ever written a check, the piece of paper behind the check is a carbon copy of the check that makes a duplicate copy of the check.

What іѕ BCC?

The term Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is a hangover from the dim, dark ages before word processors when we used typewriters ( some of you have probably never seen a typewriter). To produce multiple copies of a document, one had to place a sheet of carbon paper between sheets of plain paper so that the type key impact on the top sheet would be copied to the second sheet ( And any subsequent sheets).

It was a somewhat messy, but proficient process. When one wanted to send an original letter to one person and copies to several other people without showing each recipient who the other recipients were, a BCC annotation was made on the original. Each copy displayed only the name and address of the individual recipient, but the BCC notation on the original showed to whom the copies have been mailed. A BCC looked like this: BCC: Mr. Tom Jones, 14 Weaving Court, East Melbourne VIC 3000

Some email programs allow you to enter email addresses into the BCC field and send them. When you do that each recipient receives your message, but the names of other recipients are not displayed.

That is why they are called ‘Blind’- they are not seen.

By using the BCC feature you preserve the identities of those who are on your mailing list and ensure that anyone receiving your email cannot email your list or harvest their email address and sell them.

How to add CC or BCC email ids?

You can all either CC or BCC or both emails to your new message. Let us see how to add them.

1.Click on To field while composing an email.

2. Type Email address in the To field. You will see CC and BCC on the right side.

add cc and bcc

3. If you want to add Cc emails, select Cc. When you want to add Bcc emails, select Bcc. You will see the corresponding fields.


Type Email addresses in those fields. Send your Email usually.

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