PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Skill Measurement

For the simplification automation of the tasks and processes for the candidate, themselves, and their teams the envisions and solutions are created by the candidates. The data with which they are working and issues that should be resolved, process apps performing those are required are understood by the candidate. The formal IT training is not in the candidate’s knowledge,pre-built but to solve business problems, he is comfortable with the technology used. He should be focused on the solutions and be self-directed. The features apps like including MS team, services, MS 365, and third party solutions are used by them. The capabilities and limitations of the desire and the understanding of the application. The candidate for this exam is a processor platform solution advocate.

Power Platform Certification

If you are new in this field, and someone suggests you for this certification, you must clear your mind about power platform certification. These are certifications that are Microsoft official attestations to a candidate’s level of skill and proficiency in building solutions, automating tasks, analyzing tasks, and generating reports, as well as building bots using the new Power Platform products such as Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and others.

Difference Between PL-100 And PL 400

PL-100 is for the candidates who build apps as part of their job for themselves and their organization. PL 400 is aimed at and made for professional developers. For the PL 400 exam, the solutions of the Microsoft power platform should be designed to troubleshoot and developed by the audience. PL 400 is an exam certification that includes seven domains/Topics, and PL-100 on another size has only four domains; other than this, PL 400 is for professional developers, and PL-100 is an easy way certification to make your pathway in this field.

Domains Of Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Skill Measurement Exam Certification

Here I will let you know the important exam certification exam outline. So candidates may know about these topics and detailed points of exam topics.

Design Business Solutions (35-40%)

For this task, the high level of design erection takes place which includes the identification of the suitable data sources for the solutions of the business as a table the real objects are described. For the targeted devices the user experiences are described. A high level of the data model is created which includes the sources, volume, and intended use. The MS power platform components identification includes the determination of the type of power app required and the implementation of logic of business the options identified. Description of solutions that are not managed, the usage of cases for chatbots and flows of desktops, and the assessment. The data model’s design includes the determination of the table required. Identify the data types and columns and the relationships between tables. Report designing includes the requirements for data output definition and the definition of the visualization required for the model-driven dashboards and for the Power BI dashboard. For Business solutions, the user interface UI is defined. In this for the reuse of components, the opportunities are identified, the standards for user interface UI are applied. Identify the needed forms of model-driven, and views for the database.

Create Solutions (45-50%)

In this, the apps that are model-driven are created by composing and creating the site map. Table forms and less of the database are created and configured. The model-driven apps and canvas apps are embedded in MS Team Channel. The management of the canvas apps version and sharing and publishing. At last share the apps that are model-driven.

The canvas app creation and the data sources connected to the canvas app. Screens building of canvas app and composing the fixed formula of MS power and the variables collections implementation. Results of the pp checker are interpreted, and add these components and assets to the screens of canvas apps. Based on the data model, the table and table columns are created, and by using the relationships and lookups, the data records are loaded and started. Customization is Published, and the creation and configuration of security role and business rules of Data verse then in the creation of automated flows of MS the flows of business process and flows of cloud-created.

Triggers are configured, scheduled automated and instant flows are then built. Flow steps are configured, and the flow’s test and the common bops or expressions implantation occur. Creation of adaptive card for the MS Team and monitor the approval from the share the flows then creation, testing, and publishing the chatbots.

Analyze and Visualize Data (15-20%)


Creation of the Power BI report using the service and Desktop of the Power BI and reports and dashboards in Power BI the canvas app is embedded and shared. In implementing the other reports, the merging of the data in MS Word or Excel templates from data sources. Creation of the dashboards of model-driven and in-power apps, the content of power BI is embedded.

Description of the model of builder includes the identification of the types of models, which includes the custom and pre-built models. For the preparation of data and the training models, the process is described from the power automotive and power apps the model is used.

Implement And Manage Solutions

Implement and manage solutions contains main topics such as Configure Common Data Service Security, including configuring security roles and configuring field security. Another subtopic is Tests Apps and flows, describing the testing process, implementing Power platform testing tools, and validating accessibility.

Microsoft PL-100 Exam Details

Here I will let you know the basic exam details before applying for PL-100 exam certifications.

Exam Name:

Microsoft Power Platform App Maker

Exam Code:


Exam Type:

Power Platform

Exam Duration:

150 Minutes.

Exam Format:

Multiple Choice Questions.

Number Of Questions:

40 to 60.

Exam Fees:


Exam Language:


Passing Score:

700 out of 1000.


CertsOut PL-100 is somehow an easy exam certification of Power Platform, so you can easily qualify for it if you are interested.

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PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Skill Development – FAQs

What is the Power Platform App maker?

The App Maker creates and enforces business processes, structures digital collection of information, improves the efficiency of repeatable tasks, and automates business processes. The App Maker uses the Maker Tools of Power Platform to solve business problems.

Is PL 100 exam difficult?

The Microsoft PL – 100 Exam examination demands hard work and sheer dedication. You can refer to Microsoft PL-100 Exam online tutorial.

Is PL 100 exam worth it?

The Power Platform App Maker Associate (PL-100) certification can be valuable to application development professionals, system analysts, business analysts, and others who are involved in using Microsoft Power Platform solutions to automate, transfer, and simplify business tasks and processes.

What is PL 100?

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: design business solutions; create solutions; and analyze and visualize data.

Is Power Platform part of Office 365?

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together – add to Microsoft 365, Dynamic 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps – and build the end-to-end business solution.

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