4 Technologies You Need to Help Your Company Grow

Technology helps companies grow and thrive. That has always been true. Companies with tech superior to their competitors will almost always rise to the top and dominate their niche.

With that in mind, let’s look at four technology examples that can probably help your business. These are tech forms that you can use to your advantage in several different industries.

4 Technologies You Need to Help Your Company Grow

1. IAM

Identity and Access Management

Understanding IAM fundamentals is relatively simple. IAM stands for identity and access management. It’s a fairly broad term, but the main idea is that you’re setting up protocols for your company that will more accurately identify who’s trying to use your network at any time.

IAM, once you have it up and running, will allow your employees to work remotely if you have a business model that will enable them to do that. Your employees should enjoy remote work. If it’s something you can offer them, that will make your company more popular, and the top-tier talent will want to work for you.

IAM also keeps your sensitive information secure. You need to protect your data, and having IAM in place can do that. It makes it much less likely that hacker attacks will work, so you won’t need to pay millions if a ransomware incident occurs.

IAM will increase your IT staff’s productivity as well. If you have IAM in place, your IT team will not have to spend so much time dealing with login-related issues. That should free them up to work on other projects for you.

2. Cloud-Based Storage


Cloud-based storage is also something that your business may want to consider. If you have information about clients and workers that you need to keep secure, you’ll want the best protocols in place that can help you do that. You can keep that information in the cloud.

There are many cloud options now, most involving picking a service and paying for it each month. If you have all your sensitive data in the cloud, you probably won’t need to keep and maintain any physical servers.

That will save you money since keeping servers in some locations can get costly very quickly. Also, if anything happens to those servers, that can spell disaster for your business. If you go with cloud-based storage instead, all that data is safe at all times because you can retrieve it whenever you need to use it.

3. A Responsive Business Website

A Responsive Business Website

There are not many companies these days that can get by without having a responsive, streamlined website that anyone can look for and use. When someone hears about your company for the first time, the first logical step is to type that company name into a search engine. They’ll look for a social media presence, and they’ll also look for your website.

You can hire someone to design and launch a website for you if you have not done so yet. Your site should reflect what your company and brand represent. It should feature a design scheme that matches your style, as well as an “about us” section, an FAQ section, and possibly a blog where you can talk about your industry, products, and services.

4. A Chatbot


Your website should also feature a chatbot. Chatbots are not very expensive to design anymore. They are AI-infused technology that can make your site a lot more customer-friendly.

Your potential and existing customers can communicate with the chatbot if they ever have any questions or concerns that they need someone to address. They can reach out to you through email, or you might have a phone number on the site they can utilize as well. However, they might want an answer at a time when there’s no one there to talk to them.

That’s when the chatbot can fill in for your human workers. You can easily program it to respond to many of the questions that people often ask about your business model. If the chatbot doesn’t know how to answer a question, it can pass the person off to a human worker instead.

There are more technology examples that can probably help your company, such as finance and accounting software. You might also want to look into timesheet systems that will let you monitor a worker’s comings and goings more precisely. There are communications apps that will let you reach out to your workers if you’re going with a remote business model.

Consider which of these will work best for your company and implement them.

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4 Technologies You Need To Help Your Company Grow – FAQs

How Technology can help businesses grow?

Technology helps expedite numerous processes, automate various operations and manage remote workers with ease, and make your own life a lot easier while ensuring a smooth rise to the top.

What Technology can we use to improve operations?

Technologies like email make communication about business operations considerably faster and easier. Technologies like online client service and client support pages also reduce the need for personal attention.

How does technology help small businesses?

Technology gives small businesses the ability to connect with their customers via e-mail, blogs, social networks, and forums.

What technology is used in business?

Productivity tools, such as Microsoft Word, a word processing package, and Microsoft Excel, a financial spreadsheet system, can perform many of the most common tasks a small business requires.

What does it mean if a website is responsive?

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it.

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