Speedify Makes Your Internet Connection Works Faster

Pretty sure, all web surfers want a more reliable, faster Internet for their devices. Speedify is another innovation that combines available Wi-Fi and cellular connections to seamlessly give more steadfast, faster speeds from any apps! It will also provide a VPN service through which you can unlock any website.

I know many of you are getting frustrated with the slow connection. Especially for those who travel a lot, internet connection is a must for browsing hotel accommodations, unique attractions, etc. This is where Speedify comes to the rescue. Now, you don’t need to worry about your internet connection, as Speedify will handle everything for you!

What is Speedify?

Speedify is a cloud service that enables users to combine all internet connections of their PC or Mac for all-out speed. Its channel bonding technology provides a more reliable and quicker internet than ever before. It speeds up uploads, HD video streaming and everything else as it uses all available 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and wired connections.

speedify desktop

By measuring the reliability and bandwidth of all your connections, Speedify then divides your services through a system known as channel bonding. There are no technical skills needed to use this app because it is quite easy for casual users who justly no idea about VPNs and simply want reliable service.

Speedify for Mobile

If you are one of the millions on a cellular plan which restricts the volume of data available every month, Speedify can successfully configure with regular and monthly caps to avoid too much consumption of bandwidth. The app will send a push notification whether you want to limit or exceed it. The Advanced screen exposes any loss and latency present in the existing connection.

speedify mobile

Thousands of web surfers had proven that Speedify is definitely an excellent help especially when it comes to streaming media. It will bridge the gaps when you are using more than two devices at the same time through cellular connectivity. Connect with your family and friends wherever you are, upload files quickly, stream your favorite music, videos and movies – all at the convenience of Speedify!

Available apps

Speedify is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

speedify apps

Price & Discount

Free accounts get 1GB data transfer for every month but can receive more using referrals. If you want, buy paid, mobile-only unlimited usage upgrades ($5/month or $30/annually). A desktop version can also be purchased for $2.99/month. Mobile access is included, but only one period for every account can be active at a time.

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How to use Speedify?

Visit Speedify website Select free plan if you want to try it. Or buy a monthly or annual plan.

Download the app. Afterward, get permission to make a new VPN connection, then choose the next available server. While the app is closed, Speedify goes in the background, routing data with its own safe server before sending it to the open internet. A dashboard will show real-time graphs while it is open, measuring color-coded, usage by the type of connection.

Tired of waiting patiently for your internet connection to move? You can try Speedify for free! Now, enjoy getting a more reliable and faster internet anywhere, anytime and on all your devices, while preventing data excess penalties and saving more money!

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