What is iDrive? Pricing, Features & Details About The Best Cloud Backup Service

Want to know What is iDrive? What to backup your PC or Mac to Cloud? This tutorial will give you complete details about iDrive, about its price and features.

Disasters happen – mostly, the least you expect it. Once your hard drive suddenly fails, or your computer is stolen or damaged in a fire or flood, it is highly vital to have your backup plan so that all of your important files and photos will be restored. One of the reasonable ways to give you complete peace of mind is getting online backup services, as they are proven to save the whole contents of a computer to the cloud.

But with so many backup solutions available, you might find it quite confusing as to which one will best suit your personal preference and of course, budget. Whether you are a new or an experienced user, you’ll eventually find the beneficial use of iDrive, thanks to its flexibility and extensive features – all at an inexpensive price! From speed performance to security, iDrive promises to be an excellent backup solution anyone needs.

What is iDrive, anyway?

cloud backup storage iDrive

iDrive (75% Discounted Link) is designed by Pro Softnet Corporation located in Woodland Hills, CA; iDrive is presently one of the most reliable and fastest developing cloud storage companies that offer automatic online data backup solutions both for individuals and businesses. Also, it provides online cloud storage for iOS, Macintosh, Windows, and Android devices.

iDrive strengths(Features)

What makes iDrive highly popular among users?

  • Offers countless scalable storage plans at competitive rates
  • The plan is easy to upgrade and can be done anytime
  • Share folders and files through email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Backup videos and photos from Instagram and Facebook
  • Supports disk image backups, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows systems
  • Pricing plan do not restrict the number of devices and drives you can backup
  • Secured data, with a 256-bit AES encryption through storage and transfer
  • Supplements a local drive backup option

Also, iDrive has tailored archive settings and drag and drop file restore feature. Thus, anyone should not overlook what iDrive can offer, as it gives the maximum value with the best general performance in both levels of cloud data backup performance.

How about the pricing plan?

The pricing plan is divided into three categories: basic, personal and business.

Basic (5 GB storage) – free

  • Share backed-up documents with anyone
  • Access the files anytime
  • Recover deleted content in a thirty-day period

Personal use (2000 GB storage) – $69.50 for one year and $139.00 for two years. You will get one year plan only for $17.38 through this 75% Discounted link.

  • Install the software on numerous devices and keep all the contents backed-up
  • Get CDP or Continuous Data Protection – a feature that consistently monitors the files and makes an instant backup once a change is identified
  • Take advantage of iDrive Express one time for every year

Business (250 GB storage) – $74.62 for one year and $149.25 for two years

  • Similar to that of personal service, except that users will get access to sub-accounts; make unique accounts for all your staffs
  • Take advantage of iDrive Express three times a year
  • Get premier installation service

While the iDrive lacks unlimited storage, it offers plans with up to 10TB of storage. Hence, users can increase their backup storage if necessary.

Time to time iDrive runs promotional offers. You can check WhatVwants iDrive discount coupon page for the latest offers.


iDrive (75% discounted Link) is the best Cloud backup service. It is even better than Google Drive. When you need online storage, you can go with it. If you need storage space above 2TB, you can go with Carbonite which gives you unlimited storage space.

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